14 Dec 2008
Y3? Y Not! (Unless It's In Pigeon Blue.) 
As the saga of assorted Ha├žienda-licensed footwear continues to engender a lively discussion on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board, we've unearthed a set of 9 videos done in conjunction with last year's launch of the Haçienda Fac 51-Y3 trainers.

Peter Hook (sometime New Order bassist & one-time Haçienda owner), Peter Saville, (one-time Fac image maker & longtime quote generator) and Ben Kelly (the actual it-wasn't-Peter-Saville-designer/architect of the Haçienda) join journalist Miranda Sawyer in a roundtable discussion of all topics Haç, discussing, among many other things, Hooky's tax bill, Saville's inability to actually frequent the Haçienda (um, ever), and Kelly's continuing role as the punchline (or punching bag) for most of Hooky's money-loss jokes.

The videos total approximately 35 minutes. If you're short on time, jump directly to vid #8 to check out a jaw-dropping pre-production model of the final Fac 51-Y3 product.

Links here: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine. (Probably best to use these links only, as the final 4 vids are titled and numbered differently!)

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