18 Mar 2005
The F4 Records catalogue numbers 
How to follow the legendary system of Fac numbers used by Factory Communications, Factory Too and (albeit minimally) Factory Records Limited? That was the task facing F4 Records when launching late last year.

The first release, 'Switch / Ego' by RAW-T, was given the number R1 M15. And this is why:

'R' is the generic prefix for releases, so items will be numbered consecutively R1, R2, etc. The suffix M15 is an artist identifier which is derived from postcode associated with the artist in question. With RAW-T, it's M15 which covers part of the inner city including Hulme.

The first release by The Young Offenders Institute has been assigned the catalogue number R6 M40 with the M40 suffix relating to the Collyhurst area of Manchester from where the band hail.

At the moment there are no plans to assign catalogue numbers to other items such as the F4 badge and the digital releases from the F4 Download Shop but doing this retrospectively has not been ruled out.


Thanks to Tom @ F4 for info and OMNY for instigation.

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