21 Sept 2004
The Guitar 
More DC news (as Cerysmatic catches up after a 5-day road trip) with the tracklisting from the 2-CD 'The Best of The Durutti Column'. The album was planned to go on sale at that gig but in true Factory style a last minute glitch meant that this was not possible. Amazon.co.uk is selling it for a very respectable £10.99 and their site shows the artwork which is similar to the recent flyer for the Bridgewater Hall gig, featuring as it does, Rachel McFarlane's photo of the bare-torsoed Vini Reilly. Here are the tracks that made it to the final listing:

Disc one

1. Sketch For Summer
2. Conduct
3. Sketch For Winter
4. Lips That Would Kiss
5. For Belgian Friends
6. Danny
7. Never Known
8. Jacqueline
9. The Missing Boy
10. Prayer
11. Spent Time
12. Without Mercy 1
13. Without Mercy 2
14. The Room
15. Tomorrow
16. LFO Mod

Disc two

1. What Is It To Me (Woman)
2. Otis
3. Requiem Again
4. Home
5. Contra Indications
6. People's Pleasure Park
7. My Irascible Friend
8. Fado
9. Sing To Me
10. Pigeon
11. Mello (Part 1)
12. Falling
13. Woman
14. Requiem For Mother

Title: The Best of The Durutti Column
Label: Warner
Catalogue number: 5046753932
Release date: 11 October 2004

Thanks to Phil Jones and Gavin.


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