30 Aug 2007
Tony Wilson: A T-Shirt 
Teefly have 'designed' a Tony Wilson tribute T-Shirt, hilariously named 'Factory Closed'.

A 'generous' GBP 3.00 of the GBP 16.99 selling price will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

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28 Aug 2007
Tony Wilson: A Tribute 
A half-hour tribute to Tony Wilson was broadcast in Granadaland on Monday night (27/08/07), one week after his funeral.

Written & Produced by Ged Clarke and narrated by Lucy Meacock, the program was based in part on the earlier Granada 24HPP documentary and the recent Granada tribute interviews, but with additional material from Richard Madeley and Judy Sullivan ("It seems like some sort of celestial mistake has been made"), Paul Ryder ("His boots are, like, size 40 million...who's gonna fill 'em?"), Oliver Wilson ("He was just never going to stop") and Bob Greaves ("He was The One. With a capital T and a big capital O").

The title music was, of course, 'Anthony' by Durutti Column.

The program has not been made available online, thus far. [Update: programme now available via itvlocal.com/granada]

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27 Aug 2007
Essential FAC/Hacienda Selection 
On Saturday 25 August 2007, Pete Tong and Mike Pickering presented a special Essential Selection in honour of Tony Wilson.

The first part was Pete Tong's essential Factory Records mix which featured Joy Division, A Certain Ratio, The Durutti Column, Happy Mondays, New Order and Electronic.

In the second part of the show, Mike Pickering span some Haçienda Classics including cuts by Marshall Jefferson, Inner City, T-Coy and A Guy Called Gerald.

You can Listen Again on via the Radio 1 website or (possibly only for a limited time) you can download the complete show as an mp3.

The full tracklisting was:

Hour 1: Pete Tong - Factory Records

Joy Division 'Transmission'
Joy Division 'She's Lost Control'
A Certain Ratio 'Shack Up'
A Certain Ratio 'Knife Slits Water'
Joy Division 'Atmosphere'
The Durutti Column 'Otis'
New Order 'Confusion'
New Order 'True Dub'
New Order 'True Faith (Morel's Pink Noise Club Mix)'
Happy Mondays 'Step On (Accapella)'
Happy Mondays 'Hallelujah (Oakenfold Remix)'
New Order 'Fine Time (Steve Silk Hurley Remix)'
New Order 'Blue Monday (Original)'
New Order '5-8-6'
Electronic 'Getting Away With It (Nude Mix)'
Electronic 'Getting Away With It (Original Mix)'

Hour 2: Mike Pickering Haçienda

Marshall Jefferson 'Move Your Body' (Trax)
Hashim 'Al Naafiysh' (BCM)
Orange Lemon 'Dreams Of Santa Anna' (Champion)
Adonis 'No Way Back' (London)
T-Coy 'Carino' (Deconstruction)
Jomanda 'Make My Body Rock' (BCM)
Kenny Jammin Jason 'Can U Dance (Bonus Jack)' (Champion)
Rhythm Is Rhythm 'Nude Photo' (Transmat)
808 State 'Pacific State' (ZTT)
Marshall Jefferson 'Open Our Eyes' (FFRR)
Inner City 'Good Life (Derrick May Remix)' (10 Records)
Sterling Void 'Its Alright' (Dance Division)
A Guy Called Gerald 'Voodoo Ray' (Warlock)
Ce Ce Rogers 'Someday' (Atlantic)

Thanks to RiffRaff on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board for spotting.

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Tony Wilson: A Tribute - tonight on ITV1 Granada 
From tvguide.co.uk:

Monday, 27 Aug 2007
8:00pm - 8:30pm (30 minutes)

"Special programme celebrating the life of the outspoken broadcaster and musical impresario. Wilson began his career as a news reporter for Granada Studios before setting up the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester and releasing music through the influential Factory Records label. Featuring contributions from friends and former colleagues."

It is unclear whether this is a wholly new programme to the one originally screened on Granada in the days immediately after Tony Wilson's death. However, it is definitely only being shown in the ITV Granada region.

Thanks to Korova on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board for spotting.

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Happy Mondays in Salford Star First Birthday Issue 
The Salford Star 1st Birthday Summer Spectacular is out now. It's got 76 action packed, people powered, passion zapped pages of marauding voices from the clued up community and its culture kids. It took 3 months to make, it'll take 3 months to read!

The highlight for FAC fans is Pills n Thrills in Little Hulton in which Happy Mondays brothers Shaun and Paul, reveal all. Paul Ryder is interviewed by Nigel Pivaro, plus there's Shaun Ryder and Gaz interview with photos by Ian Tilton.


