9 Sept 2019
Time Was Gigantic... When We Were Kids 
Time Was Gigantic - photograph by Ed Templeton

The Factory Too era saw a new selection of graphic designers ushered in to work with the small but perfectly formed roster of artists assembled by Tony Wilson. Ed Templeton, the artist, photographer and professional skateboarder was a key element of this phase, working not only with Hopper but also on wider label-spanning projects like the Fac 2.24 1996 Christmas card.

However, it didn't stop there. One one of my many visits to the AHW Archives at the Science and Industry Museum I uncovered a selection of captioned photographs by Ed including the following pair - "WHEN WE WERE KIDS ..." and "TIME WAS GIGANTIC" (in that order). Roll on October 1998 and The Durutti Column's new album Facd 2.31 'Time Was Gigantic... When We Were Kids' is released on compact disc and the rest is history. A dexterous swapping of the sequence and the moving of an ellipsis and there you have your brand new album title.

When We Were Kids - photograph by Ed Templeton

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