27 Sept 2006
First Industrial 
As Manchester becomes a lot less military (new labour conference) and a little more Savillian, the man himself explains his 'original, modern' concept in this month's 'All About Manchester': "It's an artistic licence to first industrial. Manchester is the world's first industrial city. A chance conversation one night turned 'first industrial' into 'original modern'".
On that contraversial 'M' logo: "The M is based on parallel existences and their crossing points. But also, one day I saw the cranes across the skyline and I thought they looked like an M".
'All About Manchester' is a free 'monthly guide for visitors'. Unfortunately, as the publishers, Selini, have only four copies left from a run of 15,000, I am currently trying to find out where to get it from.
Original Modern is currently showing throughout Manchester city centre.


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