19 Jun 2005
Bill Drummond on the Leigh Festival in the OMM 
Bill Drummond (the author furthermore known as founding father of the JAMMS and the KLF) expounds on the legendary but very poorly attended Leigh Festival (Fac 15) in the Observer Music Monthly's timely article featuring celebrities recalling their festival experiences.

In this extract Bill recalls how it all started: "Ring, ring. I pick up the phone: 'Bill, is that you?' And before I had time to say yes, or no, or you've got the wrong number, he's off. It's always the same with Tony Wilson. 'I've got this idea, we do a festival, we call it Factory Meets Zoo Halfway. We have it halfway between Manchester and Liverpool. You bring your bands and I bring mine.' 'Whereabouts?' 'Leigh, I've got the field booked, staging, the PA and lights. It's going to be on ...' 'Who is going to promote it, Tony?' 'Don't worry Bill, people will come.'"

Yes, but sadly not many of them.

The same article also features Doves' Jimi Goodwin on his first festival experience which was Deeply Vale.

Is there ever an OMM that doesn't mention Joy Division...

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