18 Oct 2004
Get Loaded Presents 
On Thursday 4 November 2004, "An Audience with Shaun Ryder and Tony Wilson" followed by DJ sets from Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays), Tony Wilson (Factory Records / Hacienda), Peter Hook (New Order), Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets), Shaun Keaveny (XFM) and Kav (Sonic Audio / Happy Mondays).

Shaun 'n' Tony will be on stage from 7.30–8.30pm, answering questions from the audience and having a general debate about all things music, plus reflecting back on the heady days of the Happy Mondays in their prime, Factory Records, the Hacienda, 24 Four Hour Party People the film and alike. You can send in your questions in advance.

XFM's Shaun Keaveny presides before Kav kicks off the indie/dance/northern soul/funk/breaks soundtracks behind the decks from 8.30pm.

Following on from his opening appearance, Tony Wilson will be spinning his all time Top 20 tunes. He likens the experience to "being your personal iPod for the evening, carefully selecting and programming a series of music into a particular order to make people dance".

Shaun Ryder / Shaun Keaveny, New Order's Peter Hook, Inspiral Carpets man Clint Boon and complete the DJ line-up.

Get Loaded
Thursday 4 November
8.30pm - 3am
5 / 4 (NUS) Entry
2-4-1s at the bar (7.30-10pm)

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