23 Feb 2006
Caroline True Records present The Prefects Live 
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Ltd CD: Released Monday 27 February on Caroline True Records (CTRUE2)

"I will always remember that show: it's as Punk Rock as Nirvana at New York's Roseland ballroom in July 1993, when Kurt Cobain refused to play 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and, to the roars of a hostile crowd, brought on a cello player and played Leadbelly songs." (Jon Savage on the Prefects live experience - sleeve notes 2005)

"Their music is as bleak, cynical and loveless as their personalities, with a perverse humour." (The NME Book Of Modern Music 1978)

The Prefects occupy a very special place in the rich heritage of UK punk and Post-Punk music. Guesting on the incendiary white-riot tour of 1977 with the Clash and the Subway Sect - the band were famously called "amateur wankers" by Clash manager Bernie Rhodes. Vocalist Robert Lloyd was asked to join Joy Division by Ian Curtis as a drummer! Indeed the Prefects were well respected by JD.

Their music was a melange of Krautrock, Beefheart, glam and the Pistols. All the things that PIL were to be later - the Prefects were there first - groundbreaking and unconsciously rewriting the rules.

Carpark records 2004 "Amateur Wankers" release collected together the 2 Peel sessions and some live odds and ends - to go with the posthumous Rough Trade 7" that was released after the split.

Now, February 2006 sees the long awaited release of a recently uncovered 1978 live set from the Co-Op Suite in Birmingham. Featuring all the classic Prefects moments, Faults, Barbarellas and Escort Girls, along with the addition of a live cover - Disco Stomp. A great live document, it's like being back there.

Exclusive liner notes by England's Dreaming / Time Travel / MOJO writer Jon Savage are included inside a special package. As he suggests: "Who'd have guessed that, in the 21st century, the Prefex would find their time."


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