19 Jun 2008
FAC 51 Pure Evil 
Pure Evil gallery in East London has just launched a FAC 51 The Haçienda Family Tree by Elliot Eastwick in two special limited editions. The aluminium edition of 15 copies and the vintage cartridge paper edition of 51 (A1 size). Both editions went on sale at 09:00 today.

Prices are 100 GBP for the paper edition and 500 GBP for the aluminium edition. The colours on each edition are different. There are 2 wooden strips on the back for easy mounting.

Some of the prints will be on display at the Tony Wilson Experience in Manchester this weekend.


Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4RH
Tel: 07805 420771
Gallery Hours: 10am - 6pm daily or by appointment.


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