Joy Division blipverts on MySpace 
There are three short blipvert videos on MySpace to promote the forthcoming official Joy Division documentary.

The documentary, produced by Hudson Productions partners Tom Astor and Tom Atencio and Brown Owl Films' Jacqui Edenbrow, is directed by Grant Gee (Radiohead's 'Meeting People Is Easy') and co-written by acclaimed journalist/writer Jon Savage (England's Dreaming: Anarchy, Sex Pistols, Punk Rock, and Beyond).


25 Aug 2007
Black and white 
Check Andrew James's excellent review on Control on his mp3 blog Irk The Purists.
Factory Records and Joy Division documentaries set for premieres 
The BBC has nearly completed work on its brand new documentary about Factory Records and it is scheduled to be screened on BBC Four at 21:00 on 21 September 2007.

Meanwhile, Grant Gee's documentary film 'Joy Division' is set to be premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival according to NewOrderOnline.com.

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Joy Division reissues 
Full tracklisting details follow for the Remastered and Expanded re-releases of the three Joy Division albums originally released by Factory Records. Each release features a previously-unavailable (at least officially) live album. All are released on 17 September 2007.

Unknown Pleasures: Remastered & Expanded

Disc 1 - Unknown Pleasures (2007 remastered version)

1. Disorder
2. Day Of The Lords
3. Candidate
4. Insight
5. New Dawn Fades
6. She's Lost Control
7. Shadowplay
8. Wilderness
9. Interzone
10. I Remember Nothing

[originally released as FACT 10]

Disc 2 - Live at The Factory, Manchester, 11 April 1980*

1. Dead Souls
2. The Only Mistake
3. Insight
4. Candidate
5. Wilderness
6. She's Lost Control
7. Shadowplay
8. Disorder
9. Interzone
10. Atrocity Exhibition
11. Novelty
12. Transmission

* - Note that actual gig may be different to that stated. Possibly it is 13 July 1979, The Factory, which has already (except for Shadowplay) been issued on Heart and Soul CD4.

Closer: Remastered & Expanded

Disc 1 - Closer (2007 remastered version)

1. Atrocity Exhibition
2. Isolation
3. Passover
4. Colony
5. A Means To An End
6. Heart And Soul
7. Twenty Four Hours
8. The Eternal
9. Decades

[Originally released as FACT 25]

Disc 2 (Live at University of London Union, 8 February 1980)

1. Dead Souls
2. Glass
3. A Means To An End
4. Twenty Four Hours
5. Passover
6. Insight
7. Colony
8. These Days
9. Love Will Tear Us Apart
10. Isolation
11. The Eternal
12. Digital

Still: Remastered & Expanded

Disc 1 - Still (2007 remastered version)

1. Exercise One
2. Ice Age
3. The Sound Of Music
4. Glass
5. The Only Mistake
6. Walked In Line
7. The Kill
8. Something Must Break
9. Dead Souls
10. Sister Ray
11. Ceremony
12. Shadowplay
13. A Means To An End
14. Passover
15. New Dawn Fades
16. Transmission
17. Disorder
18. Isolation
19. Decades
20. Digital

[Originally released as FACT 40]

Disc 2 - Live at High Wycombe Town Hall, 20 February 1980

1. The Sound Of Music
2. A Means To An End
3. Colony
4. Twenty Four Hours
5. Isolation
6. Love Will Tear Us Apart
7. Disorder
8. Atrocity Exhibition
9. Isolation (Sound Check)
10. The Eternal (Sound Check 1)
11. Ice Age (Sound Check)
12. Disorder (Sound Check)
13. The Sound Of Music (Sound Check)
14. The Eternal (Sound Check 2)

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Part 2 of XFM Manchester's Tony Wilson tribute now online 
The second part of XFM's Tony Wilson tribute podcast hosted by Clint Boon and Dave Haslam is now available (via musicradio.com). It features contributions from Mani, Moby, Alan McGee, Editors, New Order and The Durutti Column.

