3 Nov 2013
Facing The Other Way 
Facing The Other Way

'Facing The Other Way: The Story of 4AD' is the new definitive history of the 4AD record label by Martin Aston. Established in the early Eighties, 4AD, under the visionary tutelage of Ivo Watts-Russell held many similar ideals to Factory Records. This fact is not lost on the author and indeed the Introduction begins with the following paragraph:

"True, the story of 4AD doesn't feature a TV presenter-cum-entrepreneur who starts a record label whose most iconic frontman commits suicide and initiates a Che Guevara-style cult; nor does it involve the decision to invest heavily in a nightclub that goes on to become an epicentre of the biggest dance music boom in UK history, rejuvenating both youth and drug culture, the combined legacy of which soon enough bankrupts said label."

The extremely detailed and lovingly assembled book is a great and contains many more Factory Records references. Fans of both labels are in for a treat.


Facing The Other Way: The Story of 4AD
Martin Aston
ISBN: 978-0007489619
650 pages

See also: 'visceral pleasures'.

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