3 Apr 2010
Full Live Shows at The Factory 
A full line-up of Factoryesque live shows has been confirmed at The Factory over the coming months, starting tomorrow with Shaun Ryder's Full Live Show (please note that the running time for this is now 10pm to 4am):

Sun 4 April - Shaun Ryder Full Live Show [featuring Happy Mondays / Black Grape / SWR]
Tue 18 May - Unknown Pleasures live with Hooky and Friends [on the 30th Anniversary of Ian Curtis's death, Hooky and Friends play Unknown Pleasures in its entirety]
Wed 2 June - Freebass [the Manchester debut of Hooky's new supergroup]
Sat 3 July - A Certain Ratio
Sat 1 Oct - Northside

Tickets available via factorymanchester.com.

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