20 Aug 2012
Black Monday 
The last day of the Factory Records' office at One Charles Street in Manchester is documented in a new dvd entitled 'Black Monday' (as the fateful day became to be known).

The first part of the dvd is a rough but compelling film by Tosh Ryan shot on hand-held video outside the Factory Records office on 23 November 1992 following a tip-off that something was afoot. We see all the comings and goings, including the Factory workers, managers (Phil Saxe, ex-Happy Mondays manager) and the directors (Rob Gretton, Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus). As the day progresses, it becomes clearer that something is going down...

In part two we see inside the newly-vacated offices. Be amazed (but perhaps not surprised) to see loads of now-priceless posters and artefacts strewn over the floor and the FAC 331 Temporary Contemporary Table is in the boardroom in a very broken state.

Black Monday

The extras comprise a piece on the subsequent conversion of the building many years later into the FAC 251 The Factory club plus an excellent short film showing the making of the cast iron FAC 73 anvil (to commemorate 500,000 sales of Blue Monday).

Tom Hewitt and Chris Hewitt put the whole 'Black Monday' project together in conjunction with Peter Hook and with thanks to Tosh Ryan, Aaron Mellor and Tighe Grainger. A donation has been made already from the future sales proceeds of the film to Peter Hook's favoured charity NSPCC.

The 'Black Monday' dvd is available as a pre-release version by mail order only. Paypal GBP 12.00 + 2.00 postage and packing to hawkethos@which.net or telephone +44 (0)1565 734066 to make an order by card.

Total running time: 2 hour 40 minutes
Format: DVD NTSC Region 0

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