30 Jun 2006
Cerysmatic Factory / LTM Competitions for Interesting Things 
And now the results of the recent LTM / Cerysmatic Factory competitions...

On offer were LTMDVD 2391 Shadowplayers, a feature-length documentary tracing the early history of Factory Records between 1978 and 1981. The film was made by director James Nice and features new interviews with Anthony Wilson, Peter Saville, Peter Hook, Section 25, Alan Hempsall, Ann Quigley and many others.

The question was "The Shadowplayers documentary features interviews with two Factory musicians named Vin(i). What are their full names, and the names of their respective bands?"

The answer was Vini Reilly (The Durutti Column) and Vin Cassidy (Section 25). The lucky winner of a copy of the dvd is Dan Maryon.

Also on offer was a copy of LTMCD 2467 'Some of the interesting things you'll see on a long-distance flight', the 76 minute live CD originally released by Les Disques du Crépuscule and including The Durutti Column, Paul Haig with Rhythm of Life, Antena, The Names and Richard Jobson.

The question was "The live souvenir CD 'Some of the interesting things you'll see on a long-distance flight' was recorded on the Crépuscule package tour called Dialogue North-South in February 1982. In October that same year the label arranged a second package tour, this time featuring Pale Fountains, Cabaret Voltaire, 23 Skidoo, Tuxedomoon, Antena and others. What was the name of that second tour?"

The answer was 'Move Back - Bite Harder' and the lucky winner is Marc Berger.

Winners will also be notified by email and will shortly receive their goodies in the post. Thanks to everyone who entered and sorry you couldn't all win.

Both 'Shadowplayers' and 'Some of the interesting things...' are available now direct from LTM.

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29 Jun 2006
Young Offenders Institute new tracks and mixes 

From the Young Offenders Institute Newsletter:

"The single Stitched Up By The Acid Man will be released in late August.

Loads of people have done remixes. We've put three of them up on http://www.myspace.com/youngoffendersinstitute - let us know what you think and which is your favourite. You can also see the tour dates there - we're adding new dates all the time.

If you want to hear other Young Offenders Institute tracks including some new ones and some live favourites, go to http://tagworld.com/youngoffenders/"

More info at www.youngoffendersinstitute.com

Scream City 2 out now 
At long last, it's the second issue of Scream City, the Manchester Fanzine on music, art, books and popular culture that you've all been waiting for. Second issue includes limited edition 4M cd and 52 pages of fun including OMD, Cath Carroll, Haçienda Classic, Section 25, FAC 151 The Festival of the Tenth Summer, I Swear I Was There and 'Giving Alvar Aalto To The Kids'.

Buy it now on eBay.


27 Jun 2006
The Durutti Column live at Vilar de Mouros Festival, 
The Durutti Column are playing the Vilar de Mouros Festival in Portugal on 22 July 2006. They will be on stage at 5.45pm.


24 Jun 2006
'O Pamela' cover version used in C4's Sugar Rush 
A cover version of The Wake's 'O Pamela' (the first track on their 1985 album 'Here Comes Everybody') by Nouvelle Vague appears in next week's episode of Channel 4's new drama Sugar Rush.

Nouvelle Vague, whose "mission statement" is to "re-arrange the greatest, but rarely covered early '80s post-punk numbers in an original and personal way" have also covered 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division.

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Unforgiving, Unrelenting, Unforgettable 
The Purcell Room presents Endymion featuring Steve Martland – conductor and James Woodrow – guitar for a special performance on Wednesday 5 July. The programme includes five Martland pieces: Kick (1996), The Thistle of Scotland (1996), Beat the Retreat (1995), Damian Rees Saffron for solo electric guitar and tape (1999) and Martland Eternal Delight (1997)

Wednesday 5 July 2006
7.45pm (no interval)

Purcell Room
Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX

Tickets: GBP 16/12 (concessions 50% off)
Available from the South Bank Box Office on 08703 800 400 or via www.rfh.org.uk


Hold and give and do it at the right time 
A FAC Football First XI

World Cup Fever again grips the nation and to celebrate Cerysmatic Factory runs through its Factory Football First XI:

1. Factory issued a red t-shirt in 1991 which bore the fourth generation 'Factory' logo and the Manchester United crest. Frank Brinkhuis has a picture of one in his excellent Image Banque.

