30 Aug 2004
World of Pain 
Subtitled "10 troublesome album covers and the problems they caused" this list in Q Magazine's The 150 Greatest Rock Lists Ever features two well known Factory releases...

9. The Durutti Column 'The Return of The Durutti Column' "All Factory acts were press-ganged into glueing this this sandpaper sleeve by hand; the bulk by Joy Division's Ian Curtis. It was soon re-issued in a standard sleeve after retailers moaned that the sandpaper damaged other records in their racks." Which was the point in the first place.

10. New Order 'Blue Monday' "Peter Saville's floppy disc-inspired design was inspired by the computer-dominated music. However, the sleeve was so expensive that each copy of the biggest-selling 12" single ever sold actually cost the band and label money. The sleeve was simplified at each repressing."

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28 Aug 2004
The graphic grab 
"From record covers to road signs, posters to packaging, graphics and typography touch every area of our lives. Forget fine art, Rick Poynor argues: it's design that is at the core of 21st-century visual culture"

The media coverage of the forthcoming Communicate exhibition at the Barbican continues with another illustrated Rick Poynor article in today's Guardian.

Thanks to Conor.

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Unfortunately, Silent Partners are not playing Get Loaded this Thursday at Turnmills.

Dermo on the Silent Partners Messageboard explains: "We will unfortunately not be playing this gig, due to unforseen circumstances. The night will still be going ahead, and I'm sure it will be a great night. I'm sorry if any one has bought tickets especially to see us, but the cancellation cannot be helped. We will definitely be playing Get Loaded at Turnmills in the near future. Hope you understand."


27 Aug 2004
Declaration of Independence 
From Creative Review September 2004: "Much of the most innovative, influential and downright beautiful graphic design of the last 40 years has come from independent studios, says Rick Poynor. Which is why he made them the focus of a major exhibition of British graphic design opening in September 2004 at The Barbican."

The following extracts mention both Peter Saville and 8vo, two of the most important designers for Factory Records:

"The generation of designers that had arrived in the late 1970s on the coat tails of punk had exerted enormous influence both on the look of graphic design and on conceptions of how and where design might be used and the ways it could address its audiences. Peter Saville has received a great deal of credit in the last year for his contribution to these developments, but at the time it was Brody, enthroned at The Face, who was the more outspoken and influential figure, rapidly achieving international renown. Although he is slightly overlooked now, Vaughan Oliver, based at the independent record label 4AD, provided another luminous example of the sort of graphic vision that it was virtually impossible to achieve ensconced with the commercial mainstream."

It goes on: "The designers who made the running from the late 1980s - 8vo, Siobhan Keaney, Why Not Associates, Cartlidge Levene - followed by 1990s start-ups such as Jonathan Barnbrook, Graphic Thought Facility, Tomato, Fuel and North were able to operate in a communications landscape that was much more aware of the possibilities of design. They could work for a more varied range of clients than just record labels and style magazines."


Communicate: British Independent Graphic Design since the Sixties
16 September 2004 - 23 January 2005
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS

Tube: Barbican, Moorgate

Box Office: 0845 121 6828

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26 Aug 2004
Get on one 
After Get Loaded in the Park on Sunday at Clapham Common, Shaun Ryder and the Get Loaded crew return to their spiritual home at Turnmills on Thursday 2 September.

This month's special DJ guests are Queens of Noize (making their Turnmills debut). Plus there'll be Shaun Ryder, Kav, Poss, Cutz, GIG and Aron. Expect indie, dance, funk, hip hop, northern soul and breaks and Happy Mondays.

There are live bands too - Happy Mondays' drummer Gaz Whelan will be showcasing the talents of The Panics - signed to his Australian label. And Silent Partners will be playing the T2 room.

Limited advanced tickets are now on sale priced £5 exclusively through

Ticketweb hotline: 08700 600100.
Doors open @ 8.30pm
Get Loaded at the Bar!! 2-4-1 on selected drinks 8.30-10pm
Only £5 Guests / £4 NUS

Want more on Get Loaded In The Park? There's a review and photos at VirtualFestivals.com and keep checking getloadedinthepark.com for the full photo gallery which will be available shortly.

Thanks to the Turnmills e-FLyer.

