9 Jan 2008
Martin Hannett RIP 
Many thanks to Joy Division Central for forwarding the following message:

"I was visiting Tony’s grave in Southern Cemetery yesterday and decided to call in on Martin and Rob (especially since they were part of the reason Tony chose to be buried there).

I had to get help from the office for location but found them both – and was horrified to discover that Martin Hannett – this genius and legend of our time – is lying in a totally unmarked grave (actually there was an empty plastic bottle of lemonade on it which I removed).

It is well known that Martin had no money when he died, neither did his wife and he had waived his royalty rights when he settled his legal case with Factory.

I cannot let this state of affairs remain. So much money has been made thanks to him!!

I would like to start a fund and wondered if you could help through your website? (I think engraved headstones probably cost in the region of GBP 1000).

There must be some quite wealthy fans out there who might want to contribute?

Best wishes Lindsay Reade"

Further details to follow.


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