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Tributes to Tony Wilson  What goes on the Control soundtrack 
The motion picture soundtrack for Control is scheduled for release on 1 October 2007. The full tracklisting, including three new instrumentals by New Order, is:

1. Exit - New Order
2. What Goes On - The Velvet Underground
3. Shadowplay - The Killers
4. Boredom (Live) - The Buzzcocks
5. Dead Souls - Joy Division
6. She Was Naked - Supersister
7. Sister Midnight - Iggy Pop
8. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
9. Problems (Live) - Sex Pistols
10. Hypnosis - New Order
11. Drive In Saturday - David Bowie
12. Evidently Chickentown - John Cooper Clarke
13. 2H.B. - Roxy Music
14. Transmission (Cast Version) - Joy Division
15. Autobahn - Kraftwerk
16. Atmosphere - Joy Division
17. Warszawa - David Bowie
18. Get Out - New Order

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The Freaky Dancer and the Manchester Legend 
In an article entitled 'Madchester meets Dorchester' in the Manchester Evening News, Ian Wylie explains why Bez ("freaky dancer and Manchester legend") and journalist James Whitaker ("public school educated former royal correspondent") have teamed up to tour the Manchester's music hot spots. In return, James has enlightened Bez by taking him to Eltham Palace in London to learn about royal protocol and etiquette.

This is all for a new ITV1 series, 'Don't Call Me Stupid', the USP for which is to pair up celebrities with different interests and film them sharing their opponent's specialised subject, hobby or passion. The series begins on ITV1 on 4 September 2007.
24 Aug 2007
Love To Infinity - The Haçienda Years 
Check the Love To Infinity MySpace page (under Pics) for a large collection of scanned vintage Haçienda flyers, passes and much more.

In a further FAC twist, Love To Infinity's Andy Lee was the engineer on FAC 228 Wimoweh by Karl Denver (recorded and mixed by Mike Pickering and Graeme Park).


23 Aug 2007
FAC 501 
Colin Sharp, author of 'Who Killed Martin Hannett?' and regular contributor on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board, writes about Tony Wilson's funeral:

It was a very well organised event that felt as though Tony himself had made the arrangements right down to the post modern, transparent plastic invites with a Fac-like number on them.

Those invited congregated at the Midland Hotel and it was clear from that point onwards that Tony’s two worlds - the day job at Granada and the passionate hobby that was Factory Records - were well represented. There were plenty of ageing Punk Rockers, post-punk conceptualists, younger artistes and many Media types, as well as family and friends.

At 1.30 everyone drifted to the Hidden Gem in the heart of Manchester. The press and public were kept back as the invited processed into the lovely old church. This was going to be a catholic requiem mass.

And indeed it was. Tony had returned to his childhood religion, which perhaps he had never really left ('once a catholic...') and at points it did seem somewhat incongruous, especially when the priest was trying to persuade us that Catholicism was the only true religion!

The eulogies were given by an Irish friend who spoke of Tony's childhood holidays in Ireland and his surrogate family; praise from Manchester City Council for Tony’s huge contribution to the cultural life of Greater Manchester; a moving, witty and sincere testament to Tony’s friendship from Richard Madeley and finally a laconic, dry, urbane and charming tribute from one of the few remaining partners of Factory Records - Peter Saville.

For me the most moving moment was when Tony’s coffin was carried off by the pall bearers who included Alan Erasmus and Tony's son Oliver, and Joy Division's epic, Hannett-produced meisterwerk - 'Atmosphere' - played with those prescient, poignant lyrics -

"Don't walk away... in Silence".

And the rest is Silence.

Many thanks to Colin for sharing his thoughts with us.


Tony Wilson was buried in Southern Cemetery - to the left as Rob is to the right (correct in religio-football terms). The coffin was numbered. FAC 501. The last catalogue number. So it goes.


The wake was held at One Central Street in Manchester City Centre. Jon DaSilva DJ'd with Arthur Baker.

Someone remembered that Hooky pointed at Wilson at Rob Gretton's memorial 'And You Forgotten' and said "Who's next? You! Nah, we all know it's fucking Tony Wilson don't we!?", thus everyone avoided Hooky's gaze. Hooky pointed out that the invite-only memorial was "pretty boring" compared to Rob's free-for-all. Others bemoaned the use of 'Atmosphere' when Wilson had wanted 'Ceremony'.

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22 Aug 2007
Confusion at Broughton Library 
Visitors to Broughton Library can look forward to a rare insight into the life of one of the music industry's greatest icons. On Tuesday 28 August at 11am writer, David Nolan, will read extracts from his new book, Confusion, about the life of New Order frontman, Bernard Sumner.

Confusion is the story of Bernard Sumner's life, from the back streets of Salford to international acclaim during his time in globally successful bands, Joy Division, Electronic and New Order.

Nolan, a multi-award winning journalist, documentary maker and TV producer was also the man behind 'I Swear I Was There', the book documenting the Sex Pistol's famous first gig in Manchester, 1976.

The reading will offer music fans a unique opportunity to dip into the powerful story of Sumner's life and his role in revolutionising the music industry.

