22 Mar 2005
The Return of the Majestic 
The unreleased 'remix' album of 2003's Amateur Night In The Big Top album entitled 'The Return of the Majestic' is quite a revelation, being a poppier, more instantly accessible version of Clowns and Pet Sounds (with a few new surprises thrown in for good measure)


Confessions of the Money
Perfect People With Brittle Bones
A Talent For Runaway Razorblades
Soldier Blues
Wham Bam Zap Pow
Johnny Wrote Songs About Murder
The Heebie Jeebies
All I Really Wanna Do
Got The Talent For Dancin

[promo only on Offworld Sounds]

Shaun Ryder and Bez can be seen in the new Peter Kay / Tony Christie 'Amarillo' video marching alongside the cream of British showbiz including Keith Harris, Orville, Bernie Clifton, Jim Bowen, Geoffrey and Bungle.


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