30 Dec 2004
Superqueens play The Star and Garter, Manchester 
Superqueens, the new band from Michael Conroy-Harris (ex-The Orch) will be playing the Star & Garter in Manchester on Friday 21 January 2005. Support comes from Thick Richard, Hovis Presley, Troupe, DJ John Mac - Wheel Me Out) £5 advance, £6 on door. 2100 - 0100.

Superqueens' music is a fusion of spoken word/electronica and they have an album out on Skinny Dog Records (MCR) called Cheap Shots.
25 Dec 2004
Cerysmatic Factory Christmas 2004
23 Dec 2004
Full of Joy Natalie Curtis is interviewed in Wednesday's edition of the Manchester Evening News. She talks about how the photographs of Kevin Cummins and Anton Corbijn of her late father Ian and Joy Division influenced her to become a photographer.

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22 Dec 2004
"Jazztastic" Amongst other delights, the New Year will see LTM re-releasing "I'd Like To See You Again" by A Certain Ratio. There will also be a release of a recording of a gig from 1980. Thanks to AJ.


F4 Records, the new Factory, has launched its official website at www.f4records.co.uk.


NMC/Get Back have reissued FAC 2.61 (JOY DIVISION: Les Bains Douches) as a "mid-price" LP on good old-fashioned vinyl. It's available in three different packages: a double LP, and single LPs comprising Vol 1. and Vol 2. In addition, all variations have initial pressings in red vinyl.

2xLP: IT 2004 (NMC Music FACT 2.61/Get Back get 90079)


Love Will Tear Us Apart




Day Of The Lords

24 Hours

These Days

A Means to an End


New Dawn Fades

Atrocity Exhibition


Dead Souls



LP: IT 2004 (NMC Music FACT 2.61/Get Back get 90079-1) Vol. 1


Love Will Tear Us Apart




Day Of The Lords

24 Hours

These Days

A Means to an End

LP: IT 2004 (NMC Music FACT 2.61/Get Back get 90079-2) Vol. 2


New Dawn Fades

Atrocity Exhibition


Dead Souls



Thanks to OMNY for info.

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21 Dec 2004
The Durutti Column end 2004, their most successful year ever, with news of a renewed working partnership with Tony Wilson's new label F4. The band have come to an informal download only deal with ex-manager and record label boss, Wilson. The deal was cut over a lunchtime curry in Manchester's cultural Northern Quarter and in traditional Wilson/Durutti style, no written contract was exchanged. The first 6-track offering will be brand new material and should be ready for release by Midem in late January.

The Durutti Column launch their live 2005 shows with a unique gig in the Shetland Isles on 16 February 2005. As Vini Reilly says "These kind of remote areas are the places where people need good download availabilities. We are taking our live show up to the people in the far north, to help highlight our download service with F4".

Confirmed 2005 tour dates (so far):


16 Methodist Church, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, [Box office tbc]


24 - Cockpit, Leeds, Swinegate, LS1 4AG. Box Office: Jumbo records 01132455570. www.seetickets.com


14 - Islington Academy, N1 Centre,16 Parkfield St, London N1 OPS Ticketweb, Wayahead, 0115 912 9000, Stargreen: 0207 734 8932

15 - The Underground, Morley Street, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire ST1

www.seetickets.com 0115 912 9000

16 - The Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester. Piccadilly Box Office: 0161 832 1111. Ticketline, Wayahead


16 - Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain.

News courtesy of Phil Jones at Phil Jones Presents.

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20 Dec 2004
RAW-T's Switch / Ego single on F4 Records is available online at Fat City Records and Piccadilly Records.


19 Dec 2004
Honed incompetence Those who filled out the Fac 3.01 survey/fan-info response card (included in the initial release of Facd 2.01 Sex and Death) were promised a free Vini Reilly plectrum or a Durutti Column 'The return of...' print. So, the card was dutifully filled in and sent in to Factory Too. And then nothing. For ages. And then the following letter arrived with a 'slightly damaged' poster, itself with the catalogue number Fac 3.11 and all was made clear....

"1st March 1996

Dear Friend of The Durutti Column

You've probably waited a long time for this due to our own honed incompetence, fuckers in London shifting our database around the country like it's the Radio One Roadshow, and finally the fact that Chris Joyce, former Durutti Column drummer, has a building that leaks. The posters that we printed for you were damaged by that leak. We have been waiting to get round to printing some fresh ones, but have decided that 'damaged' goods have their own special appeal, so here it is, the two horsemen from the walls of Strasbourg - slightly damaged.

Yours with love

Bruce, Vini, Sam, Desna and Tony"

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The Magnetic Fields, who have just got back from tour, are happy to announce that they have a limited number of Magnetic Fields "i" t-shirts available for sale. Unfortunately they're only available to US residents but they are a very reasonable 13 dollars each.

More details on colours, sizes, payment, etc, on The House of Tomorrow

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17 Dec 2004
Cash for Questions, the popular popstars Q&A in Q Magazine will feature New Order in the next issue. If you have a question for the group, you may email it to cashforquestions@q4music.com and you never know, they might answer it. Thanks to C.


