28 Nov 2012
New Order by Tim Sinclair 
Coming soon to timsinclair.co.uk, an ETSY shop which will feature photos taken by Tim Sinclair in limited edition box sets, posters and T-shirts featuring bands (including New Order), films, personal photos and illustrations.

New Order by Tim Sinclair

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25 Nov 2012
Minny Pops - A Quietus Occasion 
A reminder that Minny Pops play The Lexington in London on Monday 26 November as part of A Quietus Occasion being organised by Tim Burgess and O Genesis. A special surprise is promised for the first 50 attendees so don't be late (and try not to spend too long round the corner in the Craft Beer Co, Islington)!

The gig coincides with the band's new single release, Waiting For This To Happen/Glistering [OGEN 027]. The special live event will also feature a live set from Pavlov's Children, readings by Craig Parkinson (who played Tony Wilson in Control) and DJ spots by Tim Burgess and Nik Colk Void of Factory Floor.

Tickets priced 9.00 GBP are still available via WeGotTickets.

The Lexington
96-98 Pentonville Road
London N1

Minny Pops - A Quietus Occasion

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24 Nov 2012
A Factory Outage 
There was a major outage at our ISP yesterday which took down the site for nearly 12 hours. This was due to a hardware failure. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


22 Nov 2012
Blurt - Live in Berlin [FBN 5] 
Factory Benelux presents a 500-copy limited edition 10" vinyl edition of Live In Berlin, the 1981 debut album by Blurt.

Live In Berlin, a blistering live set taped at the Berlin Free University on 13 December 1980, was scheduled for release as a 10" album on Factory Benelux (FBN 5) the following year. However, after Blurt parted company with Factory the set appeared as a regular 12" album on Armageddon.

In order to fit all 8 tracks this remastered version of Live In Berlin also includes a bonus 45 rpm 7" single. Sleevenotes by Wire editor Chris Bohn perfect this highly collectible package.

Blurt - Live in Berlin [FBN 5]


Side One

1. Cherry Blossom Polish
2. My Mother Was a Friend of an Enemy of the People
3. Puppeteers of the World Unite

Side Two

4. Tube Plane
5. Paranoid Blues
6. Ubu

Side Three

7. Get

Side Four

8. Dyslexia Rules

Artist: Blurt
Title: Live in Berlin
Format: 10" + 7" vinyl (500 copies only)
Catalogue number: FBN 5 (8 tracks total)
Release date: 11 February 2013

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19 Nov 2012
A trip to the Factory Benelux vaults 
The resurrected Factory Benelux imprint which has already released Short Stories for Pauline this year, presents five new releases which will be out in the New Year.

FBN 9 The Names - Swimming [double vinyl]
FBN 9 CD The Names - Swimming
FBN 10 CD Crispy Ambulance - The Plateau Phase
FBN 12 CD The Durutti Column - LC
FBN 29 CD The Wake - Harmony

Watch this space for more releases to come on FBN.

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The Names - Swimming double vinyl [FBN 9] 
As a companion to the CD edition, Factory Benelux is releasing a deluxe double vinyl edition of Swimming, the debut album by The Names, originally issued in June 1982.

Bonus tracks include the popular singles Calcutta, Nightshift, The Astronaut and Spectators of Life, and the band's John Peel session from February 1982, the first ever recorded by a Belgian band. The gatefold sleeve also features original artwork and poster design by Benoit Hennebert, and photographs by Marc Portée.

The Names - Swimming [FBN 9]


Side One

1. Discovery
2. Floating World
3. The Fire
4. Life By the Sea
5. White Shadow

Side Two

6. Harmony
7. Shanghai Gesture
8. Leave Her to Heaven
9. Light

Side Three

10. Music for Someone
11. Calcutta
12. Nightshift
13. The Astronaut
14. Spectators of Life

Side Four

15. Life By the Sea (Peel Session)
16. Discovery (Peel Session)
17. Shanghai Gesture (Peel Session)
18. Harmony (Peel Session)

Artist: The Names
Title: Swimming
Label: Factory Benelux
Format: 2LP
Catalogue number: FBN 9 (18 tracks)
Release date: 11 February 2013

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The Wake - Harmony [FBN 29 CD] 
Factory Benelux presents a new CD edition of Harmony, the debut album by influential Scottish group The Wake, originally released by Factory Records in December 1982.

The Wake formed in Glasgow in 1981 after singer/guitarist Caesar left Altered Images, and joined Factory the following year. Harmony was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport with producer Chris Nagle, by Caesar (vocals, guitar), Carolyn Allen (keyboards), Steven Allen (drums) and Bobby Gillespie (bass) and was originally releasedas Fact 60.

The Wake carried on, releasing several further albums on Factory and Sarah Records, and more recently A Light Far Out in 2012.

