26 May 2004
Tony Wilson's Manchester converted printing press loft apartment in Manchester features in BBC Three's new six-part design and architecture series Inner Spaces. The series promises to take a look at the homes of "six design-conscious celebrities". Tony shares his architectural and interior design thoughts with presenter Lucy Jules. No doubt you will also be able to see his enormous collection of Factory posters, some of which can be seen in this interview which coincided with the release of 24 Hour Party People.

Of course Tony Wilson had a concept (which was given the Factory catalogue number Fac 101) for lofts way back in the Eighties. According to Wilson "We were visionary in that sense, that lofts would come one day. But we ran out of money - we were too busy with clubs and bars. We tried to explain lofts to people in Manchester and nobody understood it. We actually walked the Manchester Development corporation around a building in Sackville Street, which became lofts ten years later, and said 'These would make great lofts' and they went 'What are lofts?'"

With thanks to Conor and OMNY for suggestion and inspiration respectively.

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