16 Dec 2004
The correct title for the B-side of the new RAW-T single Switch is Ego. It was announced as Intro in the accompanying press release but this was a mistake.


New Order, new album According to the NOOL information service, the as-yet-untitled new album by New Order will be released on 28 March 2005.


13 Dec 2004
Realise and Witness 
The first release by RAW-T is a limited edition vinyl 12" single "Switch" b/w "Intro" (R1 M15). F4 Records has already sent out 25 very special, limited copies of the "Switch" white label to key people. The regular single is released today and distributed by Pinnacle.

A second release, a CD single, "Where We Live" (R2 M15) is planned for mid-January. Videos for 'Switch' and 'Where We Live' are also in the can and were produced and directed by Phil Shotton for F4.

The album, "Realise And Witness" (R4 M15) produced by Raw-T's Dellano Taylor (DT) and mixed, engineered and co-produced by Injekta and Zed Bias at Phuturelounge in Manchester, will arrive in late February.

RAW-T are four MCs, Solja, Dreade, Mack D and Little G; beats man, Dellano Taylor (DT); and two DJs, Flair and DJ Que.


Mark IV 
The first 12" single from RAW-T has just been released on the label F4 Records (or Factory Mark IV if you will) with an album to follow early in 2005. F4 will have their website up and running soon.

Thanks to Tom.

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12 Dec 2004
Champion Don't forget to watch the John Peel Tribute night from 10pm on BBC Four on Thursday 16 December. The "In Session Tonight" programme at 11.10pm includes "a chance to see footage of some of the acts that John championed on his Radio 1 show", including Joy Division alongside Pink Floyd and The Smiths. Thanks to C.


Location, location, location Thanks to Frank for pointing out that at the old Factory offices at 86 Palatine Road, the actual office (as seen in the top image) was on the first floor, on the left.
11 Dec 2004
Inefficiency Dialectic 
FAC 31 The Mini-Pops/"Dolphin Spurt". OMITD with balls etc. From Holland. 7" 45 rpm Wally(MP’s); "Jah, it vaz verry strange working with Martin. Much time no happen. Sitting..nothing.""Sometimes he goes to sleep" "Jah.. sleep.. sleep under mixing desk..Jah." The price of art etc. Phillips to sue Martn Atkins for superb sleeve.

FAC 32 Crispy Ambulance/"Unsightly and Serene". 10" 45 rpm. Out now. Labels my be wrong way round on this one too...we cvan’t check cause we pressed too few... ..sez Rob and we don’t have any. We may have more. See Claud Bessy’s English overview in last Slash for detailed understanding of inefficiency dialectic.

FAC 33 New Order, "Ceremony"/"In a lonely place" recorded at Eastern Artists New Jersey, at the mere cost of a van load of equipment. Are they Playing Shadowplay in Brookly etc. 7" and 12" 45rpm, release late Feb

FAC 34 E.S.G. Emerald Sapphire and Gold from the Bronx, actually from P.R., Again recorded East Orange, N.J., produced by Hannett in party dress. ..the girls in party dress. Minimalist Supremes. Car driven by Ed Baih- lmann/99. "You're no good" 7" 45/33rpm. Early March.

FACT 35 A certain Ratio; "To Each...." 12" 33rpm. Also recorded blah blah and all we/they lost was a set of congas and Pink Floyd's lighting transfor mer...so bloody heavy...the pain of this one. Mixing; Hannett.v.Ratio res. a bitter draw. "Felch / My Spirit / Forced Laugh / Choir / Special Place for your hands / The Fox / Loss / Oceans / Dusk-Winter Hill" Long album huh???

Thanks again to Seb for transcribing.

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8 Dec 2004
Silent Partners 
Silent Partners (featuring Dermo of Northside) embark on their biggest tour ever, The News of the World Tour 2005, starting 22 January in Oldham and finishing 16 February in Liverpool and including dates in Aberdeen, Leeds, Nottingham and Shetland. The tour schedule as it stands is as follows with more dates to be added.


Sat 22 - Castle, 38 Union St, Oldham [+ support + Stone Love DJs; Tel: 01706 882759]
Mon 24 - Adelphi, 89 De Grey St, Hull [+ support; Tel: 01482 348216]
Wed 26 - Carpe Diem, Calverley St, Leeds [+ Thewlis; Tel: 0113 2436264]
Thu 27 - Junktion 7, Nottingham [+ support]
Fri 28 - The Albert, Shrewsbury [+ support]


Tues 1 - De Bees, 17-19 Market Place, Winsford [+support; Tel: 01606 558596]
Thu 3 - T' Mesis Café Bar, Lloyd St (off Deansgate), Manchester [+ The Loungs + 3rd Dan + Inbred Quarter; *]
Fri 4 - Central Station, 15-17 Hill St, Wrexham [+ DJ Clint Boon + The Draft; Tel: 01978 311857
Sat 5 - Limelight, Crewe [+ support; *]
Fri 11 - Drummonds, 1 Belmont St, Aberdeen [+ support; Tel: 01224 619931]
Sat 12 - North Star, Harbour St, Lerwick, Shetland [+ support + DJ Alan McLeod; Tel: 0159 5693749]
Sun 13 - Mooney's Wake, Lerwick, Shetland [Acoustic Set; Tel: 0159 5693749]
Wed 16 - Magnet, Liverpool [+ support; *]

Tickets for gigs marked * available by asking on the Silent Partners Message Board.



