31 Mar 2006
OMD - the TV documentary 
From the official OMD website:

"Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys will be returning to their roots next Monday when they visit the site of Eric's Club for a new TV documentary.

OMD are being followed by a TV crew throughout the year for a special programme focusing on OMD. As well as being interviewed and taken to OMD landmarks such as Eric's Club, the TV crew will also be there for the band's first rehearsal performances.

The TV documentary has no planned transmission date as yet but is planed for broadcast on BBC TV in the future."
Extra dates on Blurt's European Tour 
Blurt have announced an extra date on their May European Tour:

Sunday 28 - Duesseldorf - Pretty Vacant

Plus, a bit nearer to home, they have also announced a London date:

Thursday, 13 April
The Rhythm Factory
Presented by: Beyond the Orchestra Pit
16-18 Whitechapel Rd
London E1 1EW

Thanks again to Tino on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board.
Clowns and Pet Sounds 
Matt Carroll of Central Station Design has released a one off print from his own personal collection on ebay. The original artwork was devised in 2003 to adorn the cover of Shaun Ryder's 'Clowns and Pet Sounds' project and was hailed by an array of critics as his best work to date (The Guardian, Mojo, NME etc).



Chips With Everything 
Heart & Soul Records Showcase and launch of 0898Dave's album 'When the River Runs Dry, We Die' featuring:

0898 Dave - live
Plus DJs Rob Bright and Martin Moscrop
Plus Chips residents Rob Hyde, Manngaze + LA 77

Friday 31 March (tonight)
Harter St (off Portland St)

9 - 2.30
5.00 GBP on the door



29 Mar 2006
Section 25 to play first gig in 19 years 
A short message from Vincent Cassidy on Section25.com brings some very good news:

"We are playing our first gig for 19 years. It is in the form of a re-union party at a venue in Poulton-le-fylde (our old stamping ground) The place is called, 'Over The Edge', 22 Hardhorn Rd. Poulton, Lancs. tel no.01253 882015

The date is 19th May doors open 8pm

cheers for now
FAC 471: Hallelujah - A Celebration of Madchester 
Wilson House Presents
In association with 97.7 XFM Manchester

Shaun Ryder
A Guy Called Gerald
Jon Da Silva
808 State
+ Very special guests

Saturday 13th May 2006
10pm till 3.30am
Madchester Academy 1
Oxford Road

Tickets 17.50 GBP
Student Union Box Office - 0161 275 2930
Piccadilly Box Office St Annes Sq. - 0161 832 1111
Eastern Bloc - 0161 228 6432

Dress code: Baggy Jeans, Bandannas, Smiley Face T-Shirts, Whistles & Horns

"As the summer sun rises over Madchester once again, acid-fuelled memories of baggy pants, bandanas and smiley-face t shirts become reality, and the city gets ready to party like its 1988. Think back to the days when Mondays were Happy, 808 was the name of a state and pills, thrills and bellyaches were welcomed - to an era that produced the most definitive soundtrack ever, for each generation to follow. 808 State, Jon Da Silva and A Guy Called Gerald lead the revolution in the clubs, while the Reverend Shaun Ryder and his counterpart the Freaky Dancin' Bez lead the revolution on the stage. And for one summer evening only, Madchester is back "in the area", with all five legendary outfits taking to the stage once more - for the party of the decade... And God made Madchester."

With thanks to Wilson House on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board.

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28 Mar 2006
Blurt - European Tour May 2006 
With thanks to Tino Wylson on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board, here is the full itinerary for Blurt's European Tour in May 2006:

