30 Sept 2006
Steel sink in colour negative 
Brian Nicholson was so closely related to the revolutionary groundbreaking Factory video wing IKON that his own work was released under the title 'Show me what you look like' (IKON21).
I re-met Brian a couple of years ago when he hosted two brilliant evenings in Blackburn devoted to IKONography of Joy Division and the early years of the Hacienda. It was, and still is, my intention to bring his show back to Manchester where it belongs (strong but subtle hint).
Like a number of his Factory/Hac contemporaries, Brian is feeding his knowledge back into the next generations as a senior lecturer in digital media at Blackburn College.
In his spare time, however, Brian has set up a record label:
"The label is called Onsong, it was the brainchild of Jamie Holman (tompaulin, Sister Vanilla, The Fischers) and myself. The label has full distribution through Forte. We have used Joe Fossard as Portugese correspondent and producer/engineer at his Bleak House Studios in Blackburn.
We're releasing the first album on Oct 16 "The Fall and Rise of Vinny Peculiar" (College002). Its got Mike Joyce (ex-Smiths), Craig Gannon (ex-Aztec Camera, ex-Smiths) and Ben Knott (ex-Happy Mondays) on it.
The next album should be by the band Maupa (who I've got to say are simply stunning)"

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29 Sept 2006
Ceci n'est pas un logo 
More from Peter Saville on the Manchester branding exercise in an interview on the Marketing Advertising and Design website.

Saville reveals that the 'original modern' slogan (coined by his graphic designer friend Paul Barnes) is not actually a slogan: "I have not produced a slogan for Manchester. If a city uses a slogan, it suggests that it needs a slogan, and if it needs a slogan then it's got a problem."

Similarly the 'M' (and 'Manchester') logo is not actually a logo: "You've got to do something impressive, and a logo is not it."

Confused? Don't be.

The branding exercise is actually a "roadmap towards a better perception of the city". 'M' is, in fact, a "signifier of the brand vision". Original and modern are really "targets".

That's almost an open invitation in my book.
28 Sept 2006
The Virgo Mechanically Replayed 
I'll stick me neck out.

Jon Da Silva was not only the best Manchester/Hacienda DJ back in the day, but also produced the best dance music to come out of the city. I know this because a) I have had the pleasure of working with him in the studio and b) I have seen people levitate during one of his dj sets.

Well now he's got a band!

What's more, they'll be supporting New Order on their Autumn UK tour!

TVMR play Newcastle Academy on October 11 and Chips With Everything on November 10.

'The Gun EP' by Hallelujah was one of Rob's Records (12ROB16).
'Push Push' by Original Rockers was remixed for Cake.
'Big (Baka)' by New Fast Automatic Daffodils was remixed for Playtime.
I'm not sure if any of these are available anywhere, but they are certainly worth hunting down.

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27 Sept 2006
Manchester's Original and Modern Lightshow 
September 2006
Manchester's Original and Modern Lightshow
The brilliance of one of Manchester's finest architectural structures has been lit-up to highlight its historical value and to ignite the imaginations of the thousands of people who pass through the landmark underpass everyday
The words 'Be Original' and 'Be Modern' is now being colourfully beamed inside the listed Great Bridgewater Tunnel, situated next to the Bauer Millet car showroom. The display is part of Manchester's Creative Director, Peter Saville's vision for the city to be 'Original and Modern'.
The Great Bridgewater Tunnel lightshow is one of the first public displays from the Saville-inspired city marketing partnership, whose aim it is to create a better universal perception of Manchester as well as a signal for Mancunians to continue to be original and modern in their ambitions.
The 'Original Modern' concept gets its inspiration from Manchester's status as the first industrial city, drawing from the city's innovative and confident attitude that repeatedly make it the birthplace of social, economic, cultural and industrial change.
"From the establishment of the Guardian newspaper and the development of the modern computer, to the place where the atom was first split and the home of the world's first professional football league, the city of Manchester can be characterised by its originality and modernity," highlighted Vicky Rosin, chair of the Manchester Marketing Partnership and assistant chief executive of Manchester City Council.