Visitors to the library can also get their hands on a range of new music literature, as David will be bringing a selection of works to donate to the library based on other great artists from the music industry.

Commenting on his appearance at Broughton Library, David said: "The first chapters of Confusion revolve around Sumner's life in Broughton so I thought it would be fitting to bring the story back to the local community.

"The city's music history is a great way of not only connecting with people who were part of that scene, but with young people growing up in Salford who should feel really proud of the legacy and how it can inspire them to carry on making great music."

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Psychedelic gangster lyricism 
Former Creation Records boss Alan McGee pays respect, nay homage, to Happy Mondays in the Guardian's music blog today.

"On Monday, the congregation at Tony Wilson's funeral was rocked by the sounds of Bob's Your Uncle by the Happy Mondays, one of two utterly iconic bands (the other being Joy Division) he signed to Factory Records. This year the Mondays reformed and have just released a new record. Their story is a vindication for every northern hooligan rock band out there. Put it this way: they have been alive, releasing and recording for 20 years of hardcore pharmaceutical abuse..."

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A Factory Night (once again): update 
The Amsterdam leg of this Factory mini-tour involving Section 25, Crispy Ambulance, Kevin Hewick and The Names and other goodies has had to be cancelled.

On the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board, organiser Fred explains why and throws more light on what can be expected: "I can give some answers. I had this idea of Factory Night last year when I promoted the Section 25 gig in Brussels. Vin Cassidy and I discussed about it and in the next months, the idea developped, with the great help of Vin, James Nice, and Annik Honoré. I then looked for similar dates in neighbour countries to build a kind of mini-tour. For some reasons unnecessary to explain, the Melkweg date is indeed cancelled but another date in Holland is under construction. Cologne (14 December) has never been confirmed. In any case, the Brussels date (15 December 2007) is fully confirmed.

Here is the programme:

Concerts: Section 25, The Names, Crispy Ambulance, Kevin Hewick DJ sets: Martin Moscrop + local DJ's

Exhibitions: Philippe Carly (photographs) www.newwavephotos.com, Katja Ruge (photographs) www.myspace.com/fotoreportage23, Factory Benelux (posters and other stuff) Projections: Shadowplayers and various documents

Additional things are being discussed. All details can be found here. Initially, it was just a 'Factory Night' but when we learnt the very sad news of Tony Wilson's death, we directly decided to dedicate the event to his memory. All profits will be donated to cancer research.

Tickets can be obtained at www.ticketnet.be.

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20 Aug 2007
For One Night Only - The Return of Temperance Club 
One of the Haçienda's cult club nights returns for one night only.

As the current exhibition at Urbis (FAC 491) reminds us, Manchester's famous Haçienda club wasn't all bleepy-bleepy acid-housey; in the early 1980s particularly it hosted some great live gigs, and there was one massive club night - The Temperance Club –when you could guarantee musical boundaries would be pushed in all directions. Hosted at the Haçienda every Thursday night by DJ Dave Haslam in the late 1980s, it's where you’d hear pre-release copies Stone Roses singles alongside Public Enemy; Detroit techno next to classic rock; and New Order, the Stooges, the Pixies, and 'Sympathy for the Devil' every week.

The Temperance Club was created by the Haçienda's in-house promoter Paul Cons (now the proprietor of South) and launched on May 1st 1986. The eclectic mix of rock, hip-hop, indie and house played a key role in fuelling the indie-dance crossover that became a feature of the Madchester era.

Journalist and Brit-pop author John Harris was a frequent visitor, and recalls that "walking into the Haçienda was like being wrenched into the future". Four years after the Temperance Club had started, the world was catching up with its inspirational mix of music, and its devoted audience; according to the NME in May 1990 "In the hands of DJ Dave Haslam, Thursday night at the Hacienda has become, simply, the best night out in Britain."

Musicians who were regulars at the Temperance Club back in the late 1980s include Ian Brown of the Stone Roses, Ed O’Brien from Radiohead, Tim Burgess from the Charlatans, and Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons from the Chemical Brothers. Noel Gallagher was another regular; at the time, he was a teenager at the back of the queue, his pop stardom a dream away.

Since DJing at the Temperance Club, Dave Haslam has made his mark as an acclaimed music writer and still has a successful and continuing career as a DJ. He currently hosts 'Another Planet' at South every Friday; "There's more interest than ever in bands like the Pixies and Stooges – that music feels alive and important still – and bands like bands like the New Young Pony Club and the Gossip take their influences from everywhere, and the current clubbing generation seem more open-minded than any I've ever DJ'd for. So playing a classic Temperance Club selection seems to make a lot of sense; there are a lot of connections between then and now."