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Record Collector (#301, September 2004) has an interview with Corinne Drewery of Swing Out Sister, who are back with a new album 'Where Our Love Grows'. She says that Andy Connell (ex-A Certain Ratio) has been working on the music for a short film called 'The Knickerman', directed by Sonja Phillips. Swing Out Sister have also being doing DJ sets which Andy apparently does on his G4 Powerbook but Corinne who sang on 'Bootsy' (from 'Force') by ACR, sticks to good old-fashioned vinyl Northern Soul collection. They've also put together a compilation of tracks from the Universal archives in Japan called 'A Few Of Our Favourite Things'. It features some of the songs that have influenced the group.

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John Metcalfe, long-time Durutti Column collaborator and member of the Duke String Quartet, has a solo album called 'Scorching Bay' which comes with a bonus album 'The Inner Line'.

Scorching Bay (60:43)
w/ The Inner Line (60:06)
BlackBox BBM 1082

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23 Aug 2004
Get Loaded In The Park yesterday did indeed take place on a sunny English afternoon amid much merriment, dancing and a bit of heckling. On arrival it quickly became apparent that the programme, as well intended as it may have been, was merely a very vague guide as to who was on. The timings contained therein bore no resemblance to who was actually playing. Silent Partners, billed at 2.15, were actually on at 1.30pm. Similarly, Domino Bones featuring Bez were nowhere to be seen at their allotted time of 3.30pm. Timetabling gripes aside this was a fun day out in a predominantly relaxed atmosphere.

The afternoon's entertainment on the main stage featured DJ's as varied as Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke ('The Only One I Know', 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', 'Fame'), Arthur Baker ('Dance To The Music') and Graeme Park ('Voodoo Ray', 'Bango Bango').

Tony Wilson came on stage saying that in half an hour he would be introducing the greatest English poet over the age of 20 but that now he was introducing the four greatest English poets under the age of 20 - RAW-T - the new act signed to his Red Cellars label. This was very brave because for the next 15-20 minutes his new charges were roundly booed and heckled. Their brand of 'grime' MC-ing did not please 15,000 fans baying for Happy Mondays. The talent and the tunes were definitely there though.

And so, after a brief interlude, the return of Happy Mondays to the stage. Unfortunately it was about 10 minutes after their return to the stage that the music actually began due to a technical hitch. Once things did get going it was a good show with birthday boy Shaun on form and Bez wearing some bizarre headgear. After each number Shaun seem very pleased announcing: "Fookin' ell we didn't fook it up!". He also (somewhat incorrectly it has to be said) declared: "Happy Mondays are sponsored by EasyJet".

All the hits were present and correct including Kinky Afro, Step On, Hallelujah and a mighty closing WFL. The Reverend Black Grape was also thrown in for good measure. And Shaun got nearly all of the words right too!

Check out the photo gallery and full setlist here.

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22 Aug 2004
The Times on Saturday had a great interview with Tony Wilson and Shaun Ryder together with new and old pics by Kevin Cummins. Titled 'Monday's child still mad for it' it reviews the past and neatly ties in with Get Loaded In The Park.

Shaun on the Happy Mondays back catalogue: "It has been years since I listened to some of our old songs. I was listening to Mad Cyril, and I had to ask Tony what it was! I could tell it was us, but I’d forgotten it. It were good, too. I don’t know why I thought it was shit when I wrote it."

There's also a short guided tour of Kevin Cummins's finest Mondays photos [in the printed 'Eye' version of the article only] including a great Cummins anecdote: "Tony introduced me to Shaun by saying: 'Kevin's photographed the Sex Pistols and Ian Curtis'. Shaun goes: 'So what? They're fuckin' dead!' I asked what they wanted, and they said: 'We want our picture taken with Rambo.'"

A footnote to the article says the the first single by Raw-T on Red Cellars (F4 Records) will be released in September.

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21 Aug 2004
Sunshine and Love 
Get Loaded In The Park at Clapham Common in the English summertime tomorrow from noon sees the return of Happy Mondays, the UK debut of Domino Bones (Bez's new group) and, on the Get Loaded Stage, an eagerly-awaited London gig for Silent Partners (the Manchester band featuring Dermo ex-Northside). It appears to be sold out.

From The Guide: "The Stone Roses may have had the tunes, but under the guidance of Shaun Ryder, Happy Mondays did greater things, straddling the divide between dance and rock music and creating a musical language entirely their own".


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There's a 2-page spread about Peter Saville's "favourite things" in the September 2004 issue of WALLPAPER* magazine.