Tue 2 - Gent, Kinky Star
Thu 4 - Rotterdam, Worm
Fri 5 - Amsterdam, OCCI
Sat 6 - Brussels, Recyclart
Sun 7 - Antwerp, Kaaiman
Tue 9 - Paris, Point Ephemere
Wed 10 - Cologne, Blue Shell
Thu 11 - Bremen, Lila Eule
Fri 12 - Hamburg, Westwerk
Sat 13 - Berlin, Supamolly
Tue 16 - Munich, Die Rote Sonne
Wed 17 - Budapest, A38
Thu 18 - Vienna, Rhiz
Fri 19 - Steyr, Roeda
Sat 20 - Murska Sobota, MIKK
Sun 21 - Bern, Rei-alle
Mon 22 - Geneva, Cave 12
Wed 24 - Lyon, Les Nuits Sonores Festival
Fri 26 - Wroclaw, Awangarda Gallery
Sat 27 - Frankfurt, Das Bett
27 Mar 2006
The Rise and Fall of The Nosebleeds 
John Crumpton on "The Rise and Fall of The Nosebleeds", the superb documentary he made with Bob Jones about Manchester band Ed Banger and The Nosebleeds:

"In the mid 70's a group of Manchester based film makers got together and pressurised North West Arts to fund a film and video workshop. Paul Habbeshon, then film Officer took it upon himself to buy already antiquated Sony reel-to-reel machines, whereas sinilar workshops in Liverpool and London already had colour. However, courtesy of paternalistic largesse, ego-stroking of arts bureaucrats and political chicanery we had the chance to use the B&W half-inch reel-to-reel portapak recording systems that had been making their way into the non-broadcast sector and were permeating down to our 'community' programme-making level.

Originally developed in Japan by Sony and National panasonic in the late 60's, their reputation had been made in the early 70’s in Canadian the groundbreaking Challenge for Change initiative funded and developed by the Canadian Film Board. In the hands of inexperienced video makers from ethnic and disenfranchised communities programmes were made by the same people who watched them, and which featured a range of political and social issues of which where ignored by mainstream media.

In Marxist terminology the 'means of production' (if not distribution) was under the control of ordinary people. There was a lot of political embarrassment and fallout as a result of the CFC programmes and the shutters were brought down fairly quickly. In fact it was more the potential impact of the medium and not its actuality to stir things up that caused the problem. Like an unspecified weapon with great power the word spread abroad to this country. Local councillors reacted in the press with changes they were going to make to housing conditions on the basis of videos made by tenant's groups that they hadn't even seen. It's novelty value was its great strength.

However, because they were the prototypes of the first fully portable video recording systems they came with some severe limitations. The camera had to be always connected via a duty cable to the heavy and separate VT recorder. The tape had to be hand threaded - no cassettes and the tape heads would become periodically clogged and needed to be cleaned with an alcohol soaked cotton bud. The pictures were monochrome with poor resolution unless shooting in strong sunlight - speaking of which, the unforgivable sin was to point the lens directly towards the sun as this would produce a permanently burnt sunspot onto the camera tube.

But shit, who cared? It was capable of recording up to 20 minutes of synchronised picture and sound for just a few quid and it could be erased and reused. So when punk came along it seemed the perfect medium, raw and decidedly lo-fi as it was, to record what was happening 'on the streets'.

The streets of Wythenshawe's council estate produced 2 of Manchester's highest energy punk bands. Slaughter & the Dogs and Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds. We'd been fortunate in recording both groups in a seminal concert; I use the words advisedly, at the Forum Wythenshawe in September 1976. The Dogs were headlining and well down the bill were the local heavy rock combo - Wild Ram. We spoke to them after the gig and they were all very friendly. I'd lived in Woodhouse Park for 12 years so we struck up a good rapport.

A few weeks later they changed their name to The Nosebleeds as the punk rock bandwagon gained momentum and it appeared that fame and fortune awaited anyone who had enough balls to grab it. So for the next nine months or so we videotaped gigs at Rafters, Manchester, Rock Against Racism dates in Bury and elsewhere and recorded interviews with band members. The drummer Toby was the most communicative and gave us a history of the group’s formation on camera.

The portapak camera was there on the day the band went to Granada TV studios to record their celebrated debut, (there weren't to be any others), appearance on the early evening Regional magazine programme, Granada Reports. Lead singer Ed Banger manhandled presenter and champion of Punk / New Wave Tony Wilson during the past performance of their one and only single '(I) Ain't bin to no music school'.

Whether such opportunities exist for a present day bunch of working class lads from Wythenshawe to have their 15 minutes seems highly questionable in the era of ITV without its regional connections and the increasing sanitization of rock music through the dull blandness of Pop Idol and Fame Academy.

