2 Jan 2007
MOJO's Bumper New Year Factory Fest 
The new issue of Mojo (February 2007) features cover star Ian Curtis and three articles on him and Joy Division to coincide with the imminent March release of Control and reissues of their music. Contributions come from Jon Savage, John Robb, Pat Gilbert, Peter Hook, Mick Middles, Lindsay Reade, Tony Wilson, Vin Cassidy, Kevin Cummins, Martin O'Neill, Richard Boon, Pete Shelley, Terry Mason (ex-JD manager) and Genesis P. Orridge.

Plus, the rest of the magazine contains a veritable deluge of FAC-releated material:

- a cover compilation cd entitled 'Love Will Tear You Apart' and containing Susanna and The Magical Orchestra's interpretation of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and 14 other "hand-picked tracks of hurt, pain & despair"

- John Cale on producing Happy Mondays' Squirrel and G-Man... (how he had to face taunts from Shaun Ryder that the strongest substances he took during the recording sessions were tangerines)

- reviews of David Potts's 'Coming Up For Air' (3*) and the recent Manicured Noise compilation on Caroline True Records (4*),

- a full-page advert trails Manchester Weekend on MOJO's own digital radio station (Sky Digital 0182, Freeview 721, www.mojo4music.com)

- sadly, a feature entitled 'Freaky Dancers" does not include Bez...

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