20 May 2004
... a kind of rock 'n' roll 'Shine 
More news on the Variety website of the as-yet-untitled Ian Curtis biopic project. Amy Hobby ('Secretary') and Neil Weisman (a long-time friend and associate of Tony Wilson) are developing the project, with Moby as musical co-ordinator.

In the article, Weisman says: "Ian Curtis was a tragic romantic in the classic sense of the word," Weisman said. "He always thought he would be famous as some kind of poet and die by his mid-20s, and that's what happened. I see this film as a kind of rock 'n' roll 'Shine.'"

The BBC news site is also carrying a similar article on the project. And you don't need to register to read this one in full as you do with Variety.

The film is expected to start shooting next year.

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