2. The Hand of God - Factory issued a promotional football to as part of its "advertising campaign" for this New Order single (FAC 193). 30 Adidas Aztec Maya soccer balls were made with the Touched By The Hand Of God graphic design (as found on the 12" inner sleeve) printed on them, but no Factory number.

3. FAC 293 'World in Motion' - This was the official England World Cup song by England New Order and it got to number one in the UK charts. England got to the semi-final that year. This year the official song was by Embrace and it only got to number 29 in the UK charts. Time will tell how far England go this time.

4. The silky skills - Vini Reilly, Johnny Marr and Jez Kerr were all very good footballers in their youth and were even offered trials with City or United.

5. The theme tune #1 - New Order provided the theme music for the football show 'Best & Marsh' presented by George Best and Rodney Marsh (the latter being the nearest this list gets to any QPR connection!). The tune was released as one of the b-sides on 'Round & round' (FAC 263).

6. The theme tune #2 - 'Moody Places' by Northside was for a long time the theme music for ITV's Soccer Night presented by the legendary Elton Welsby. The track was the b-side to 'Shall We Take A Trip?' (FAC 268).

7. The protest song - 'We'll Never Die' was a single by Hanky Park vs Peter Hook released in protest at the Glazers' takeover at Manchester United.

8. The chance meeting - Rob Gretton met Mike Pickering after they fell in a hedge together following a City match.

9. So farewell then - Lifelong City season ticket holder Kevin Cummins published a book of photographs called 'We're Not Really Here: Manchester City's Final Season at Maine Road'.

10. The divided loyalties - The following is from 'Torn Apart: The Life of Ian Curtis' by Mick Middles and Lindsay Reade: Although Ian (Curtis) has been portrayed as a Manchester City fan, his family cast doubts on this. "I wouldn't have put him down as a City fan," said Carole (his sister). As a young boy he was more of a United fan. He got their programmes. Debbie (Curtis) says he was a City fan but she's got a picture of him in her book wearing a United top."

11. The cash-in? - Warners approached New Order during the 1990 World Cup with a treatment for a proposed Heinz Tomato Ketchup TV advert using a rewritten E for England soundtrack. The advert was to feature lookalike England players (including a 'Gazza' squirting water from his eyes) playing ketchup keepy-uppy to the strains of "We're eating for England....". Alas (?) it never happened...

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23 Jun 2006
60 Seconds with Paul Morley in the Metro 
Paul Morley was the subject of the 60 Second Interview in the Metro yesterday. He was mainly plugging his new compilation album but also has time to discuss his worst (Lou Reed) and best (Marc Bolan) interviewees ever and an apparently unknown (even to him!) predeliction for eating glass.
22 Jun 2006
Control - A Film By Anton Corbijn 
An official website for 'Control', the film about the life of Ian Curtis, has been launched at controlthemovie.com. The film is still listed as being in pre-production but is slated for an "early 2007" release. There's not really any content on the site at the moment but you can register for production and release updates.
20 Jun 2006
FAC 461 book launch @ Central Saint Martins 
Last night a packed Cochrane Theatre in central London played host to the launch event for the highly anticipated book FAC 461 Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album.

The panel, chaired by Rick Poynor, comprised author Matthew Robertson, Anthony Wilson, Pat Carroll and Peter Saville. Proceedings started slightly late as the audience, which included Richard Boon, Jarvis Cocker, Mark Holt, Karen Jackson, Ben Kelly, Glen Matlock, Julian Morey, Gonnie Rietveld, Jon Wozencroft (Heart and Soul box set images, www.touchmusic.org.uk, Colin Taylor (FAC 329 Tasty Fish), et al (Jarvis) made its way into the auditorium.

Matthew Robertson explained the rationale for the book: "Not only was I interested in Factory as an enthusiast, I was interested in Factory as a graphic designer and I was really surprised to find out that no-one has ever tackled this whole period."

Saville on getting involved with Factory: "I was envious of Malcolm. Malcolm got involved very early on with the Buzzcocks and I was very envious. It was impossible not to want to be involved in what was happening. Pop music is fundamental to your world views when you're in your teens and when something as radical as punk happens you really want to be involved... I would frequently ask Richard Boon if there was anything I could do. Eventually Richard said to me one evening 'Go and see Tony'. I didn't know Tony but because he was on television every night you kinda felt that you knew him."