Unfortunately the band weren't able to capitalise on their brief moment in the spotlight and their failure to make money created further tensions. Without success they carried on regardless but the splits within the group were ever widening.

Ed Banger and Vini Faal the manager were the most blunt in voicing their opinions as to what had been happening with the group’s finances. Spinal Tap was still to come. With the exception of Vini Reilly who lived in upmarket Didsbury, the rest were Wythenshawe born and bred and more used to settling matters in a John Prescott way. In fact when Ed turned up for his interview he was sporting a black eye, the result of a frank exchange of views with his manager and was more than willing to spill the beans. We cross-cut between the delusional Vini and disillusioned Ed shouting the odds about each other's shortcomings and finally we see Vinnie Faal, content to hold onto Toby and Pete and heralding a new venture with a new guy 'I've got my eye on' and the new Nosebleeds would rise again from the ashes. They did. I heard recently that Stephen Morrissey joined the band briefly as Ed's replacement only to be fired later, after Vini Reilly had left - the latter to be the most successful of the ex-Nosebleeds with his Durutti Column and solo albums - a guitarist touched by genius in my view.

The linear editing of the material by myself and Bob Jones, who'd been on camera took ages. Bob had been fascinated by the potential of "peoples' TV" since blagging a grant to film Rochdale Festival in 1972, using equipment borrowed from the London Film Co-op, Sheffield Community Video and Studio 66 Video in Hendon. We had 2 tape machines, the right hand record deck for assembling the shots in edited order and the left hand source deck which was shuttled backward and forward to locate the next shot for insertion. To further slow things down there wasn't even an edit controller so we devised a Heath Robinson system of stop watches, 10 second rewinds and countdowns and pressing of the edit button at precisely the right moment for the edit to take place. God, it was a laborious business and rarely went according to plan. Still we plodded on over many evenings, the material itself kept our spirits up as it possessed a humour, irony and honesty not often seen in a pre-Spinal Tap documentary. After we finished it we screened it a few times as part of the workshop's presentations and it always went down well with audiences. In the early 80's more sophisticated video formats were becoming available so we transferred the tape to lo-band U-matic cassette in 1982 and it's been hauled around in the house moves we’ve had over the years. In between freelance contracts as a sound editor I've tried to keep my hand in as a film-maker and have become a great enthusiast of mini-DV, having made a few 'pilot' project on the format. So I managed to get the U-matic transferred onto DV and a friend, who's an editor, Faisal Qureshi loaded it into his Final Cut Pro system. I was eager to keep the essential 'character' of the original work. In fact there was little we could do about the flaring of stagelights but we were able to add super-ed captions to the interviews and song titles to beneath the performances. In addition, in the space of one evening, we tightened up many edits that had always 'jumped' as they contained a subliminal 'rogue' frame on the cut and smoothed out the sound edits. The original video had been assembled without the benefit of even a basic audio mixer."


The film screens Saturday 8 April from 12:30pm till 4pm at Touchstones Exhibition Centre, Rochdale. Entrance is absolutely free. More on Rockin' Rochdale.

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26 Mar 2006
24 Hour Party People Haçienda Tour in Toronto 
Peter Hook of New Order
Mani of Stone Roses & Primal Scream
A.D/D. DJs

Thursday 30 March 2006
State Theatre
69 Bathurst at King

Admission: 15.00 CAD
Tickets available from ticketbreak.com, Rotate This, Soundscapes

Starts: 10:00PM
Showtime: 11:00PM Sharp



Thanks to Paul.

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25 Mar 2006
Manchester Music meets Rockin' Rochdale 
Manchester District Music Archive, Chris Hewitt/Ozit Morpheus Records, and Touchstones Rochdale present Manchester Music meets Rockin' Rochdale.

Saturday 8 April from 12:30pm till 4pm at Touchstones Exhibition Centre, Rochdale. Entrance is absolutely free.

