6 Feb 2010
Priceless Restoration 
Cath Carroll discusses the long-lost Factory Records album by Miaow in the Padcast #18.

Cath talks about Miaow and the release of Priceless Restoration, a cassette containing the 1987 demos of "Priceless Innuendo" in 1987, on Lilypad Records this Valentine's Day.

Miaow released two singles on Factory, FAC 179 When It All Comes Down and FAC 189 Break The Code, but split before they could record the album which had got to the stage of being assigned a FAC number (210) and the working title Priceless Innuendos. A further single, Marry Me Dusty (Springfield) was also slated to come out as FAC 209. Cath explains that this track dates from an even earlier session than the bulk of the Priceless tracks. Of course, FACT 210 eventually came out as the Cath Carroll solo album, England Made Me.

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