20 Aug 2004
From Wigan Casino to the Hacienda 
A date and venue has been set for the first Manchester District Music Archive seminar. It will be on Tuesday 21 September 2004 at Urbis in Manchester. This is also the last night of In the City and such luminaries as Mark Radcliffe, Jon Savage and Guy Garvey (Elbow) will be in attendance.

From the MDMA website: "The aim of the seminar is to listen to the views of the public and the music industry. We want to hear how best we can serve other archives, libraries and museums. This is your opportunity to tell us what MDMArchive should be."

You can register for the seminar and/or the mailing list using the online form.


A Certain Ratio Rumours 
Rumours circulating about a possible future release of A Certain Ratio's live set at Fac 511 have been given some credence by the Urbanite mailing list which says that "Pete from Ithaca (current Urbanite act) is currently mastering the - described as ultimate - audio masters. We'll let you know what the band decides to do with them and whether they're going to be available on any of our websites!!". It was a splendid set featuring a storming version of Joy Division's 'Heart and Soul' (complete with Hooky on bass) so let's hope it gets the go ahead.



All day long 
The first album by Twenty Four Hours, the solo project of Jez Kerr out of A Certain Ratio, is out now on Urbanite (whose website has been totally revamped).

Entitled 'Soundtrack' it "takes you on a journey through city madness of recycled beats and soundscapes finding yourself on the streets of a 4am Tokyo". You can purchase and download the whole album with exclusive artwork directly from Urbanite.


1. Reason I Feel Like An Alien
2. Hulme 1980
3. Lite
4. Traces
5. Spaceship
6. See The Stars
7. Fifteen
8. Stardust
9. You Got Your Dreams
10. THX-1138
11. Alien Space

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19 Aug 2004
PSA website 
Saville Associates' website is now up and running [Flash required]


18 Aug 2004
In vision 
Check out the full review of Tunnelvision at Summer Daze last weekend together with a photo gallery.


17 Aug 2004
The Visual Language 
Communicate: British Independent Graphic Design since the Sixties is a forthcoming exhibition curated by Rick Poynor at the Barbican Art Galleries which will features the work of many designers with an association with Factory Records including Central Station Design, Peter Saville and Neville Brody.

The exhibition will open to the public on 16 September 2004 and run through till 23 January 2005. Following this, the exhibition, with the support of the British Council will enjoy a major Far East tour to China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan before returning to the Barnsley Design Centre in Yorkshire.

There will be more than 600 exhibits from album covers for New Order and Primal Scream, identities for BBC 2 and Big Brother, Biba and Paul Smith, magazines including OZ and i-D, posters for CND and the Anti-Nazi League and websites for The Guardian and Donnie Darko.


Communicate: British Independent Graphic Design since the Sixties
16 September 2004 - 23 January 2005
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS

Tube: Barbican, Moorgate

Box Office: 0845 121 6828

Admission £8/(£6 conc) for both exhibitions
The catalogue to accompany the show is priced £27

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16 Aug 2004
Tunnelvision played their first show since they trod the boards at Manchester Gallery on 1 October 1981 when they appeared at the Summer Daze festival at Ashton Gardens in St Annes, Lancashire yesterday afternoon. They played a 25-minute set of all new material (because they didn't have time to rehearse the old stuff) and, despite the odd sound glitch, went down well with an enthusiastic crowd of sun-worshippers. Afterwards, the band (Chris - vocals/guitar, Tony - drums and Ian - guitar) were in relaxed mood and looking forward to possible further live dates.


Any Day
Where Was I?


13 Aug 2004
Damp squib 
Last night's Manchester Evening News trailed the UK leg of Madonna's World Tour with a piece recalling her appearance at Fac 104 The Tube live from Fac 51 The Hacienda.

Moist, the unnamed punter in the article, reveals a tad more about the event and would like to make the point that it was most definitely not a gig: "I'm afraid Madonna never actually 'played' at the Hacienda. She, and two lycra-clad muscle men, were filmed for 'The Tube' miming and dancing their way through a backing tape of 'Holiday'. This is known in the music business as a PA, not a concert, and involved no backing band and certainly no singing.

"She was reputed to have 'played' again when the filming of 'The Tube' finished and the club re-opened for the usual Friday club night but, apparently, she did nothing other than sit in the dressing room being chatted up by various dodgy Mancunians.

"It has always been a mystery to me as to who invented the myth of a Madonna concert and why it has lasted so long. I'd be interested to hear how many people tell you otherwise - they are mistaken or fibbing."