As well as introducing / unveiling extra items into the Rockin' Rochdale Exhibition for the last couple of weeks on Saturday 8 April this will be a special event including John Crompton's and Bob Jones's film "The rise and fall of The Nosebleeds" a superb documentary about Manchester band Ed Banger and The Nosebleeds and rare film footage of Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column jamming with Martin Hannett and Steve Hopkins, Lisa Stansfield backed by Rochdale band The Directors posters the late and great blind Rochdale guitarist Tony Crabtree. Plus vintage poster from the Manchester Music scene of the 70's and 80's and live acoustic performances from Guitar George Borowski, The Cougars (unplugged acoustic blues), and Pete Farrow.

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Peter Saville: the M and M&C 
Peter Saville's new giant 'M' logo that isn't a logo for the City of Manchester has been unveiled at a property conference in Cannes, southern France. The Manchester Metro explains why not everyone is happy.

The April 2006 edition of Creative Review has a feature on the commercial side of Peter Saville's work. In 'Saville to be M&C's Agent Provocateur' [page 20], M&C Saatchi's Creative Director Graham Fink and Peter Saville talk about Saville's new consultative role:

Fink on Saville: "If you look at the D&AD awards, the designers moan about the advertisers and vice versa. And all the designers I knew at art school were remarkably dull people. But then you look at Peter's stuff and it's so visual, it's iconic. What we are really trying to do is make our clients' brands iconic: having Peter here will bring a different kind of mind to the creative department."

Saville on Fink: "What Graham's asking me to do is just respond. These people fill up our world; advertising makes an enormous impact on our visual culture. If you're going to fill up these spaces with visual material, the more civilised it is, the more cultured, the better. All I have to do at M&C is be a voice from outside of the system but with some sensitivity to what the message is. He asked me if I would act as a provocateur. What could I say?"
22 Mar 2006
Anthony Wilson on Xfm Manchester with Shaun 'n' Gaz 
Anthony Wilson's first Sunday Roast show for new radio station Xfm Manchester featured him in conversation with Shaun Ryder and Gary Whelan from Happy Mondays. The best bits are archived with audio clips and there's also a Q&A with AHW himself.

Thanks to Winston.


SHOWstudio Transmission - Peter Saville's Estate 
From SHOWstudio.com:

"'Estate' was a major solo exhibition by Peter Saville at the internationally renowned Swiss Migros Museum in Zürich. A film shown here in four chapters captures the exhibition itself, and Saville discussing aspects of the installation and background with film-maker Marcus Werner Hed, who captured and directed the dual aspects of the split screen footage."

'Estate' ran at the Migros Museum, Zürich from 12 November 2005 to 8 January 2006.

Thanks to Paul Barnes.
20 Mar 2006
The Haçienda Classics launch party @ Sankeys 
Mike Pickering, Graeme Park and Peter Hook headline the launch party for the new 3CD album 'The Haçienda Classics' at Sankeys Soap on Saturday 8 April.

Redlight Hacienda Album Launch Party
Mike Pickering + Graeme Park + Peter Hook + Shovell + Krysko + Bucky (2)
At Sankeys Soap, Manchester
From 10:00pm until 4:00am
Price (GBP): 12.00 / 11.00 NUS / 10.00 in advance

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Edinburgh Scotland Noise - Ian & Jonathan (ex-The Wendys) on MySpace 
Art Plastic is ex-FACers Ian and Jonathan who were in The Wendys. They have a new MySpace site where you can listen to new recordings made in Ian's house.


18 Mar 2006
Decades - it's all about Manchester music 
Panora, Malmo, Sweden
31 March 2006

Two DJs will recapture the FAC and Madchester movement, with seminal bands like Joy Division, New Order, James, Happy Mondays and the Roses, not forgetting the legacy with bands like Editors, Kasabian, Interpol and Echoboy.

More info:


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Steve Williams relives Legends and FAC 51 The Haçienda 
New website tribute to the mighty Legends in Warrington, lovelegends.com, has an interview with former Legends and Haçienda DJ Steve Williams.
Peter Saville on Manchester - the original modern city 
Peter Saville recently talked to mad.co.uk about his ongoing work to "brand" Manchester. In this brief extract he explains what constitutes "original and modern":

"My work for Manchester was to plot a direction for the brand - which to me was the serious approach. The Guardian for example, is an original and modern newspaper. Manchester United is the original and modern sporting club. It's a good way to describe things from Manchester that have distinguished themselves. The Trade Union movement started there. The first computer was developed there. There are many stories through which the values of originality and modernity are interwoven. There's the story of the music scene – and my own part in it with Factory and the Hacienda."