This new CD version includes bonus include second single, Something Outside, and their John Peel session from July 1983, plus enhanced artwork featuring previously unseen images of the band by noted photographer Paul Slattery, taken at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

The Wake - Harmony (FBN 29 CD)


1. Favour
2. Heartburn
3. An Immaculate Conception
4. Judas
5. Testament
6. Patrol
7. The Old Men
8. Chance
9. Something Outside
10. Host
11. The Drill
12. Uniform
13. Here Comes Everybody
14. On Out Honeymoon
15. Give Up

Artist: The Wake
Title: Harmony
Label: Factory Benelux
Format: CD
Catalogue number: FBN 29 CD (15 tracks)
Release date: 11 February 2013

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Crispy Ambulance The Plateau Phase FBN12 CD 
Factory Benelux presents a new CD edition of The Plateau Phase, the debut album by Crispy Ambulance, originally released in March 1982.

Bonus tracks include 12" single The Presence and Concorde Square and farewell single Sexus. This new FBN edition also features enhanced original artwork by renowned Belgian typographer Lucien De Roeck (1915-2002), and live photography.

Crispy Ambulance - The Plateau Phase (FBN 12 CD)


1. Are You Ready?
2. Travel Time
3. The Force and the Wisdom
4. The Wind Season
5. Death From Above
6. We Move Through the Plateau Phase
7. Bardo Plane
8. Chill
9. Federation
10. Simon’s Ghost
11. The Presence
12. Concorde Square
13. Sexus

Artist: Crispy Ambulance
Title: The Plateau Phase
Label: Factory Benelux
Format: CD
Cat No: FBN 12 CD (13 tracks)
Released: 11 February 2013

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The Durutti Column - LC [FBN 10 CD] 
Factory Benelux presents an expanded and remastered 2CD edition of LC, the 2nd studio album by The Durutti Column which was originally released by Factory Records in 1981.

After The Return of the Durutti Column recorded with legendary producer Martin Hannett, Vini Reilly purchased a TEAC four-track recorder from Bill Nelson and started to produce his own material. These evocative, highly atmospheric demos were perfected by Reilly at Graveyard Studios with co-producer Stuart Pickering, with additional drums and percussion from the Gonzo Drum Master Bruce Mitchell.

This widely expanded 2CD edition features the original ten tracks plus 23 bonus tracks, including rare Sordide Sentimental single Danny/Enigma, Deux Triangles 12", and 3 tracks which appeared on FACT 24 A Factory Quartet in 1980. Also included are some rare Crépuscule compilation album tracks, and demo versions of LC tracks, including a full length version of Detail for Paul.

The Durutti Column - LC [FBN 10 CD]


Disc 1

1. Sketch for Dawn (1)
2. Portrait for Frazier
3. Jaqueline
4. Messidor
5. Sketch for Dawn (2)
6. Never Known
7. The Act Committed
8. Detail for Paul
9. The Missing Boy
10. The Sweet Cheat Gone
11. Danny
12. Enigma
13. For Mimi
14. For Belgian Friends
15. Self-Portrait
16. Favourite Painting
17. Zinni

Disc 2

1. Mavuchka
2. Experiment in Fifth
3. Portrait for Paul
4. The Act Committed
5. Portrait for Frazier
6. Never Known
7. Untitled LC Demo
8. For Patti
9. Weakness and Fever
10. The Eye and the Hand
11. Party
12. One Christmas for Your Thoughts
13. Hommage to Martinů
14. Sleep Will Come
15. Piece for an Ideal
16. Piece of Out of Tune Grand Piano

Artist: The Durutti Column
Title: LC
Label: Factory Benelux
Format: 2CD
Cat No: FBN 10 CD (33 tracks)
Release date: 11 February 2013

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The Names - Swimming [FBN 9 CD] 
Factory Benelux presents a new CD edition of Swimming, the debut album by Belgian new wave group The Names, originally issued in June 1982.

Bonus tracks include the popular singles Calcutta and Nightshift (also produced by Hannett) and the band's February 1982 Peel session. This new CD edition also features original artwork and poster design by Benoit Hennebert, and photographs by Marc Portée.

Swimming is out 9 February 2013 on the revived Factory Benelux imprint.


1. Discovery
2. Floating World
3. The Fire
4. Life By the Sea
5. White Shadow
6. Harmony
7. Shanghai Gesture
8. Leave Her to Heaven
9. Light
10. Calcutta
11. Postcards
12. Nightshift
13. Life By the Sea (Peel Session)
14. Discovery (Peel Session)
15. Shanghai Gesture (Peel Session)
16. Harmony (Peel Session)

Artist: The Names
Title: Swimming
Label: Factory Benelux
Format: CD
Catalogue number: FBN 9 CD (16 tracks)
Release date: 11 February 2013

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15 Nov 2012
If you can't find the bar that's your problem... 
The old (but then new) FAC 251 Factory HQ at One Charles Street opened with a special party. So special in fact that an instruction sheet entitled "Notes on The Party" was produced.

