14 Dec 2007
Luxury redefined 
Spring 2008 will see the launch of a new joint-branded John Smedley/better thinking Luxury Redefined t-shirt.

Made in Derbyshire from organic, Fairtrade, extra-long staple Peruvian cotton with an exceptionally low water footprint – the Luxury Redefined concept takes sustainable design and communication to a new level. Supported by a product brochure and web site that tell the story through beautiful, evocative photography, the t-shirt combines the ultimate in luxury with the ultimate in sustainability.

Better Thinking Ltd – a sustainable strategy, design and communications consultancy – has considered every aspect of the t-shirt’s environmental and social impacts since initiating the project in October 2005.

Since mid-2005, Mark Holt (founding partner of 8vo) has been a founding partner of Better thinking. To coincide with the launch, Better Thinking is holding a competition for to design a graphic, slogan or logo (around the theme of sustainability) to be printed on a limited edition of 10 of the t-shirts.

The deadline for submissions is 12pm, Friday 15th February 2008.

The winning submission will receive an original 8vo Hacienda Nine poster from 1991, screenprinted in two colours (and also a luxury redefined t-shirt carrying your design). The remainder of the t-shirts will be auctioned globally with all proceeds going to a Peruvian education programme (helping to support the t-shirt cotton farmers).

The Luxury Redefined t-shirt will be available online and from John Smedley stockists in Spring 2008.

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