Reads the full article here.


17 Mar 2006
The Rob Gretton Archive 
Amazed by the taster of the 'Atrocity Exhibition' article in the Q Manchester Special? Want to see more? Check out a new photo gallery at mdmarchive.com.
15 Mar 2006
Xfm Manchester launched today 
Xfm Manchester launched today with a galaxy of stars including Shaun Ryder, Bez, Clint Boon, Guy Garvey, Gary & Kav (Happy Mondays) and Paul Tonkinson. Check out the photo gallery.

Sunday's line-up features Tony Wilson's Sunday Roast from 1-3pm ("join Tony for all the top tunes, big names and big interviews as he chats to a different special guest every Sunday) followed by Guy Garvey's Payola ("the Elbow frontman will bring you all the best music and great interviews.").

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Record Losses - Peter Saville on Power, Corruption and Lies 
Alice Rawsthorn, in the New York Times, talks about the important role record covers play in our recollections of our favourite images.

Peter Saville explains what his sleeve for New Order's Power, Corruption and Lies means to him: "I've often thought that if 'Power, Corruption & Lies' had been a mediocre album, people might have said the cover was interesting, but they wouldn't have called it a classic. It's the fusion of great imagery and great music which makes them both seem much more memorable."

Read the full article [free registration required]

Thanks to OMNY for spotting.


Deeply Vale of the 1970s 5CD box set 
Deeply Vale 2006 may not be happening but despair ye not. Those nice people at Ozit Morpheus Records are working on bringing you a 5CD retrospective set of the classic years of the Seventies at Deeply Vale.

This will feature tracks from as many musicians as possible who played the Festival during that time including some from The Durutti Column who were playing their third live set ever. The featured tracks are 'Halitosis' and 'Boxes'.

The rest of the line-up includes Steve Hillage, The Fall, Wilful Damage, Danny and the Dressmakers (featuring Graham Massey), Fast Cars, The Tunes, The Ruts, and, erm, the joint rolling contest.

The full package is in the process of being finalised but if there are any other musicians who were there or who want to be involved in donating a track or two to this boxed set please contact Ozit Morpheus.

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Morrissey & The Story Of Manchester - A Q Special Edition 
The new Manchester special edition of Q Magazine entitled 'Morrissey and The Story Of Manchester' has hit the streets today and it's packed full of Manchester music stories including:

> Year Zero - The Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall
> Triumph Of The Will - The indefatigable Tony Wilson
> Heart & Soul - Martin Hannett, sonic visionary
> Ode To Joy - the making of Unknown Pleasures
> Lost Inside - Vini Reilly and The Durutti Column
> The Viking - Peter Hook
> Rave On - The Haçienda's early days
> Shameless! - Happy Mondays' acid house glory
> A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu - The making of 24 Hour Party People
> Andrew Berry
> Northside
> Linder
> Doves / Sub Sub
> Atrocity Exhibition - Joy Division artefacts

Plus, on the front inside cover there's a full-page ad for The Hacienda Classics.

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Martin Hannett - Manchester meets Rochdale event coming soon 
The Manchester District Music Archive, Touchstones Centre Rochdale and Ozit Morpheus Records are organising a 'Manchester Meets Rochdale at Rockin Rochdale' event on Saturday 8 April.

This will be an afternoon of Rock-related events about Manchester and Rochdale and featuring various things to do with Martin Hannettt who worked regularly in Rochdale at Cargo recording studios.

The event will be at the Touchstones Centre which has recently been the venue for the Rockin' Rochdale exhibition. More details soon.
Deeply Vale 2006 cancelled 
Unfortunately there will not be a Deeply Vale festival in 2006. Having been working continuously to put a 2006 event together since late 2004, Chris Hewitt and his team have finally admitted defeat. They are working towards putting together a Deeply Vale Festival in July 2007.