Pat Carroll's revelations included relating seeing Joy Division at Salford Tech, being envious of Peter Saville ("stylish design" rather than "over-the-top shit") and the fact that his brother Matt Carroll was an original member of Happy Mondays on guitar. The Bummed sleeve was discussed but blushes were spared by the non-appearance of the inner sleeve.

AHW gave the definitive (?) line on the Blue Monday money-losing story by stating that the 2p notional profit per copy was split between New Order and Factory but that Factory had to pay the 3.5p publishing out of their 1p.

Some of the "bad" Factory sleeves were shown on screen and the question of how they "got past" any quality control was raised. "Got past what!?" was Peter Saville's retort, indicating that there was no checking. Indeed, AHW could not recall a single sleeve that they ever turned down.

Afterwards, the panel signed copies of the book (which was on sale in both hardback and paperback at a reduced price).

In addition to appearing on the book itself, the designation FAC 461 appeared on posters and the ticket for the after-party at the Old Red Lion on High Holborn.

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18 Jun 2006
FAC 461 Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album 
The FAC 461 book launch event at Central Saint Martins tomorrow is sold out but there will be a second event in Manchester on Thursday 13 July which will include a panel discussion at Urbis. Meanwhile, there has been plenty of publicity for the book including bits in Time Out, The Independent Saturday Magazine 17 June, GQ (July 2006 issue), The Guardian (Friday 16 June issue).

Also, Tony Wilson will be on BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. AHW will discuss the book, Factory Records and other current projects.

Finally, Tony Wilson and Peter Saville will be talking about the book on Later With Jools Holland this coming Friday 23 June (BBC 2).

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Competitions for Interesting Things 
Those nice people at LTM have donated a copy each of their latest releases for two special Cerysmatic Factory competitions...

LTMDVD 2391 Shadowplayers is a feature-length documentary tracing the early history of Factory Records between 1978 and 1981. The film was made by director James Nice and features new interviews with Anthony Wilson, Peter Saville, Peter Hook, Section 25, Alan Hempsall, Ann Quigley and many others.

LTMCD 2467 'Some of the interesting things you'll see on a long-distance flight' is a 76 minute live CD originally released by Les Disques du Crépuscule and including The Durutti Column, Paul Haig with Rhythm of Life, Antena, The Names and Richard Jobson.

To win a copy of Shadowplayers answer the following question by email using the Contact form (putting 'Shadowplayers Competition' in the subject line):

"The Shadowplayers documentary features interviews with two Factory musicians named Vin(i). What are their full names, and the names of their respective bands?"

To win a copy of 'Some of the interesting things...' answer the following question via the Contact form (putting 'Interesting things Competition' in the subject line):

"The live souvenir CD 'Some of the interesting things you'll see on a long-distance flight' was recorded on the Crépuscule package tour called Dialogue North-South in February 1982. In October that same year the label arranged a second package tour, this time featuring Pale Fountains, Cabaret Voltaire, 23 Skidoo, Tuxedomoon, Antena and others. What was the name of that second tour?"

Closing date for both competitions is Monday 26 June at 22:00 BST. Good luck!

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15 Jun 2006
Peter Saville faces the Facts 
Peter Saville talks to Fact Magazine about graphic design. Something he apparently doesn't want to do.
FAC 461: Sleek, glossy, big and gorgeous 
Miranda Sawyer reviews Matthew Robertson's FAC 461: Factory Records - The Complete Graphic Album in the new edition of the New Statesman. She likes it.


14 Jun 2006
FAC 461: Launch Event @ Central Saint Martins 
Factory Records founder Tony Wilson, Peter Saville, Pat Carroll (of Central Station Design), and author Matthew Robertson discuss the visual legacy of Factory at an event chaired by Rick Poynor. This event is at the Central Saint Martins Cochrane Theatre in Holborn, London.