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12 Aug 2004
2410-2418 AD 
LTM now has the following new release titles by Anna Domino in stock:

LTMCD 2410 'Mysteries of America / Colouring In The Edge and the Outline' [Tracklisting: Home, Pandora, Paris, Bonds of Love, Isn't That So, Tamper With Time, Bead/9.15, "Oh Beautiful…", Dust, Luck, Clouds of Joy, Tyranny (Of Your Company), 88, Perfect Day (No, He Says), Always Always, Stand Apart.]

LTMCD 2418 'Dreamback (Best Of)' [Tracklisting: Rhythm, Summer (7"), Take That, Caught, Zanna, Time For Us, She Walked, Tempting, Lake, Hammer, Luck, 88, Bonds of Love, Tamper With Time, Dreamback, Land of my Dreams.]

Also available: Winston Tong LTMCD 2382 'Theoretically Chinese'

As ever, all new CDs may be ordered ahead of the store release date by direct mail order from LTM. Just email them to place your order.


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11 Aug 2004
The Best of The Durutti Column 
The compilation album formerly known as The Definitive Durutti Column, "will definitely be in the shops by the end of September 2004" according to Phil Jones (DC Manager). Phil hopes that advance copies will be on sale at the Bridgewater Hall on 16 September. The 32-track double album has "some very classy artwork and sensational photos by Rachel (McFarlane)". The sleeve notes are by Vini Reilly and Tony Wilson,


AHW On Xfm 
It's very short notice but Badly Drawn Boy and Tony Wilson chat to Lauren Laverne from 4pm today.

104.9 fm (London)
Sky Digital 864
NTL Channel 891
Telewest Channel 965
DAB Digital Radio


10 Aug 2004
Single-minded electronic disco energy 
The DJ Magazine website has a piece on the Hacienda by Hillegonda C. "Gonnie" Rietveld (ex-Quando Quango). It is an extract from the forthcoming book 'Crossfade: A Big Chill Anthology' which is available to pre-order in advance of the official publication date. The book "chronicles from a fan's point of view the recent developments in electronic and ambient music and outstanding success of groups like Zero 7, Lemon Jelly, Royksopp, Bent and Talvin Singh."


Crossfade: A Big Chill Anthology
Edited by Pete Lawrence and Vicki Howard
Published 22 September 2004
ISBN: 1 85242 875 9
List Price: £12.00
Category: Culture & Music
Paperback 224pp

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9 Aug 2004
Aural Drug 
The forthcoming sampler album Little Darla Has A Treat For You: v.22, Indian Summer 2004 features an exclusive Crispy Ambulance track 'Open, Gates of Fire' (7:41) from The Powder Blind Dream [LTMCD 2372] sessions: the only studio version of Crispy Ambulance's standard live encore closer, never to be repeated. Crispy Ambulance say: "This is more than just an exclusive track. Culled from sessions for The Powder Blind Dream it's the only studio version of our standard live encore closer, never to be repeated."

The album also features 'Riding' by Thick Pigeon from the CD Miranda Dali [LTMCD 2381] and 'Caught' by Anna Domino from the CD Anna Domino [LTMCD 2397]


Release date: 23 August 2004
Label: Darla
Available to order: DarlaShop.com

Thanks to Crispy Ambulance: The Aural Drug for info.

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Tony Wilson's Questions of Doom 
Questions of Doom More AHW-related goings on in this questionnaire on the Poptones website in which "Tony Wilson faces Poptones.co.uk's QUESTION OF DOOM about his new record label Red Cellars, New Order, Joy Division, Grime, Raw-T, Hacienda, Happy Mondays, Factory, Twenty Four Hour Party People and the new projected film about Ian Curtis."

Particularly interesting is the part where Tony explains why his new label is called Red Cellars and not Factory 3: "My partner asked me if I minded if we didn't use the Factory name this time- like Factory 2. I told him: 'I wasn't bothered'. So he came up with Red Cellars - which was fine and even finer when he explained he took it from the same paragraph that Rob Gretton got the name Hacienda from - so I rather liked that connection."

Thanks again to Moist.

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"Opinionated music svengali" 
Tony Wilson, and his partner, former Miss UK, Yvette Livesey take part In this sixth and final show of The Keith Barret Show on BBC2 tonight at 10.00pm BST. In the series, Keith (aka Rob Brydon) plays host to the couple who can't quite decide whether they should get married, even after being together for nearly 14 years.

