8 Nov 2008
Mark Reeder's been very busy of late, what with his remix with Micha Adam of the Blank & Jones track Miracle Cure (with Bernard Sumner on vocals) and much more besides.

Mark now brings Cerysmatic up to date with the very latest:

"A different mix [of Miracle Cure] will appear on a B&J remixes album we've made, for release in spring of 2009. Also I've just remixed the new Pet Shop Boys/Sam Taylor-Wood single on KOMPAKT records I'm In Love With a German Film Star - it's the Rundfunk Radio Mix which is only on the 7" single.

"I also have made the Stuck in the 80s Remix on the 12-inch and CD single and a Rias Radio Mix version, which is not on any record and is only for radio play.

"Also coming soon are two tracks that I've remixed for Anne Clark (Full Moon and If...) off her new album."

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