Friday 24 August 2007
4a South King Street
Manchester M2 6DQ

'Another Planet' meets 'The Temperance Club'
Featuring DJs Dave Haslam and Ben Livingstone
10pm - 2.30am
Admission 5.00 GBP
(between 10pm and 11pm all drinks at 1986 prices!)

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Northside on XFM Manchester this Wednesday 
Northside will be chatting and playing a couple of old favourites and one or two unreleased songs on Clint Boon's Music: Response show this Wednesday 22 August between 7-10pm (BST).

Tune in if you can (97.7fm in the Manchester area) or listen online www.xfmmanchester.co.uk.


Control: movie website now live 
Following its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival, the official Control website, www.controlthemovie.com is finally set to have some content.

Starting this week we are promised reviews and pictures from Edinburgh and more new content will be added regularly right up to the release, including exclusive clips, script excerpts, music, information on advance screenings and lots more.

Control is in UK cinemas on 5 October.

In the meantime check out the trailer at Yahoo Movies.
In Memoriam Tony Wilson 
Tony Wilson's funeral service was held at the St Mary's Catholic Church ("the Hidden Gem") in Manchester this afternoon. The service was by invitation only for family and close friends. However, approximately 200 members of the public turned up to silently pay their respects, gathering on the steps opposite the church.

Cerysmatic Factory reader Jonathan Deakin was amongst them and here he describes what it meant to him to be there:

"I wasn't inside, but went just to be near. I am a teacher and I'll probably be back in school when the memorial service comes around.

I would say that there were a couple of hundred Mancunians outside, they were people like me who just wanted to say goodbye. I don't think any of the public who were there could be said to be intruding. There were steps opposite the church and that's where we gathered in near silence throughout.

In contrast, there was a heavy press presence who formed the inner circle around events. Most were fine, but it was weird to see a few of them break ranks to get close ups of the bouquet messages and family members. All the local media (Key, XFM, Granada and BBC) were the ones who got the interviews with people though.

At the end, all the congregation stood around with those outside and clapped the cortege off which was a good way to include people like me. There were a lot of people inside who spotted faces to say hello to when they came out so I think (and hope) those of us outside were welcome in the whole thing.

The roll-call of attendees included:

Terry Christian, Peter Hook, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan (Granada), Shaun William Ryder, Clint Boon, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, Derek Hatton, Alan Erasmus, Gordon Burns (Granada), Lucy Meacock (Granada), The Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Pat Karney, Guy Garvey (Elbow), Rowetta, John Robb, Andy Rourke, Dave Haslam, Vini Reilly. Peter Saville seemed very much to be alongside Yvette throughout.

I was glad I went, because I won't get another chance to say goodbye."


More reports on the funeral:

BBC News
Manchester Evening News + photo gallery

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19 Aug 2007
Control UK premiere photo gallery 
There's plenty of photos (the first nine out of a total of forty-four from a gallery devoted to 17 August 2007) on the Edinburgh Film Festival site from the UK premiere of Control.

Anton Corbijn (Director), Sam Riley (Ian Curtis), Samantha Morton (Deborah Curtis), Alexandra Maria Lara (Annik Honoré) and Orian Williams (Producer) were all there.
A bit Peter Cook 
d1G174L pL4|\/|F (aka Scream City contributor Aloysius Munn aka *~?) writes about Control following its UK premiere on Friday at the Edinburgh Film Festival.
Happy Mondays get V Rocked 
Happy Mondays, taking the headlining slot vacated by the rehabbed Amy Winehouse, played a Greatest (s)hits set at the V Festival in Chelmsford last night reports NME.com.

Shaun Ryder dedicated closer '24 Hour Party People' to the late Tony Wilson saying "I was gonna say let's have a one minute's silence for Tony Wilson, but if he was here he'd be para - so let's have it!".

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Railway Children rarities album 
A 10-song album of unreleased Railway Children rarities is available for download only direct from railwaychildren.co.uk, the official site run by Gary Newby (who lives in Japan).

The full tracklisting is:

Shopping Around
Dream Arcade (original version)
Like No Other
Railroad Side (original version)
Wait For The Worthless
Can't Follow The World
Darkness and Colour (original version)
Ready Amber
Sunflower Room
Because (live version)

The complete download (available in 192 kbps zipped mp3 format) costs only USD 9.99 and payment is via Paypal only.

Thanks to Tokoloshe Man on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board for spotting.

Gary is also looking for musicians living in the Tokyo or Saitama area of Japan. Get in touch via his site if you are interested.


