11 Oct 2008
The Durutti Column - Ruby Lounge 7 October 2008 
The Durutti Column's first UK gig since the 29 March 2007 Benefit for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy at the Hard Rock Café, Manchester (thanks Mike!), (the only intervening show anywhere being Primavera Sound 2007) took place at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester on 7 October as part of In The City.

A late start time allowed the Cerysmatic team a pleasurable meal in nearby Trof (with thanks to Ashiya for the recommendation). The Ruby Lounge, on the fringe of the Northern Quarter, is a plush but cosy club-cum-venue.

Around 10ish Vini shuffled on stage alone and unannounced. He thanked the audience for coming to listen and warned us, oh yes, that it would start quiet and get louder. In traditional fashion he began with a solo guitar instrumental, 'Gun' (or a variant thereof).

Vini then brought Poppy Morgan on stage to play the Rhodes piano. In his introduction Vini explained how great it was for him to be able to play guitar to Poppy's piano and "hijack" her tunes. They played 3 pieces including Ananda from this year's Sunlight to Blue... Blue To Blackness (Kooky). This was the clear highlight of the evening.

Thereafter with Poppy leaving the stage to great applause the gig continued in more conventional style. There were some entertaining extended workouts of old favourites but there were few surprises and there was no encore (despite it being the 30th Anniversary show and Alex the Red's manful efforts at the end to get them back on stage).

Spotted at one time or another: Oli Wilson, Kevin Cummins & Nat Curtis (in the DC moshpit), Jane Lemon, Stuart "Jammer" James, Pete Garner (ex-Stone Roses).

Special Cerysmatic mentions for Steve Aldcroft, Bryan from the DC list and Phil Kooky (NHN) + Emma.


"Duet I"
"Duet II"
Otis [enter Bruce Mitchell and Keir Stewart]
The Missing Boy
The Beggar
Requiem for Mother

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