25 Apr 2004
Phil Kooky explains more about the Durutti Column Subscription Group (from the Durutti Topica email group]:

"Vini has set this up as way of getting out the following:

- a free CD which will feature 10 tracks, past, present and future. The first CD includes work in progress in March, tracks that were to be on Tempus Fugit and other outtakes. In addition, there are three demos, varying in quality - but of interest, including an unreleased track from 'Return of...', Missing Boy and something that never made the Vini Reilly album.

- a bi-annual newsletter will be printed and posted, we are not quite sure of the content and I would encourage anyone who wishes to subscribe to be pro-active in suggesting what they would like - a Q and A piece will be there too so feel free to forward any! I am also going to look at getting some tablature for any guitarists who wish to try their hand (me incl).

- discounts and priority avaialability to new releases.

The costs are: in the UK - 15.00 GBP; US Dollars - 38.00 USD Rest of World / 35.00 USD Europe; Euros - 30 Euros Rest of World / 25 Euros Europe.

This will also help fund a well overdue secure website!!!! If anyone has any questions or suggestions please feel free to mail me! Finally, I hope to have this ready in May."

Thanks very much Phil. Can't wait!

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