18 Aug 2007
The Guardian gets on the Factory floor 
Chris Salmon in yesterday's Guardian showcases the NYC-based Sound Bites mp3 blog which has compiled an excellent tribute to Tony Wilson by way of a compilation of some of the lesser-known Factory bands including The Adventure Babies, Abecedarians and Tunnelvision plus ten others.

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17 Aug 2007
Peter Saville's Design Manifesto for Icon 
Peter Saville contributes the first of fifty design manifestos to Icon, a design and architecture magazine.

Enjoy his thoughts on Post-war socio-cultural democratisation ("There is an inevitable loss of substance in the process) and Dystopia ("In the early 20th century designers envisaged utopia, they were optimistic and visionary people. We now acknowledge the dystopian reality.").


True Faith 
On Thursday 16 August 2007, XFM Manchester broadcast 'True Faith; A Tribute to Tony Wilson' hosted by Clint Boon and Dave Haslam. Having originally scheduled to be 7-10pm, the show was extended until 11.30pm and included extended phone interviews Malcolm McLaren, Paul Morley, Kevin Cummins, Lemn Sissay, Lucy Meacock, Alan McGee, Moby, Mike Pickering and Tim Booth from James (who began their recording career on Factory Records).

Studio guests included Paul and Derek Ryder, Bruce Mitchell (Durutti Column), and Stephen Morris (who discussed Tony Wilson's contribution to the career of Joy Division and New Order). When asked by Dave Haslam whether New Order would consider reuniting for one last concert in tribute, Stephen Morris said "As Tony used to say, 'Anything is possible.'"

Live music on the show featured two of Tony Wilson's favourite young Mancunian singer-wongwriters Liam Frost and Stephen Fretwell (Fretwell performed a cover version of Leonard Cohen's 'Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye'), and also live in the studio Vini Reilly performed a brilliant 'Requeim'.

The final guest, Peter Hook, spoke of his sadness at the loss of Ian Curtis, Martin Hannett, Rob Gretton, and, now, Tony Wilson, and dedicated 'Atmosphere' to Tony's memory.

Check out xfmmanchester.co.uk for details about the first in a series of podcasts now available which include material from the show plus extra music and more interviews.

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16 Aug 2007
Tony Wilson's funeral details 
As reported on RecordOfTheDay.com, Tony Wilson's funeral will take place at the Hidden Gem Church, Manchester at 2pm on Monday 20 August and will be open to family and close friends via invitation only. We ask for the privacy of Anthony’s family and friends to be respected during this difficult time.

Anybody wishing to send flowers can do so and these should be sent to:

The Co-Operative Funeral Home
Manchester Road
M21 1PN

If anybody would prefer to make a charitable donation the family has designated The Christie Hospital in Manchester as their preferred charity. Donations can be made either online at or via post to:

Appeals Office
Christie Hospital NHS Trust
Wilmslow Road
M20 4BX

Discussions are underway about holding a separate memorial service for Anthony and further details of this will be announced in due course.


15 Aug 2007
Xfm Manchester: A Tribute 
"This Thursday, Xfm Manchester will pay tribute to Anthony Wilson on Thursday night with Clint Boon and Dave Haslam from 7pm. They will remember Tony's life, his achievements, the soundtrack that surrounded his life and speak with all those who he came in contact with."

Xfm Manchester is available on FM 97.7 and online via the above link.

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Rock 2 
Paul Ryder tells of his debt to Tony Wilson ("You might not make any money but you'll get to see the world") in today's Manchester Evening News.

Horse also speaks of his surprise at becoming the singer ("I've never even sung in the shower") of his new band, Big Arm and of life during ("I'd sit at home on my own with a drum machine set on 'Rock 2'") and immediately after ("six cans of Stella for breakfast ") Happy Mondays.

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In Memoriam Tony Wilson 
BBC Manchester puts forward some suggestions for the best way to commemorate the life of Tony Wilson and asks for the public for their views too.

A statue gets the thumbs down but other ideas include a music festival, a keynote lecture at In The City and giving the great man his own FAC number.


14 Aug 2007
Haçienda 25 - A Celebration, Sankeys, 26 August 2007 
It was the club which inspired a musical generation, defined a scene and put dance music firmly on the map in the UK. Although the old site on Whitworth Street, Manchester has now been replaced with a block of flats, the feeling and energy behind those heady early days will live on forever.

As the cornerstone of UK dance music, The Haçienda inspired a million spin-offs. Many tried to emulate the spirit and vibe of the original; it’s fair to say that few succeeded.