Woe betide anyone spilling anything on the floor...

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14 Nov 2012
All The Things You Say 
Jez Kerr has uploaded two new tracks to Soundcloud and both are available to listen to now for free.

Of the first, All The Things You Say, Jez says "Listening to James Brown, as per, used the track Soul Power as a basis for my tribute."

The second is Jez's cover of Joy Division's Insight.

Don't forget, Jez's debut album Numb Mouth Eat Waste is available via iTunes.

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13 Nov 2012
Obey The Time by The Durutti Column 
Expanded notes, new imagery and the hunt for the elusive DAT...

FACT 274 Obey The Time

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5 Nov 2012
After Closer Competition Result 
The lucky winner of the Peter Saville / @seditionart After Closer (Digital Edition) competition is Steve Johnson who correctly identified (along with many others) that the New York City building that inspired Saville's designs for Joy Division's Closer sleeve was the AT&T building (now the Sony Building).

After Closer [Digital Edition] by Peter Saville is presented by s[edition] which specialises in bringing digital limited edition artworks by the world’s leading artists to mobile phones, iPads, computers and television screens.

This piece, which was and originally was conceived as a limited edition screen print in 2011 for the V&A's Postmodernism exhibition, references Joy Division's transition to New Order.

This digital version is presented in a limited edition of 1,000 copies and is available direct from s[edition]. It is presented as a full HD 1080p video lasting 3 minutes and a high-resolution (1919x1080px) still image.

After Closer [Digital Edition] by Peter Saville

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2 Nov 2012
Peter Blake & Pop Music (& Kevin Cummins) 
The Lowry in Salford hosts a celebration of art, pop music and the life of one of Britain's most influential and best loved artists. Peter Blake and Pop Music runs from Saturday 10 November 2012 to Sunday 24 February 2013, showing music-inspired work spanning more than half a century.

Of particular interest to Factory Records and Joy Division fans will be a special collaboration with renowned rock and roll photographer, Kevin Cummins. The legendary NME photographer gave Blake permission to use an iconic, black and white image of Joy Divison's Ian Curtis, taken in the band's rehearsal room in 1979, to create a new piece of work using diamond dust.

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Kevin Cummins and Peter Blake

Of the collaboration Cummins says: "The gallery that represents me is also Peter's and they approached me to see if I'd allow him to use one of my pictures. I didn't really have to think about it, with an artist like Peter Blake you're not going to say no, so I handed the photo to him to do as he wished.

"The collaboration is quite unusual as I'm used to my pictures being used in a clean way. I don't usually allow people to crop or edit them, so I was really pleased to see the results and find that Peter's use of the image was so respectful. He said that he found the image so strong that he could only put diamond dust around the edge of the photograph, rather than affect the focus of the image."

Also included in the exhibition which marks the 80th birthday of the Godfather of Pop Art, are props used on the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, a portrait of The Beatles themselves, artwork for the 2006 Oasis retrospective Stop the Clocks and Paul Weller's Stanley Road album plus much more.

Peter Blake Pop Music
The Lowry
Pier 8
Salford Quays
Greater Manchester
M50 3AZ

Tel: 0843 208 6000

The Love Will Tear Us Apart artwork is available to buy in a limited edition of 75 copies priced £1,200 direct from Atelier, Rose and Gray in Ramsbottom.

Peter Blake with Love Will Tear Us Apart by Kevin Cummins and Peter Blake

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Biting Tongues

In the grey days of late 1970s post-punk Manchester, youth culture was a serious affair: every musical performance was measured mostly by the conviction of its delivery. The term 'New Wave' opened up free vistas where acquired skills could once again be exercised after punk's monochrome blur. It could be applied to anything from a James 'Blood' Ulmer record to the latest Throbbing Gristle release, Magazine to Swell Maps. Move outside that terrain into Sun Ra, Parliament, Frank Sinatra and Martin Denny, and your options were suddenly without limit...

Then came Tony Wilson's Factory Club (at the Russell Club in Hulme) offering an open invitation to experiment that was taken up when Ken Hollings, Howard Walmsley, Eddie Sherwood and a few others decided to make some noise to accompany their 16mm silent epic Biting Tongues. A further performance followed a few weeks later, when Colin Seddon and Graham Massey disbanded their Post Natals project and joined up. The film itself, a flashing series of negative images, became a memory; the name remained.

- extract from the LTM Biting Tongues biography

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