10 Feb 2011
Bad Lieutenant Reeder's Twist of Fate mixes 
Mark Reeder's remixes for Bad Lieutenant's single Twist of Fate will be released alongside remixes from Toronto's Koishii & Hush, AK47 from Buenos Aries and alongside a new remix of Poisonous Intent from James Bright (Macclesfield) as an iTunes bundle on 6 February 2011 and also via Amazon France.

The full tracklisting is:

1. Twist of Fate (Reeder's Synth of Fate Remix) (8:23)
2. Twist of Fate (Koishii & Hush Remix) (7:57)
3. Twist of Fate (AK47 Bullet Remix) (8:40)
4. Poisonous Intent (James Bright Remix) (7:11)
5. Twist of Fate (Reeder's LED's Twist Again Remix) (5:20)

The Sink or Swim remix bundle is still available from iTunes UK.

Additional: Occasional Durutti cohort Laurie Laptop worked on the Tintin's Disco Mix version of Twist of Fate which was released in 2010. Tintin is Bad Lieutenant's live gig DJ.

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