18 Sept 2010
Well that didn't last long.

Ithaca, the yuppie playground on John Dalton Street that was once Rare Records (ex-employee Ian Curtis), appears to have lost it's shine, closed it's doors and is now up for grabs - offers in the region of GBP900k.

Bargain, considering the original fit-out costs originally reported here.

Thankfully, the nearby John Dalton Cafe - now rebranded as Essy's - is still a going concern.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

nope, it's not. Hasn't it changed hands also recently?

19/09/2010, 21:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never went, never will. Any restaurant so in love with itself that it has a tab called Celebs on its website deserves all it gets

21/09/2010, 13:02


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