Nearly 25 years after a British cultural institution opened its doors for the first time, some of the original Haçienda cast and crew come together for a musical reunion of the highest order.

Graeme Park, Justin Robertson, Allister Whitehead, Buckley, New Order legend Peter Hook and 808 State take the heart and soul of the club across town to Sankeys Soap for a celebration of all things Haçienda.

For those who experienced it first time round, this is a chance to say 'thanks for the memories.' For others, not so fortunate, this represents another opportunity to hear the music by the DJs who rocked it first time round.

Tickets available from ticketline.co.uk 0871 424 444



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Joy Division documentary finishes production 
'Joy Division' has reached the end of production. The feature length documentary, a US/UK co production, produced by Hudson Productions Ltd partners Tom Astor and Tom Atencio in association with Brown Owl Films' Jacqui Edenbrow, is directed by Grammy nominated Grant Gee (Radiohead's Meeting People Is Easy, Director of Photography & Editor Scott Walker: 30 Century Man) and co-written by acclaimed journalist/writer Jon Savage (England's Dreaming: Anarchy, Sex Pistols, Punk Rock, and Beyond).

In 1976 four young men from ruined, post-industrial Manchester went to see the Sex Pistols. They formed a band, Joy Division. Three years later the lead singer, Ian Curtis committed suicide just as they were on the brink of worldwide success. Together Gee and Savage investigate why Joy Division's collective musical genius and singular vision enjoys a larger audience and influence thirty years on.

Featuring the unprecedented participation of the surviving band members of Joy Division, now known as New Order, the film chronicles a time of great social and political change in England of the mid-70's and tells the untold story of these four men who transcended economic and cultural barriers to produce an enduring and profound legacy, one that resonates fiercely in today's heavily careerist music industry and over mediated pop culture.

The band's remarkable story is depicted through atmospheric never-before-seen live performance footage, photographs both iconic and personal, period films and newly unearthed audio tapes; taking us through the band’s early years as individuals finding their voices and then later as a band, building their ideas and ideals. The documentary situates the band not just in the musical context of punk and post-punk but in the culturally starved, claustrophobic landscape of post-industrial Manchester that surrounded them and suffuses every note of their music.

This unparalleled visual account of a time and place is coupled with heartfelt and animated, present tense accounts from the surviving members of the band Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris, plus other key characters in the story, including friend and similarly isolated musician Genesis P. Orridge, the late legendary Factory Records owner Tony Wilson, iconic graphic artist Peter Saville, photographer/filmmaker Anton Corbijn, Annik Honoré and others.

'Joy Division' is a Hudson Productions Ltd Production in association with Brown Owl Films.

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That Tony Wilson 
A Granada Television tribute to "That Tony Wilson", broadcast on Granada Reports on Monday evening, is available to view online.

The entire Granada Reports program is also available online, also featuring Sir Alex Ferguson commenting on AHW's "encyclopaedic knowledge" of the mighty reds, and tributes by ex-colleagues/friends/ex-neighbours Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan.

Granada's Lucy Meacock has also posted her own tribute.


Manchester owes him one 
"Yes, he was arrogant and flash. But Tony Wilson's great legacy was making Mancunians proud again", says Nicholas Blincoe (ex-Meat Mouth) in yesterday's Guardian.

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Tony Wilson's funeral 
The funeral and a memorial service for Tony Wilson will be held in Manchester on Saturday 18 August 2007 for invited guests.


13 Aug 2007
Floral tributes for Tony Wilson 
Flowers have been left outside the Haçienda Apartments on the site of the original Haçienda in Manchester to commemorate the life of Tony Wilson.

Meanwhile, down at Urbis, there are some lilies which will be on display for the duration of the exhibition, replaced every other day hopefully. In addition one small flower was left by a member of the public by the lightbox of Tony Wilson in the Haçienda 25 exhibition. It just has a card with it saying 'Thanks Tony'.


Simpsonize Saville 
In a bit of light-hearted relief from the awful news of Tony Wilson's death, Creative Review has posted its own 'Simpsonized' illustrations of a handful of celebrated graphic designers including Peter Saville.

The SimpsonizeMe.com website is revolutionising Facebook and MySpace avatars across the world. Marvel at the way it lets you turn yourself into a lovely Simpsons-like character at the touch of several buttons.

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Kevin Cummins on Joy Division in The Observer 
In an article entitled 'Closer to the birth of a music legend' in The Observer, photographer Kevin Cummins explains how he helped fashion Joy Division's bleak image whilst explaining how they liked to goof around in front of camera.

