17 Jan 2011
Vini Reilly remastered - pre-sale on now 
News in from thedurutticolumn.com and Kooky Records:

Kooky Records will be re-releasing the seminal Durutti Column album Vini Reilly in Spring 2011.

It will consist of two discs: the original album re-mastered by Keir Stewart and a nine-track bonus disc of unheard studio out-takes from a session TDK tape which has been in the possession of Vini and not played for many years!

The album will, however, be available on a strictly limited pre-sale basis direct from Kooky via thedurutticolumn.com and kookydisc.co.uk for only £13.00 (Paypal only) including postage and packing to anywhere in the world.

Please note there will only be a limited amount sold via this method and it is being sold on a strictly first come first served basis. We can therefore not reserve any copies.


Kookydisc 30/1

1. Love no more
2. Pol in G
3. Opera I
4. People's Pleasure Park
5. Red Square
6. Finding The Sea
7. Otis
8. William B
9. They Work Every Day
10. Opera II
11. Homage to Catalonea
12. Requiem Again

Kookydisc 30/2

1. Opera Two Demo
2. Finding The Sea - One
3. PPP Demo
4. Juan Montero Sketch One
5. Sample Tune
6. Finding The Sea - Two
7. Juan Montero Sketch Two
8. William B Demo
9. Sketches on Stratocaster

Visit thedurutticolumn.com Shop for more details.

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