Thanks to moist for spotting this gem in amongst the BBC's summer schedule.


8 Aug 2004
Feed me 
Keep up to date with Cerysmatic Factory with the Atom-enabled news feed.


5 Aug 2004
The Durutti Column on the radio 
Mark Radcliffe, whose Radio 2 show goes out Monday to Thursday at 10.30pm, will have The Durutti Column playing live in the studio on Wednesday 8 September.

Incidentally, Tim Booth was on the same show last night and played three tracks live ('Wave Hello', 'Down To The Sea' and 'Please Fall In Love With Me'). You can catch the audio replay for the next week through the Radio 2 website.

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A Factory outing to the seaside 
As previously announced, the newly-reformed Tunnelvision will be playing the Summer Daze Festival at Lytham St. Annes. The band will be doing a 25 minute set starting at 5.45pm. It will be their first gig in over 20 years!


Booking for The Durutti Column's Bridgewater Hall show on Thursday 16 September is available after all - just click here and then select September 2004 from the menu and the show will appear for ticket purchase.

The page for the gig on the Bridgewater Hall website will also shortly be updated to indicate Online rather than Offline booking is available.


4 Aug 2004
Special guests 
The supports for The Durutti Column's show at the Brighton Dome on 3 October 2004 are Lali Puna and Chronomad according to the official website updated yesterday.


Get Loaded In The Park news update 
Tony Wilson will be introducing The Happy Mondays live on stage. The line-up will feature original members Shaun Ryder (Vocals), Bez (Freaky Dancin') and Gaz Whelan (drums). The will be joined by Dave Parkinson aka Primemover (Keyboards/Programmer), Get Loaded promoter Kav & John Dunn aka Sonic Audio (both Guitar), Mikey Shine (Bass Guitar) and Poss (Decks). Backing vocals come from Ron Carroll and Angie Brown. Bez's new band Domino Bones will also be making their UK debut and performing 5 tracks.

There will be DJ sets from Graeme Park (Hacienda), Peter Hook (New Order), Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets), Sean McCluskey, Arthur Baker (both 'Return to New York'), Andy Rourke & Mike Joyce (The Smiths) and The Farm.

I Swear I Was There Stage

Twenty Four Records have just added The Others, The Long Blondes, Ian Seigal and Ratdog.

Get Loaded Stage

Electronic female act band Client, Australian band The Panics (signed to Gaz Whelan’s Little Big Man label), plus 8 unsigned bands: Trap 2, Emma Chamberlin, Silent Partners (Dermo - ex-Northside's new band), Junk TV, Greg Gent, Ivory, Bugfly and Little Barrie presented by Cold Medina.


Get Loaded In The Park
Sunday 22 August 2004
Clapham Common
12 noon - 10pm

There are now less than 2,000 tickets left on sale and these will probably go soon. Tickets are on sale now exclusively through Ticketmaster, priced £15-25. Please go online at or call the "Get Loaded in the Park" 24 Hour Ticketmaster number on 08700 601801. More info at: www.getloadedinthepark.com

Warm-up Party

Shaun, Bez and Gaz will all be DJing at the Official Get Loaded in the Park Warm Up Party, alongside Kav and the Space Cowboy at Turnmills.

Thursday 5 August 2004
Entry: £5
Offers: 2-4-1's on all drinks at bar from 9pm

Thanks to the Get Loaded In The Park e-flyer.

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3 Aug 2004
There is a trailer for The Durutti Column's gig on 16 September from the Bridgewater Hall website: "The Durutti Column featuring Vini Reilly & Bruce Mitchell and Special Guests. Manchester's own Vini Reilly and his low key indie project celebrate 25 years as The Durutti Column on home turf. The launch event for the definitive Durutti Column album released in September, this monumental gig will feature the band's full repertoire."

Web: Bridgewater Hall (online booking not available for this show)
Tickets for the show are £12.50 to £16.50
Box Office: +44 (0)161 907 9000
Fax: +44 (0) 161 907 9001
Or by post: The Box Office, The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, M2 3WS


2 Aug 2004
Silent Partners 
The new Manchester band featuring Dermo, the ex-lead singer of Northside, go into the studio over the next few days to record their first official demo comprising the tracks 'Killer', 'Snakes 'n' Ladders' and 'News Of The World'.


