12 Oct 2007
Electronic downloads on 7digital.com 
www.7digital.com offers high quality, DRM-free MP3s and WMA files at reasonable rates from several major labels. Of particular interest to Factory Records fans is the Electronic catalog, featuring:

- The three original studio albums and recent compilation
- Expanded versions of all three albums, including b-sides and remixes
- All singles and EPs, including the rare 'Until the End of Time' promo release

Looks like most of the tracks were just posted last month.

On a related note, there are plenty of hard-to-find recent tracks from Pet Shop Boys (mainly remixes not released on CD and not widely available digitally) and a decent selection of New Order products (including the three 'Waiting for the Sirens' Call' single releases).


Thanks to CD.

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Biting Tongues

In the grey days of late 1970s post-punk Manchester, youth culture was a serious affair: every musical performance was measured mostly by the conviction of its delivery. The term 'New Wave' opened up free vistas where acquired skills could once again be exercised after punk's monochrome blur. It could be applied to anything from a James 'Blood' Ulmer record to the latest Throbbing Gristle release, Magazine to Swell Maps. Move outside that terrain into Sun Ra, Parliament, Frank Sinatra and Martin Denny, and your options were suddenly without limit...

Then came Tony Wilson's Factory Club (at the Russell Club in Hulme) offering an open invitation to experiment that was taken up when Ken Hollings, Howard Walmsley, Eddie Sherwood and a few others decided to make some noise to accompany their 16mm silent epic Biting Tongues. A further performance followed a few weeks later, when Colin Seddon and Graham Massey disbanded their Post Natals project and joined up. The film itself, a flashing series of negative images, became a memory; the name remained.

- extract from the LTM Biting Tongues biography

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