Read the full story at DeeplyVale.com.
14 Mar 2006
DCSW - Durutti date at Great Torrington switched to Ilfracombe 
The Durutti Column's gig announced for the Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington on 15 September has been switched to The Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe. The date itself is unchanged.

Box Office: 01271 324242


The Durutti Column live at The Point, Cardiff - 14 Sep 2006 
Another date has just been added to The Durutti Column's UK tour for 2006:

Thursday 14 September
The Point
Mount Stuart Square
Cardiff Bay
CF10 6EB

Box Office: 029 2046 0873

More details of The Durutti Column live.


13 Mar 2006
A Certain Ratio on MySpace 
Check out the new A Certain Ratio MySpace site with 4 songs including Do The Du, Shack Up and All Night Party.


12 Mar 2006
Manchester - A Q Magazine Special Edition 
The next Special Edition of Q Magazine will be devoted to Manchester and is out on 15 March. MDMArchive reports that for the past few weeks it has been helping Q out with information and materials. Kevin Cummins has also contributed photographs.


11 Mar 2006
Neil Landstrum's Factory remix project 
An interesting Factory Records remix project is described by the Fun in the Murky blog:

"Neil Landstrumm has been a busy boy lately. A few weeks ago he put his Happy Mondays remix online and just recently the Joy Division remix has been floated out as well. Just today he's announced that those two tracks are to be released on his label in the near future."


A - 'She's Lost Control' [Joy Division] featuring Tommy from The Magnificents on vocals
AA - 'Hallelujah' [Happy Mondays] Landstrumm Bleep Remix

More details at www.scandinavianyc.com/web

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Zero: A Martin Hannett Tribute 1979-1991 
There's a new CD out on 27 March (or 3 April according to Amazon) called 'Zero: A Martin Hannett Story 1979-1991' which is "an all-encompassing tribute to one of the highest-profile UK record producers of the Punk era. Includes Buzzcocks, U2, Joy Division, OMD, The Durutti Column, Happy Mondays, Psychedelic Furs, Only Ones, Kitchens Of Distinction and more."

Title: 'Zero: A Martin Hannett Story 1979-1991'
Label: Big Beat
Catalogue Number: CDWIKD270

More info on Martin Hannett at The Martin Hannett Biography Project www.martinhannett.co.uk.

Thanks to Agent King on the Cerysmatic Factory Messsage Board

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10 Mar 2006
Stephin Merritt's 'Showtunes' reviewed in The Guardian 
Stephin Merritt (also known as The Magnetic Fields, furthermore known as The 6ths, Future Bible Heroes & The Gothic Archies) has his new album 'Showtunes' released in the UK on Monday.

It is only the third to be released in his own name following the soundtracks to the movies 'Pieces of April' and 'Eban and Charley',

David Peschek in The Guardian has given it a 2* review.

From The House of Tomorrow:

"The record contains a selection of compositions created for Chen Shi-Zheng's Orphan of Zhao (2003), Peach Blossom Fan (2004), and My Life as a Fairy Tale (2005). The complete recorded score for each play, including selections not on the CD, will be available online through iTunes and most major pay-per-download services."

Release date: 13 March 2006
Label: Nonesuch Records
Catalogue number: 7559798992


1. Orphan Of Zhao
2. At Madam Plum's
3. Top And The Ball
4. What A Fucking Lovely Day
5. Auntie Toothache
6. It's Hard To Be The Emperor
7. Sounds Expensive
8. Red Shoes
9. Fan Dance Cha Cha
10. Little Maiden Of The Sea
11. Ukulele Me
12. Train Song
13. Little Hebrew Girl
14. Shall We Sing A Duet
15. Song Of The Humble Serf
16. Collar And The Garter
17. Shall We Sing A Duet
18. Sorry Wrong Show
19. Storks
20. In The Spring When I Was Young
21. Ugly Little Duck
22. And He Would Say...
23. World Is Not Made Of Flowers
24. Behold The Lowly Centipede
25. In China Said The Moon...
26. Hail Son Of Heaven

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9 Mar 2006
Less is more with Peter Saville 
mad.co.uk report on Peter Saville's ongoing work for Manchester City Council and M&C Saatchi. His other recently work includes designing trainers and tracksuits for Adidas and being creative consultant to Danish soft furnishings design company Kvadrat.

