13 Jun 2004
Rattle and Roll 
The summer release schedule receives a big kick in the pants with this news in from Pete Carroll in Australia: "A new single by Bez and Shaun Ryder with Domino Bones will be released in Australia in July. It's called "Rattle my Head" and is Bez's debut as a vocalist. Shaun sings with him. It's a cross between the Rolling Stones, Black Grape and Bez on a box in Hyde park speakers corner delivering a revolutionary message..."

There is no better time for a man from a council estate to rise up and bring this country to a halt". The record was recorded in Manchester and Perth Western Australia. Bez put his parts down in the UK, while Shaun recorded his vocals in Pete's studio in Australia. The loads of slide guitar and a big Mick and Keef chorus. Bez and Shaun leading the charge for the revolution. It's real, it's honest, it's fresh and it isn't a piece of corporate bullshit put together in a marketing department of some major record company. Shaun and Bez retain their independence - how many people in music can you say that about. They've always done it on their terms. In an age dominated by pop idol and marketing people and accounts we need their spirit more than ever!!"

Thanks to Pete.


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