15 May 2004
Living in another world 
Last Saturday 8 May The Durutti Column appeared on Marc Riley's Rocket Science show, chatting briefly and playing two tracks: Guitar Woman (aka Sealine, apparently) and Requiem For My Mother.

During the band's own introductions Keir Stewart said that he played with The Durutti Column rather than being a member of the band, Bruce said "when the beat goes wrong, it's me going wrong" and Vini said "Thanks very much" but strongly object to Marc Riley's "You're Manchester's answer to Robert Fripp aren't you?". Vini's answer was "That's awful!"

Before the second number ('Requiem For My Mother' "It's a rock out tune"), discussion turned to the coffee and herbal tea ("excellent"), The Fall (Keir was a member for 4 gigs, Marc Riley for a bit longer), Factory Records ("the musicians owned their own music") and Morrissey (Vini - "We're still friends").

The live stream of the show is set to disappear from the Rocket Science page on 6 Music website so this is your last opportunity to listen.

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