19 Jul 2008
30 John Dalton Street, the building that once housed musty record shop Rare Records - one-time workplace of shop assistant Ian Curtis - has undergone a GBP 4 million refurbishment to become Ithaca - a bar/restaurant aimed at 'high net-worth individuals'.

Though not without being touched by the hand of god: objections by Canon Dennis Clinch of nearby 1848 church St. Mary's 'the hidden gem' (venue of Tony Wilson's funeral service) have restricted Ithaca's opening hours to 01:00 am rather than their requested 04:00 am (more on this at manchesterconfidential.com).

A pale imitation of the John Dalton Cafe - with Krug Clos Du Mesnil at a mere GBP 1000 per bottle.

Step inside...


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