23 Feb 2006
Laurent Garnier's Electrochoc 
Hacienda Paris DJ, Dry kitchen staffer and now Techno superstar, Laurent Garnier has a new book out, in French, called 'Electrochoc'. With thanks to Ashiya for the translation from Amazon France here is the blurb on the book:

Editor's introduction

1987. Manchester: in an old warehouse converted into a club, music is about to live its last big revolution. Fifteen years later, techno has become a worldwide phenomenon. Its artists sell their albums by the million, and the "techno aesthetic" is ever-present in our cultural landscape. From the black ghettos - American until the worldwide explosion on the threshold of 2000 - Laurent Garnier recounts, through his experience and memories, the electronic saga: his key moments, leading players, secret stories, excess and issues. An essential player and privileged witness of the electronic adventure, he unveils for the first time the backstage goings on of the last odyssey of the century.

A DJ, musician and producer very involved in the middle of techno music since more than fifteen years recounts, through his memories and experiences, the evolution of this type of music and of the culture which surrounds it."


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