6 Oct 2008
Dig Out Your Gratuitous Factory Records References 
As Dig Out Your Soul hits the physical and digital racks of the nation's record shops what better time to check out #2 in the 20 Greatest Oasis Tracks as chosen by Peter Hook as told to Q Magazine (#267, October 2008):

"Roll With It is rocky, and it plays down the Beatles influence. A lot of Oasis's overtly Beatles-influenced songs piss me off because they're just a rip-off. Roll With It is a balls-in-your-hands, cock-in-the-air song. It's what I thought could have been their true sound if they'd ever got past their Beatles fixation. Oasis actually played an early gig with Revenge at a place called the Middleton Hippodrome in Manchester. It was their first gig they had with Noel on guitar under the name Oasis, because they were called Rain before that. What did I think of them? I thought they were a bunch of cunts. It wasn't an amazing triumph, but I quite like having it on my CV."

Meanwhile check out Hooky's latest playlist as told to the Guardian.

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