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Newsnight on Tony Wilson 
On Friday 10 August 2007, BBC's Newsnight had a special film tribute to Tony Wilson (including footage presumably from the forthcoming BBC4 Factory Records documentary) and a short studio discussion between presenter Kirsty Wark, Paul Morley, Peter Saville, Richard Madeley, and, via video link, Stephen Morris.

Watch the clip on YouTube.com

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12 Aug 2007
PeterHookSection25's tribute to Tony Wilson 
Peter Hook (on MySpace): "Its a very very very sad day! i feel very lost out here in japan. its like my father dying all over again. Im devastated! ill be going back to england as soon as possible to pick up the pieces my heart goes out to yvette oliver hilary and issabell im thinking of you all my heart is broken. say hello to rob ian and martin for me please tony Rest in peace god bless."

Section 25 (on MySpace): "Just been listening to a geezer on Radio 2 saying that Tony should be somehow recognised posthumously for his contribution to the North's Musical Heritage of the past 30 years..... Think he was hinting at a Knighthood.... Considering who have received such accolades down the years (Mick Jagger..?) it doesnt sound so daft....... Tony, financially you were a mess but as a human being you were a one-off and a true visionary..... Thank you for being you. X"

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Idealist, chancer, loyal friend: why I will miss Tony Wilson by Paul Morley 
Paul Morley pays a moving tribute to Tony Wilson in The Observer, Sunday 12 August 2007.


10 Aug 2007
Anthony H Wilson 
It is with great sadness that I announce that Tony Wilson has passed away. My best wishes go to Yvette, Oli and all Tony's family at this difficult time.

BBC News


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9 Aug 2007
Thieves Like Us 
According to Hooky's latest my space blog, it looks like the New Order "split" is destined, inevitably, to be settled by lawyers.

"Where's Peter Grant when you need him eh?", says Hook.

Worryingly, he also states: "I was at Loch Lomond festival yesterday with Clint Boon djin in the Hacienda tent." Clint, Boon, Hacienda. Hmmmn.

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8 Aug 2007
Mondays go medieval 
Happy Mondays will play a gig in Belgrade, Serbia at Kalemegdan medieval castle, on 7 September 2007 as that day's headline act at Jelen Pivo Festival.

Ian Brown headlines the next day.

Details of more dates at Happy Mondays MySpace.


Underground magazine in Creative Review blog 
Underground magazine was a short-lived but highly influential (at least in graphic design terms) magazine which ran for 13 issues in the late Eighties. The Creative Review blog has an interview with its art director Rod Clark who, it turns out, once shared a flat with 8vo's Simon Johnston and they both shared Wolfgang Weinart as an influence. It would also have to be said that Underground was "a bit 8vo".

The copiously-illustrated piece includes a shot of the cover of issue 12 from March 1988 which features Ian Curtis from Joy Division.

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Graceful understatement 
Stephen Dalton in last Sunday's The Scotsman talks to director Anton Corbijn, producer Orian Williams and New Order's Bernard Sumner about Control which, as previously announced, will be premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 17 August at 19:00 (and then again on 19 August at 21:40).


Making Tracks to the Haç 
FAC 51 The Haçienda (or, at least, the site of it, now occupied by apartments) features as one of The Guardian's rock pilgrimage sites highlighted on Saturday by Andrew Smith.

As you might imagine, Tony Wilson is quite philosophical about the regeneration of 11-13 Whitworth Street West, Manchester: "In many ways, the music revolution started this regeneration. Before, no one lived in the cities and now everyone does. So the fact that the Haçienda is apartments now seems absolutely natural to me."


Reconnected at Cerysmatic Towers 
You will probably have noticed that postings from Cerysmatic have been a bit scarce over the last few weeks. I've just moved (again) and it's taken a while to get back online again.

A big thank you to moist who has kept the site so splendidly shipshape during my enforced absence.

And thanks to everyone who reads the site and/or subscribes to the feed for your continued support.
1 Aug 2007
Point Blank 
H has responded on his my space blog to the press statement released last week by the other two (ex?) members of New Order. Edited highlights:

"Never assume anything! This group has SPLIT UP!

You are no more New Order than I am! You may have two thirds but dont assume you have the rights to do anything NEW Ordery cos you don't. I've still got a third! But am open to negotiation.

Just in case you hadn't noticed weve not had a "PERSONAL" relationship for a long time now...years in fact! Whenever you contact me it's through the management. I did exactly the same.

You all knew what was happening re the split! in FEBRUARY! Using cannes and mojo as some excuse to at last get your own back is wrong.


See you in court! love hookyx"


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