16 Sept 2005
Factory Undone: Tiller Boys v The Factory Editions 
More in an occasional series on the FAC numbers that didn't make it. In these two cases, as far as can be determined at this stage, a FAC number was not, even notionally, allocated to the items.

i) TILLER BOYS: Big Noise from the Jungle (single)

A single intended/recorded (in January 1979) for Factory Records, later released on New Hormones in March 1980. More from the liner notes to the recent Eric Random release ('Subliminal') on LTM:

"...a teenage Random first recorded as part of The Tiller Boys, an experimental trio formed with Buzzcock Pete Shelley and drummer Francis Cookson. Often referenced, yet seldom heard, the group reflected shared Krautrock / Fripp and Eno avant-rock preferences and were a regular feature on Manc-centric post-punk bills in 1978/79, making their live debut supporting Joy Division at the Factory (Russell) Club on 9 June 1978, a gig immortalised on Peter Saville's iconic Fac 1 poster.

The Tiller Boys also supported Joy Division and Cabaret Voltaire at the Factory on 20 October, Gang of Four in York, and cut a single intended for Factory Records at Arrow Studio in January 1979, although these tracks - three slices of pounding percussion and Neu! - like guitar clangour - were destined not to appear on the new Manchester indie ..... New Hormones proved a bold and eclectic label. Its second vinyl release (ORG 3) came courtesy of The Tiller Boys, whose posthumous Factory extended play 7" (now titled Big Noise from the Jungle) was released in March 1980."


This was to have been a "set of three books" as mentioned the NME 18 October 1980, which lists Factory's "autumn worksheet", including a number of the "usual suspects" (Joy Division 'Atmosphere' 12", A Certain Ratio 'Flight' 12", Crispy Ambulance 'Deaf' 10", 'A Factory Quartet', plus releases by John Dowie, The Names, Minny Pops, Section 25, JD 'Transmission' 12", New Order 'untitled single', ESG single [Factory press description: "PiL meets Motown on the wrong side of the Triborough Bridge!"] and the first Factory video) and then, tucked away at the very end of the very last line...

"... and a series of three books, the 'FACTORY EDITIONS'."


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