Tickets: GBP 10/5 conc
Box Office: 020 7269 1606

Monday 19 June 2006

Central Saint Martins
Cochrane Theatre
Southampton Row
London WC1B 4AP

'Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album' By Matthew Robertson
Foreword by Tony Wilson

"Central Saint Martins is delighted to host the UK launch of 'Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album', the definitive guide to the diverse and vital design legacy of the Manchester-based label.

After a foreword from the man most closely associated with Factory, Tony Wilson, and an introduction that explores the label's role in bringing design into the mainstream, the book is organized as a more or less chronological catalogue. Every item with one of the famous Factory inventory numbers is illustrated or listed, including album sleeves, singles, special editions, flyers, posters, stationery and architectural projects."

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12 Jun 2006
Jon Da Silva - Haçienda Classics @ Evolution, 16 June 2006 
Evolution presents another night of Haçienda Classics in Manchester with special guest DJ Jon Da Silva on Friday of this week.

Transcript of street poster in Manchester:

Haçienda Classics
Jon Da Silva
Friday 16th June 2006
The Music Box
Oxford Road - Manchester



'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' and Happy Mondays' 'Desmond' 
MOJO #152 features a piece on the top 101 Beatles tracks of all time. Leading it all off at #101 (p62), Shaun Ryder explains the enduring fascination and inspiration behind 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da':

"I was born in 1962, and when you're a six, seven year old and you've got a Lieutenant Pigeon piano and you're running about with your spliff and your massive mushrooms it sounded brilliant. It sounded like Pendlebury Market in Salford - the vibe, everything. And Molly Jones is outside the pub door at 10 past 10 waiting for them to open at half past, just watching the men. I thought the lyric was 'Desmond takes a trolley to the Durex store' till I was about 12. It's so descriptive. You can have the imagination of a brick and still see pictures in your head. You can smell the streets!

People go on about Sgt. Pepper, and it's brilliant and everything, but it's all on the same train on the same track on the same railway line. The White Album us off on tramlines, fuckin' buses and bicycles, and planes and saddling up sheepdogs and pigs, it's incredible. I mean, they probably had to put a big chain round the studio so they couldn't get out!

Did I rip this off for Desmond [track on Happy Mondays' debut album, withdrawn after complaints from Apple]? Well, we gave the game away calling it Desmond. On Lazyitis [Bummed album track strongly reminiscent of Ticket To Ride] we eventually had to give the credits to David Essex, Sly Stone, Lennon & McCartney, and the fuckin' Wombles, I think!"



11 Jun 2006
North By North West: Liverpool & Manchester 
The Paul Morley-compiled North By North West: Liverpool & Manchester from Punk to Post-Punk & Beyond 1976-1983 3CD Limited Edition (5000 copies) set is released on Monday 19 June on Korova and features a host of Factory bands including Joy Division, New Order, Section 25, James and OMD. There is also a regular 2CD set with a Manchester disc and a Liverpool disc. The 3rd disc is cunningly titled, erm, Liverchest.


1. Boredom - Buzzcocks
2. Repetition - The Fall
3. I Don't Want To Be Nice - John Cooper Clarke
4. Shot By Both Sides - Magazine
5. What Do I Get - Buzzcocks
6. Sketch For Summer - The Durutti Column
7. Transmission - Joy Division
8. Fear - Passage
9. Work - Blue Orchids
10. Time Goes By So Slow - The Distractions
11. Shack Up - A Certain Ratio
12. My Cherry Is In Sherry - Ludus
13. Ceremony - New Order
14. How Soon Is Now - The Smiths


1. British Refugee - Spitfire Boys
2. Suffice To Say - Yachts
3. Fuzztronic - Will Sergeant
4. Electronic - OMD
5. Pictures On The Wall - Echo and The Bunnymen
6. Better Scream - Wah Heat
7. Touch - Lori and The Chameleons
8. Reward - Teardrop Explodes
9. Rescue - Echo and The Bunnymen
10. Flaming Sword - Care
11. There's Always Something On My Mind - Pale Fountains
12. Holiday In Disneyland - Dalek I Love You
13. First Picture Of You - Lotus Eaters
14. Relax - Frankie Goes To Hollywood