Saville explains his current situation thus: "... I no longer have the burden of a consultancy and because my initial work reached many young people at a formative stage in their lives in the powerful package of pop music. So I am now widely known to a cross-section of people, who are now grown up."
Rip It Up and Start It Again - in the USA 
The American version of 'Rip It Up and Start Again - Postpunk 1978 - 1984', the excellent book by Simon Reynolds, is now available complete with different (i.e. inferior) cover and edited content.
8 Mar 2006
The Salford Star launches 1 May 2006 
The Salford Star - new free grass roots magazine for Salford - launches 1 May and will cover everything - music / art / events / writing / apathy / boredom....

If anyone's got anything Salford-connected or happening May/June 2006 they'd love to know about it. E-mail: info@salfordstar.com
7 Mar 2006
New Order win BBC World Cup song poll 
In a recent poll by Littlewoods Pools New Order's 1990 hit World in Motion has been named the best World Cup song by football fans reports the BBC.

World in Motion, which was in the charts as England reached the semi-finals at Italia '90, came top of a Littlewoods Pools poll of 1,500 fans. Fans voted This Time (We'll Get It Right) by the 1982 England World Cup Squad as the worst World Cup anthem.

The official song for this season's World Cup is still to be decided.


6 Mar 2006
DCSW - The Durutti Column live in Great Torrington and Falmouth 
Another date has been added to the 9 already scheduled for 2006 by The Durutti Column and, like the previously announced one in Falmouth, it is in the south west of England, Great Torrington to be precise.

Friday 15 September
Great Torrington
Plough Arts Centre
Venue Box Office: 01805 624624
Tickets also available from: Solo (Barnstaple)

Saturday 16 September
Falmouth Princess Pavilion
Venue Box Office: 01326 211222
Tickets also available from: Solo (Truro), Flipside (Helston), Days Gone By (Penzance), Quarterdeck (Newquay), Mojo (Falmouth), Craigs Guitars (Camborne)

Also available online from:


3 Mar 2006
Always Now by Section 25 
An intelligent discourse on the design and content of Section 25's album FACT 45 'Always Now' is to be found on the heuriskein blog.
New Order [12 x 12] mini site launched 
Check out www.neworder.mu, the new mini-site built for the release of 12 x 12 which comprises:

"New, rare, deleted and some previously unreleased tracks from the New Order back catalogue, available as 12 x 12" vinyl. A mixture of classics and contemporary remixes from the New Order vaults."

Audio samples are available for your listening pleasure as are plenty of "where to buy" links.

Full tracklisting


2 Mar 2006
Vini Reilly live and in conversation on Tom Robinson last night 
Tom Robinson's play through of the recent session by The Durutti Column continued last night with 'Big Hole'. This was followed up with a chat with Vini Reilly who also played four songs live in the studio: 'Helen', 'Lunch', 'Agnus Dei' and 'Nina' all of which are on new album 'Keep Breathing'.


1 Mar 2006
A Certain Ratio live at Triptych Festival in April 
New live dates for A Certain Ratio just confirmed in Edinburgh and Glasgow as part of the Triptych Festival:

A Certain Ratio / JD Twitch
Saturday 29 April, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh
11.00 GBP
Book now

Optimo: A Certain Ratio / JD Twitch & JG Wilkes
Sunday 30 April, Sub Club, Glasgow
12.00 GBP
Book now

More details and booking info at www.triptychfestival.com


More good reviews for 'Keep Breathing' 
Check out these recent reviews:

BBC | Manchester | Entertainment + Vini Reilly interview
Amazon.co.uk [5*]
MusicOMH.com [3*]

Don't forget that Vini Reilly will be talking to Tom Robinson on his Evening Sequence tonight who will continue to play the recently recorded session tracks.
[update] Tracks played so far are 'Cool As Ice' (aka 'Cool'?) and 'Gun'. Both come about half way through each show if you missed them and plan on using the Listen Again feature. Tuesday's show also features a live session and interview with Buzzcocks.

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