25 Aug 2017
Growing the independent way 
Growing the independent way - Factory Records stationery




growing the independent way

Factory Records

Factory Compact Discs

Factory Compact Disc Video

Factory D.A.T.


Unusual, possibly prototype, stationery for Factory Communications Limited and featuring the smokestack logo.

View the full version on A4 paper (with bonus random sticker attached).

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Octavo Redux - progress report 
Octavo Redux - progress report

Here is an Update via Kickstarter / Unit Editions on the redux version of Octavo currently being prepared for publication.

Hamish Muir and Mark Holt are overseeing the final round of photography, with material that wasn’t included in the journal: subscription card mock-ups; full page proofs for ads in Eye magazine (1992/3); metal punches for numbering the Octavo boxed set; and other rarely seen stuff.
  • Retouching of images is underway
  • A foreword has been written by 8vo co-founder Simon Johnston
  • 10,000-word interview with Hamish and Mark has been edited
A final dummy has been ordered from the printer
Poster artwork completed
Bookmark designs completed

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19 Aug 2017
A Certain Ratio + Gramme live @ The Ritz 16 Dec 
A Certain Ratio + Gramme live @ The Ritz 16 Dec


A Band on the Wall Fundraiser

Tickets available via bandonthewall.org

Ritzy poster design by Trevor Johnson

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18 Aug 2017
FAC 501 - The Tony Wilson Story 
Paul Morley looks back on the life of Tony Wilson in a rerun series on BBC 6Music which is available now (with the second and final part upcoming) via BBC iPlayer (geographical exclusions may apply).

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10 Aug 2017
Anthony H Wilson - Broadcaster and Cultural Catalyst 
Anthony H Wilson gravestone

Anthony H Wilson

Cultural Catalyst


Mutability is the epitaph of worlds
Change alone is changeless
People drop out of the history of a life as of a land
though their work and their influence remains

The Manchester Man
G Linnaeus Banks 1876

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2 Aug 2017
Justhipper - Complete Sire & Blanco Y Negro Recordings 1986-88 
James - Just Hipper

Justhipper: The Complete Sire & Blanco Y Negro Recordings 1986-1988 is a Cherry Red compilation encompassing all of the recordings by James for the Warners group immediately after they left Factory Records. Stutter and Strip-Mine have both been remastered and plentiful bonus tracks including an audio interview complete the package.

Justhipper is out now.

Disc One


1. Skullduggery
2. Scarecrow
3. So Many Ways
4. Just Hip
5. Johnny Yen
6. Summer Song
7. Really Hard
8. Billys Shirts
9. Why So Close
10. Withdrawn
11. Black Hole

Bonus Tracks

12. Chain Mail
13. Uprising
14. Hup-Springs
15. Justhipper

Disc Two


1. What For
2. Charlie Dance
3. Fairground
4. Are You Ready
5. Medieval
6. Not There
7. Ya Ho
8. Riders
9. Vulture
10. Stripmining
11. Refrain

Bonus Tracks

12. Yaho (Single Version)
13. Mosquito
14. Left Out Of Her Will
15. New Nature
16. What For (Climax Mix)
17. Island Swing
18. James Who? A Talk With… (Interview)

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