1. No Love Lost - Warsaw
2. Cranked Up Really High - Slaughter & The Dogs
3. My Boyfriend's Back - Bright, Bette & The Illuminations
4. Iggy Pop's Jacket - Those Naughty Lumps
5. Big In Japan - Big In Japan
6. Happy Ever After - Stockholm Monsters
7. Folklore - James
8. African And White - China Crisis
9. Sweet Tooth - Spherical Objects
10. Don't Let Go - Pink Industry
11. Deaf - Crispy Ambulance
12. Knew Noise - Section 25
13. Call Me Honey - Swamp Children
14. Valley Of The Lost Women - John Cooper Clarke
15. Dream - The Royal Family and The Poor

Release date: 19 June 2006
Label: Korova
Catalogue number: KODE1001L

Available from Amazon.co.uk

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10 Jun 2006
Blurt live at Rhythm Festival 5 August 2006 

The Very First Rhythm Festival is on at the Twinwood Arena, Clapham (near Bedford) from 4-6 August 2006. Blurt play on the Saturday 5 August.

Other highlights include Donovan, Jah Wobble and John Cooper Clarke (who is shaping up as a fixture on the summer festival circuit).


9 Jun 2006
The Death of Disco 
Kevin Hewick played Alan McGee's Death Disco at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London on Wednesday 7 June 2006. Alan unfortunately couldn't make this one but The Sessions and Movement (both good, the latter from Manchester) sandwiched an acoustic set from Kevin which the indie pop kids weren't quite expecting. Right from the start he battled against loud hubbub verging on shouting. The second song was barely underway when he stopped procedings and made a plea for some respect.

This made a noticeable difference and although the noise continued it didn't quite reach screaming level again. Nevertheless he played half a dozen great songs and got a good response from the people who were listening (and even, bizarrely, from some of the shouty ones). At one point he told the kids about the wall projections and how he tried to persuade Gaye Advert to take up the bass again after she'd given it up to work in a bookies, the time he hugged Joe Strummer and of seeing the original classic line-up of The Band in 1974. Ah, the irony.

The next time we see Mr Hewick he may be in Rehab.


The Art of Giving a Toss
Love's Old Dream
Complete My Incomplete


Section 25 live at Kings Arms, Salford, Friday 11 August 2006 
Section 25 have announced another date on their 2006 tour and it's at the Kings Arms in Salford (near to Manchester City Centre). Support again comes from Kevin Hewick.

The Kings Arms is the venue where 24 Hours played fairly recently and it's also played host to a number of other Manchester music events.

There will also be a special preview of the LTM documentary Shadowplayers(post punk Manchester 78-82).

Advance tickets available now from www.ticketweb.co.uk priced GBP 7.00 advance / 9.00 on the door.

24 hour credit card phone line for ticket sales: 08700 600 100.

Kings Arms
11 Bloom St
M3 6AN

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8 Jun 2006
ITN Archive Top 10 Debut Performances 

The ITN Archive, which includes many seminal music programmes like So It Goes, The Tube and What's On and other programmes originally shown on Granada, Channel 4 & other channels, celebrates the launch of it's music catalogue with Top 10 Commercial TV debut performances, based on impact, longevity and sheer drama:

1. Sex Pistols; 'Anarchy in the UK' on So It Goes (28 August 1976).
2. Nirvana; 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on The Word (8 November 1991)
3. Oasis; 'Supersonic' on The Word (4 March 1994)
4. Madonna; 'Holiday' on The Tube (27 January 1984)
5. Frankie Goes to Hollywood; 'Relax' on The Tube (9 December 1983)
6. REM; 'Radio Free Europe' on The Tube (18 November 1983)
7. Billie Holliday; 'Strange Fruit' on Chelsea at 9 (18 March 1959)
8. The Fall; 'Psycho Mafia' on What's On (1 June 1978)
9. Joy Division; 'Shadowplay' on What's On (June 1978)
10. The Clash; 'Janie Jones' on So It Goes (11 December 1977)

"The ITN music catalogue is available for licensing worldwide not only into traditional media like television, radio and cinema but also into the ever expanding area of content for 3G mobile phones, web sites and, in particular DVD and CD where 'extras' on re-releases are packed with unseen and rare performances."

DVD sets of programmes like So It Goes, Play At Home, The Other Side of Midnight, etc would be most welcomed in these quarters. Desperate to see these shows and don't have loads of cash? Write to your friendly neighbourhood dvd production company, your MP or, failing that, the lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen.