Caroline Lavelle 
Caroline Lavelle, the singer, songwriter and instrumentalist and one-time Durutti Column collaborator, takes to the stage at Ocean in Hackney on 17 September as part of an Evening of Classical Chillout & Chamber Folk. More info on Caroline's official website.


Friday 17 September 2004
£10 adv

270 Mare Street
London E8
Info line: 020 8533 0111
Box Office: 0845 070 1571
Web: www.ocean.org.uk
Tickets also available through Ticketweb and other outlets.


Very Eighties ... 
Those Cerysmatic Factory Video Vote results in full:

1. 'True Faith' by New Order - dir. Phillippe Découfflé (Loads of people in funny costumes dance and bounce around to the music interspersed with the band performing. Won the BPI Award for Best Video in 1987. New Order still performed it live on Top of the Pops.)

2. 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division (One Door Closes.....)

3. 'The Perfect Kiss' by New Order - dir. Jonathan Demme. This was shot in New Order's rehearsal room in Cheetham Hill. They got a 24 track mobile studio in to record the music - it was played live. The two blokes that appear unannounced are Andy Robinson, now part-manager of New Order with Rebecca, and Slim, now 'Door Manager' at the Manchester University Student Union. For some reason everyone thinks the appearance of Slim in the video is, in fact, Arthur Baker. It isn't. The Perfect Kiss went on general release in the cinema as a support picture to Stop Making Sense, Jonathan Demme's seminal concert film of Talking Heads.

4. 'WFL' by Happy Mondays dir. The Bailey Brothers

5. 'Step On' by Happy Mondays (The 24 Hour Party People website article on The Bailey Brothers tells the story: For the shoot of the 'Step On' video, the crew shipped out to Barcelona. Locations were set for the five day shoot. Everyone was ready, but the band wasn't there. "We were waiting in Barcelona for the best part of four days, without having heard anything from anybody in terms of when they were going to turn up." recalls Keith. "They turned up to do the video at 3 o clock on the last day we were in Barcelona. We had something completely different planned, obviously, and we had locations that we were going to go to and we had this whole video planned out. With a day to go we were accepting that we were going to have to change that quite radically, and with three hours to go, we were literally thinking on our feet 'what's the only plausible thing we can do in the three hours?'" The promo was shot in and around the hotel they were staying at, with Shaun sitting on top of a huge neon E sign. The Director of Photography frantically tried to grab as much footage as possible as the sun set, but left feeling they didn't have enough footage. "We showed him the finished video and he loved it. We did tend to shoot lots of super 8, there was lots of other stuff around, not just the Super 16 camera going - so he was quite surprised that there was some other stuff dropped in.")

6. 'Confusion' by New Order (Ignore the crap subplot about the girls going to the disco. This basically shows you the early New Order mid dance-epihany in NYC and captures a pivotal moment, in a shoddy and amateurish way - so very Factory!)

7. 'Wrote For Luck' by Happy Mondays dir. The Bailey Brothers.

8. 'Shack Up' by A Certain Ratio (original Factory video for Palatine)

9. 'Bizarre Love Triangle' by New Order - dir. Robert Longo ("I don't believe in reincarnation because I refuse to come back as a bug or a rabbit!")

10. 'Run' by New Order - dir. Robert Frank, produced by Michael Shamberg

Honourable mentions to ... 'Nightshift' by The Names, 'Genius' by Quando Quango, 'New Horizon' by Section 25, 'The Smiling Hour' (Ann Quigley leaves work in Sunley Tower, Manchester and goes out for a drink at Corbieres) by Kalima, 'Sounds Like Something Dirty (Live on The Tube)', 'Back To The Start', 'Knife Slits Water' by A Certain Ratio, 'Lazyitis' (in prison where they belong playing footie in the pissing rain, Karl Denver catching pneumonia) by Happy Mondays, 'Here To Stay', 'Round & round', 'Shellshock', 'Fine Time', 'Blue Monday', 'Ceremony' by New Order, 'Laid' by James (strictly ex-Fac), 'My Rising Star' by Northside, 'The Missing Boy' and 'Domo Arigato' by The Durutti Column (the second one a long-form entry that sneaked in), 'Eat Y'Self Fitter' by The Fall (on an IKON video release), 'Get The Message' by Electronic, 'Talk About The Past' by The Wake.

Thanks to everyone who voted and also those who provided annotations. You know who you are.

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