Buzzin' Shaun Ryder and Bez feature in episode 5 of MTV UK's new sitcom Top Buzzer [Flash required]. Currently it's on episode 3 so the blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo will be on fairly soon. Thanks to Kev.
6 Dec 2004
Blurt are playing two live dates in London with a few German dates in between before finishing it all off in Paris on the 17th.


7 - London, 100 Club (with Jah Wobble)

8 - Hannover, Béi Chéz Heinz

9 - Nuremberg , Desi

10 - Offenbach, Hafen 2

11 - Munich, kkkmerano 500 (with Kamerakino)

16 - London, Betsey Trotwood

17 - Paris, Nouveau Casino


Thanks to Eddy.
5 Dec 2004
Beautiful Sounds Relive Beautiful 2000 in your own living room.

Intastella 'Dream Some Paradise' (MCA)

MC Magic Max 'I Don't Want Your Love' (Whole)

Mind Body & Soul 'Lost In A Maze' (Adventures Underground)

CFM 'Welcome Back Brother James' (Ray-D)

Love Decade 'Is This A Dream?' (w/l)

If? 'If?' (MCA)

Jesus Loves You 'Hate Is Not My Drug' (More Protein)

Incognito 'Always There' (Talkin' Loud)

M.I.C. 'The Gorgon' (Slimbo)

The Associates 'Waiting For The Loveboat' (Circa)

Cranes 'Adoration' (Dedicated)

Massive Attack 'Safe From Harm' (Circa)

Kool & The Gang 'Get Down On It' (Mercury)

Bomb The Bass 'Winter In July' (Rhythm King)

Catherine Wheel 'Painful Thing EP' (Wilde)

G.W. McLennan 'Easy Come Easy Go' (Beggars Banquet)

Mantronix 'Step To Me' (Capitol)

Karma 'Somebody' (w/l)

The Rare Earth 'Feeling Alright' (Rare Earth)

ACR with Denise Johnson 'The Planet' (Rob's Records)

Julian Cope 'Dragonfly' (Island)

M&M 'Don't Stand In My Way' (Suburban Base)

The End 'You Drive Me Wild' (Flying)

The Spencer Davis Group 'High Time Baby' (Fontana)

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 'Let The Beat Hit 'Em' (Columbia)

Electronic 'Electronic' (Factory)

Sub Sub 'Space Face - remix' (10)

The Real People 'Window Pane' (Columbia)

Julia Driscoll & Brian Auger 'Indian Rope Man' (Polydor)

Flood 'Jealousy EP' (Quarry Records)

Thirst 'The Enemy Within' (10)

SLD 'Gettin' Out' (Creed)

Soul Opportunity 'Lowdown' (Flying)

Primal Scream 'Higher Than The Sun' (Creation)

Welfare Heroine 'Starve The Eagle' (Nonfiction)

2-Mad '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' (Big Life)

Habit 'Power' (Virgin)

Saint Etienne 'Filthy' (Heavenly)

Eskimos & Egypt 'Don't You Do It' (DEF)

Terminal Power Company 'Wired' (Situation Two)

The Wolfgang Press 'Mama' (4AD)

SSR 'To Be House' (Guerilla Records)

Double Sense 'You Make Me Feel' (Energy)

2 Frenchmen 'Black Planet' (Rapino)

Saint Etienne 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart'

World of Twist 'Sweets' (Circa)

Paris Angels 'Fade' (Virgin)

Kraftwerk 'Radioactivity'

The Stone Roses 'One Love'

Happy Mondays 'Judge Fudge' (Factory)

James 'Sound'

Marcel King 'Reach for Love' (Factory)

Dream Frequency 'Feel So Real'

Thanks to Rebecca and record players.

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1 Dec 2004
Martin Moscrop from A Certain Ratio is playing a punk-funk DJ set at Pop Your Funk in NYC tomorrow. Thanks to Adesh on Faclist for info.

Thursday 2 December 2004

Pop Your Funk One Year Anniversary Party

With Special Guest DJ Martin Moscrop of A Certain Ratio, Residents Brennan Green & Roy Dank

APT, 419 West 13th Street btwn 9th Ave & Washington

$5 Cover. Advance Tickets at Other Music

Sponsored by XLR8R Magazine.

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Ian Curtis is featured in a special edition of Q Magazine entitled 'Icons' which is out now in all good newsagents (and some rubbish ones too).

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