25 Aug 2006
'Control' filming at Great Central Railway 
From The Loughborough Echo 25/8/06, headline 'Film crew visits GCR to shoot cult movie scenes' (GCR is the Great Central Railway from Loughborough to Leicester, recently voted number 12 in a list of the 50 great railway journeys of the world:

"Filming for a new cult movie, based on the life of a 1970s post-punk legend, was brought to Loughborough's Great Central Railway this week. 'Control' is a new, highly anticipated film based on the life of the late Ian Curtis - ex-frontman of the legendary band Joy Division... This week it was Loughborough's turn to take centre stage and film crews headed straight to the Great Central Railway. A spokesman for the railway said: "We agreed to let them do the filming here and, initially, it was just to take a shot of two people walking down the station's stairs. But once they were here and had had a look around, they decided they wanted to incorporate more into it. In the end they made use of other parts of the platform and the trains too!""


Thanks to George for spotting.


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