15 May 2004
Lone Ryder 
More details on the May 2004 edition of Grafik (the "Journal of the best in international design") which centres on design in The North. There's a small feature on Central Station Design, talking about Amateur Night In The Big Top / Clowns & Pet Sounds: "Things have been tough for Shaun Ryder since record company legal battles plunged him into penury. Not one to let the bastards get him down, however, Ryder is back with a solo project, Clowns & Pet Sounds, with cover art by Central Station Design (also responsible for Happy Mondays and Black Grape covers).

"The original idea for Clowns & Pet Sounds (or Amateur Night In The Big Top if you will) came from Shaun saying that he hated his future being in the hands of clowns in suits", Matt Carroll of Central Station says. "I came across an article saying that in 1936 The Daily Herald dismissed Hitler as nothing more than a clown. I loved the idea of the most evil man on the planet being mistaken for a clown." And lo, another unforgettable cover was born."

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