7 Jun 2006
Exposed in Manchester Square, London 
No, it's not a headline about a grave misdemeanour in a public space but rather this is all about a special event held last night in London to promote the North West of England as the hotbed of artistic talent that it undoubtedly is.

A selection of the work of ten of today's leading exponents was on display - Chris Ofili (exhibiting 3 never-before-seen watercolours), Peter Saville (3 pieces exhibited, one of which was apparently hung upside down), Kevin Cummins (a reprise for the Arca First XI) amongst them. Messrs Saville and Cummins were in attendance, as were Anthony Wilson and Yvette Livesey before they dashed off to do an interview somewhere else.

Among the events and art spaces being promoted were the inaugural Manchester International Festival coming in 2007, the Liverpool Biennial, The Lowry and Tate Liverpool.

On a smaller scale, one of the artists, Rachel Goodyear, was exhibiting her work in association with International 3, a new space on Fairfield Street in the bowels of Manchester Piccadilly railway station. Rachel's finely detailed pencil drawings ripped out of her sketch book were one of the highlights of an entertaining evening all round.


4 Jun 2006
The Durutti Column live at Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells 
The Durutti Column made a return visit last night to the Trinity Theatre, a converted church in Tunbridge Wells not dissimilar to the All Saints Centre in Lewes where DC played in 2002 (but the Trinity comes complete with full tiered seating).

Support act Hayestack played a good solo set on acoustic guitar and was promptly followed by the Duruttis at about 8:50. As is usual on the occasions, Vini thanked everyone profusely for coming before they launched into a lengthy Blues jam opening number.

This was followed by 'Otis' which mutated into a 'Blind Elevator Girl' outro.

Returning to the tradition of setlists from recent years we then had a splendid 'Jacqueline' with Bruce on wondrous form on drums and Vini cranking it up to 11 on guitar.

New guest vocalist Helen hadn't made the the trip so the numbers of the new album 'Keep Breathing' were limited to Vini solo on 'Big Hole' and 'Gun'.

The set closed with the three classics 'The Missing Boy', 'The Beggar' (Keir confessing later to being a semi-tone off in that one) and 'Requiem for Mother'.

Rapturous applause came and the band returned for the encores of 'Albatross' and 'Revolver'.

And we all went home happy.

Stand by for an announcement on a Portugese festival date in July as The Durutti Column's 2006 tour continues.


"Blues" [Vini thanked everyone for coming and introduced his now not-so-new Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul and said that he would try to play the Blues]
Otis / Blind Elevator Girl
Jacqueline [followed by Vini's introductions of Keir and Bruce]
Big Hole [Vini solo with Keir on harmonica]
Gun [Vini solo. In introduction he said "Here's another jolly happy one to have you jumping around and having a good time"]
The Missing Boy
The Beggar
Mum's tune (Requiem for Mother)
Albatross [in introduction Vini said "we're gonna try and do a rock 'n' roll medley from the Sixties" and then at the end "Bruce has played with Peter Green who wrote that"]


Thanks to the Trinity people for being so friendly (and letting me in!). Hi to Alex and Steve.


Domino Bones - new interview and single 
The Manchester Evening News on Friday had an interview with Bez about Domino Bones whose new unofficial World Cup single 'One Dream' (Dream Records) is released on 19 June 2006. Domino Bones also play the Jabez Clegg in Manchester on Monday 5 June 2006.

Domino Bones [official]
Domino Bones [MySpace]
2 Jun 2006
Dermo DJ set @ Coco 66 NYC Tonite 
Tonight, Friday 2 June sees a special guest DJ set from Dermo (Silent Partners - Manchester, Northside - FACTORY Records / LTM)

[MySpace sites - dermosp, silentpartnersuk, northsidesilentpartners]

This rare NYC appearance Mancunian B-Boy Punk & Funk free Brooklyn Lager from 10-11pm!

TIGHTEN UP! is every Friday with Resident DJ Ronnie aka "Hannett"

66 Greenpoint Avenue (flashing RED BAR sign, between Franklin & West streets)
NEW YORK 11222


10 PM - 4 AM

Free, no cover
Ages 21 & up


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