25 Dec 2009
Cerysmatic Factory Xmas 2009 
Cerysmatic Factory Xmas 2009

Happy Facking Christmas from Cerysmatic Factory!

Photo and manipulation by www.timsinclair.co.uk
15 Dec 2009
Encore un fois 
The Names (with strings), The Wake, Biting Tongues, Section 25 (with Beth Cassidy) and A Certain Ratio (without Denise Johnson) tore it up late into the Brussels night at Plan K (La Raffinerie) the former sugar refinery in the wilds of Molenbeek on Saturday night.

A hitch with the lighting meant that the doors opened late. Fortunately those waiting outside were eventually let at least into the lobby so they didn't freeze to death in the creeping Brussels winter. Once inside everyone warmed up with James Nice's "black and white art film", Umbrellas in the Sun, turned monochrome specially for the evening.

The main bands were ably supported by the Kevin Cummins / Graham Massey A/V presentation of Manchester Looking for the Light through the Pouring Rain, Re:Order, and DJs Graham Massey, Tom Moderne, plus much more.

Copious (rather too much in some cases) amounts of beer were purchased quite literally with (yellow) beer tokens and drunk with abandon. Various stalls plyed their wares including James Nice's LTM, Parklife, gig posters, and second hand records.

Big Cerysmatic shouts to Caesar, Philippe Carly, Vin Cassidy, Kevin Cummins & Susan Ferguson, DoJo, Frédéric Cotton, Jez Kerr, Marc and Michel from The Names, Mark Rutter, Graham Massey, (The Real) Mathieu, Bruce Mitchell, Mr Moscrop, Liam Mullan, Norbert Dewender, James Nice, Paul Pledger & Ameta, Tony Quigley, Iain Smedley, Ronald & Anya klein Tank and Hans Joerg Zopp (and anyone else who knows me).

And finally, a big apology to the lovely lady in the upstairs bar for taking those tasty sandwiches. However, seeing as this was the only thing we ate all night it turned out to be a good move!

The event page will be updated idc but in the meantime:

- discuss on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board

- check out my photos on Facebook (viewable even if you don't have a Facebook account).

- read Paul Pledger's review at allgigs.co.uk.

- read Caroline Dunski of LeSoir.be's review (in French) of the night featuring photographs by Philippe Carly.


ACR setlist: Choir/Waterline, Do The Du, Wild Party, And then again, Flight, Mind Made Up, Heart and Soul, Forced Laugh, Feel Light / Fox, Wonder Y, Knife Slits Water, Shack Up, Si Fir Mir

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9 Dec 2009
A Factory running order (and then again) 
Here is the running order for this Saturday's A Factory Night (And then again) at Plan K in Brussels.

Doors open at 18:00 and The Names will be on stage at 19:00 so don't be late. Their show will be filmed and recorded for a forthcoming release. So be on time!

18:00 Doors open
18:10 Projections
19:00 The Names (with strings)
19:50 The Wake
20:50 Biting Tongues
21:30 Projection: Manchester, looking for the Light through the Pouring Rain (Kevin Cummins & Graham Massey)
21:50 Section 25
23:10 A Certain Ratio

00:10 Graham Massey (DJ set)
01:10 Re:Order (live)
02:10 Tom Moderne (DJ set)
03:10 DJ sets: Cypher (TAT), Gore (Cruise CTRL), X-Pulsiv (Pilgrimage)
06:00 Curfew

Roll call on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board.

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8 Dec 2009
Magnetic Fields 2010 European Tour 
As promised The Magnetic Fields have announced a string of European dates in March 2010 - following on from their US and Canada dates - in support of their forthcoming album, Realism which will be released via Nonesuch Records on 26 January 2010.



19 MANCHESTER, UK, Cathedral
21 LEAMINGTON, UK, The Assembly
22 LONDON, UK, Barbican Centre
24 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, Filadelfiakyrkan
25 OSLO, NORWAY, Rockefeller

Tickets for the London and Leamington shows are now on sale.

Tickets for the March 19 Manchester show will be on sale on Friday, December 4 2009.

Tickets for many of the US and Canada shows are still on general sale.

For all ticketing details visit the House of Tomorrow Calendar


7 Dec 2009
The Gift Wrap 
Speaking of whom, with only a few capitalistmas shopping days left, what could be better than to wrap those Joy Division oven gloves in some Peter Saville @ Manchester City Council 'Gift Wrap'?

Currently Product Of The Month at the council Gift Shop.


The Sharp Project 
Mentioned in passing at the MOSI talk: during a debate along the lines of Tony Wilson's (major developments in British popular culture are based on a) 13 year cycle, Peter Saville suggested that Manchester's 'next big thing' would not be music-oriented, rather it would based around the digital and multimedia arts.

Saville went further and suggested that, for once, Manchester City Council (of which he is artistic director) had recognised this particular 'nbt' in advance and actually started to invest in the infrastructure necessary to support the oncoming 'revolution'.

The Sharp Project would appear to be a major, if somewhat under-publicised, initiative to build a hub for digital and creative businesses on the site of the old Manchester United sponsor Sharp Electronics (who pulled out of the city in 2006).

According to Sue Woodward OBE, New East Manchester’s Sharp Project Director & Creative Media Champion: "Many businesses within the creative and digital content production sectors are highly complementary to each other – the aim of the Sharp project is to provide an environment where such an ecosystem can thrive and grow."

The complex will provide production space and sound stages, a 4000 sqft green screen visual effects studio, catering and events facilities and affordable office space.

Further information can be found on the Midas website.


6 Dec 2009
MOSI Talk 
It was good to see the Bad Lootenant management team accompanying Steve and Gillian to the MOSI talk last week - they even took time out to canvass opinion as to the next BL single from Cerysmatic's own Steve Aldcroft!

The hundred-odd guests were treated to some rare footage from the Gretton video archive - including the ACR Celebration footage and some Joy Division Here Are The Young Men out-takes - before being escorted to the magnificent Power Hall for the talk itself.

Ex-Hacienda house DJ Graeme Park introduced the guest panel, made up of ex-Factory designer Peter Saville, ex-Joy Division, ex-New Order and ex-Other Two member Steve Morris, James Nice of ex-Factory artist record label A LTM, Manchester nightclub entrepreneur Ross Mackenzie and the Manchester spin meister himself: Andy Spinoza.

Strangely, even though there was general agreement over the importance of Factory's influence on subsequent world events, and the bemoaning of a lack of permenant space dedicated to this legacy, no mention was made of the massively important - and rapidly expanding - Factory Records archive that is housed not a hundred feet from where the debate was held!


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1 Dec 2009
Charles Street Redux 
A flyer currently being distributed in Manchester:


20 years since the birth of Madchester, the building that started it all and ultimately destroyed it all...

FAC251 - Head Office of Factory Communications Ltd... Built by Tony Wilson
Designed by Ben Kelly & Pater Saville. Paid for by NewOrder
Broken by The Happy Mondays...



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