11 Oct 2004
Many Factory projects were unfinished or unreleased (more on those to come) but some simply never got off the ground:

Fac 20 A Certain Ratio Too Young to Know, Too Wild to Care: A film, never made, which was to feature most of the Factory roster, but mainly A Certain Ratio and The Distractions attempting various forms of terrorism around Manchester, kidnapping Ian Curtis and blowing up Joy Division. (Soundtrack was to be by The Durutti Column). Shareholder's statement: "The film has become a video...has become a series of surrealistic sketches. Will change again. No date No time."

Fac 27 Sex Machine Alternative Sleeve: An alternative sleeve for Fac 17, but never issued/completed. This was an abandoned project for an alternative sleeve for Fac 17, but it was never printed. Fac 159 (Tim Difford's Fac Facts Booklet) states 'Cancelled Saville/Gretton revenge programme project for alternative FAC 17 sleeve. £200.00'. The Factory Shareholder's statement says: "£500.00. Rob's got it. Cancelled Saville revenge project for alternate Fac 17 sleeve."

Fac 101 (Tony Wilson's) Lofts: the visionary developer AHW's aborted plan to convert disused warehouses into loft apartments.

Fac 109 Caroline Lavelle Untitled: an unreleased 12" single. Caroline says: "I remember doing the Durutti Column and another few things for Factory and although I did undertake to do some recording under my own name I don't think anything came of it."

Fact 181 Bailey Brothers Mad Fuckers!: possibly the greatest unrealised project rumbled on from 1987 to 1992 and would have been a "youth exploitation" movie. Tony Wilson went to Hollywood to try to raise money for its projected £2.5m budget, an event which itself was Fac 221.

Fac 211 'Book of Ideas': mentioned in the Fact 400 Palatine booklet but never realised. Number also allocated to the Wired Joy Division documentary film.

Fac 237 New Order Here Are the Old Men: unreleased video concept whose proposed title plays on the title of the Fact 37 video by Joy Division.

Fact 254 Durutti Column Guitar One - House and Fact 264 Durutti Column Guitar Two - Acoustic: unreleased Durutti Column projects, presumably in the styles hinted at in the titles.

Fac 270 Various Artists Our Dance Days: a planned 1990 release to consist of Marcel King, 52nd Street, Section 25, and Quando Quango "House remixes" organised by Mike Pickering. The long lost never realised Factory Dance project in essence.

Fac 301 'First 50': a book to have been written by Ikon's Tim Chambers about the first 50 Fac numbers. Number also allocated to the Factory International Congress held at Mottram Hall, Cheshire.

Fac 342 Happy Mondays Charter Clinic

Fac 396 Two Guitarists Still Life: Unrealised Factory Classical project. The only missing piece from 226 to 406.

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