Thanks to Peter, the french projectionist bloke and Jillian Platt.
First Industrial 
As Manchester becomes a lot less military (new labour conference) and a little more Savillian, the man himself explains his 'original, modern' concept in this month's 'All About Manchester': "It's an artistic licence to first industrial. Manchester is the world's first industrial city. A chance conversation one night turned 'first industrial' into 'original modern'".
On that contraversial 'M' logo: "The M is based on parallel existences and their crossing points. But also, one day I saw the cranes across the skyline and I thought they looked like an M".
'All About Manchester' is a free 'monthly guide for visitors'. Unfortunately, as the publishers, Selini, have only four copies left from a run of 15,000, I am currently trying to find out where to get it from.
Original Modern is currently showing throughout Manchester city centre.


26 Sept 2006
Ike Yard 
Thanks to Peter from Brussels for pointing out that Ike Yard's Factory America album 'A Fact A Second' and Crepescule 12" 'Night After Night' have finally been rereleased on an Acute Records compilation '1980-82 Collected' (ACT008CD). Read an earlier conversation with Ike on this subject somewhere on this page.

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25 Sept 2006
Old men dj-ing 
According to today's Manchester Evening News, however, Vini Reilly will play an acoustic set at a hastily convened 'bash' at Leroy Richardson's One Central Street tonight. Hosted by Tony Wilson, who also promises to dj, and sponsored by Simply Red, "The party is a celebration of the 150th anniversary this year of the birth of Keir Hardy, the founder of the Labour party".

Timed to coincide with the Labour Party Conference that is currently being held in Manchester, One Central Street is a stone's throw away from the hi-security enclave that is temporarily housing New Labour. Says Wilson: "There's a whole new business in old men dj-ing. I'll be making my set a little bit political. There'll be some Woody Guthrie and some Jefferson Airplane." Local band Polytechnic and other 'special guests' are promised.


24 Sept 2006
"If i've told them once i've told them a thousand times..." 
Durutti Column contraversially pulled out of yesterday's Cohesion festival at the last minute due to 'a mix up in the running order'. Our man on stage says Vin and co hadn't realised - though it had been widely publicised on the posters and flyers for the event - that they were expected to perform before Lou Rhodes ("Who's she?") and Toolbox ("Who the **** are they!?!") and promptly cancelled.

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Hey DJ! Drop the bass now! 
Andy Rourke's promised appearence at yesterday's Cohesion festival turned out not to be the first outing for Manc celebrity rock band 'Free Bass' (Rourke, Hooky, Mani - geddit?) - as had been widely touted around town during the week. Instead Andy took to the decks and did a spot of dj-ing.
Other djs on the day included ex-Rob's Records ex-Sub Sub Andy & Jez Williams, and also as their manager: early attendees were treated to a very rare outing by ex-Hacienda dj Dave Rofe himself!


A man, for some reason, known as moist 
Hello everybody. I'll be posting news for the next couple of weeks whilst John and Amy jet off to the deep south. I won't be doing any of the html stuff over that side of the site----->
but I will be responsible for the blog and the moderation (though I prefer the term 'extremity') of the message board, so keep the discussions flowing. If anybody has any interesting news, please use the contact form which is being redirected to my e-mither account.
I'm intending revisiting a few old Factory ghosts during my tenure as editor to see what they are up to nowadays, but first up will be a few words about the low jinx at yesterday's Cohesion festival.
23 Sept 2006
moist to guest edit Cerysmatic Factory 
Cerysmatic's taking a short break but the FAC fun continues as moist slips into the Editor's chair for a couple of weeks.
19 Sept 2006
Stitched up by The Young Offenders 
From the Young Offenders Institute newsletter:

Some footage from the documentary about the band is now on YouTube:

Stitched Up By The Acid Man will be released on 30 October on CD and download a week earlier. You can see the video on YouTube:

'We're The Young Offenders' features on the soundtrack to Saints Row on the XBox 360 and is again available for download at www.myspace.com/youngoffendersinstitute

Confirmed the live dates:


21 - Sheffield, Grapes
27 - Manchester, Academy 2 (supporting Milburn)
28 - Barnsley, Birdwell Club
29 - Walkabout, 13 Quay Street, Manchester M3 3HN - IN THE CITY
30 - Dry Bar, Manchester - IN THE CITY
31 - Huddersfield, Club NME, Tokyo


2 - Bournemouth, Club NME, The Consortium
4 - Oldham, Club NME, The Castle

youngoffendersinstitute.com myspace.com/youngoffendersinstitute
18 Sept 2006
ESG in the Village Voice 
Renee Scroggins of ESG talks to Andy Beta of the Village Voice and reveals that the thing she remembers most about the opening night of the Haçienda was the sawdust: "We were just sneezing sneezing sneezing; I had a major allergy attack."


Stephin Merritt's entertaining sequence of words with Lemony Snicket 
When elusive author Lemony Snicket teamed up with allusive musician Stephin Merritt, The Guardian listened in...*

In further Merritt / Snicket related nonsense, 'The Tragic Treasury: Songs from A Series of Unfortunate Events as Executed By The Gothic Archies' is released by NoneSuch on 9 October 2006.

* - Lemony Snicket is the nom de plume for Daniel Handler, who played accordion on and conducted the interview in the liner notes of The Magnetic Fields' '69 Love Songs' 3xCD boxset. He started writing the Lemony Snicket books around the same time. When they eventually became audio books, they included soundtracks by Merritt under his Gothic Archies pseudonym and it is these soundtracks that are being compiled on the upcoming Nonesuch album.

Thanks to Mike.

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15 Sept 2006
DJs Dermo, Clint Boon, Tom Hingley & Marc Riley @ South, Manchester, 26 October 
South nightclub in Manchester is hosting a club night packed with superstar DJs in aid of the Association of Young People with M.E. (AYME).

The line-up includes Clint Boon and Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets), Mike Joyce (The Smiths), Marc Riley (The Fall / Shirehorses / 6Music), Dermo (Silent Partners / Northside), Andy Woods (Smile / The Rev FM), and That Lazy Sunday DJ (Corbieres / Bay Horse / Jam St Café) plus surprise guests.

One lucky attendee will win an original photo of The Smiths outside Salford Lads Club as used on The Queen Is Dead sleeve, printed and signed by world famous photographer Stephen Wright.

...Good On The Dance Floor
Thursday 26 October 2006
4a South King Street
9am – 2am
GBP 5.00 on the door
All proceeds to M.E. Charity AYME


The MDMA wants your Haçienda photos 
from mdmarchive.co.uk

As a taster for a proposed large-scale Haçienda exhibition in 2007, Urbis is planning a smaller Corridor Gallery exhibition devoted to the culture of the legendary Haçienda queue.

Urbis needs former Haç attendees to provide photos for the exhibition, which will run along a 33ft wall, attempting to recreate the atmosphere of the club queue.

The exhibition will give an overview of the Haçienda's different clientele throughout its history

Please send your photos to MDMA by 20 September 2006. The email address is info@mdmarchive.co.uk
Tractor peel back the years for John 
From BBC Manchester:

In 1972, Rochdale's Tractor were asked by John Peel to record a track for his birthday. The resulting track, Ravenscroft’s 13 Bar Boogie, is the only track that Peel specifically requested to feature part of his name.

Now, as part of John Peel Day, the band have remixed the track, renaming it John Peel's 13 Bar Boogie 2006, and included samples of both the original song and of John's voice.

Read the full article.

John Peel Day is on Thursday 12 October 2006, the anniversary of the DJ's last live broadcast.
13 Sept 2006
KOOKY10 - advance booking recommended 
A message from Phil Cleaver about the forthcoming special show at The Soundhaus in Northampton to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kooky Records:

"It is possible that the capacity will only be 200 for the show... Please, if you are thinking of coming - book tickets to ensure you get in. OK, I would say that but it will be at least 2-3 quid cheaper than your average Durutti Show and there will be a free CD - plus Vin will be doing a solo show - don't forget Gnac and The Retro Spankees too..."

So, a strong recommendation to get advance tickets. These are available from the Soundhaus ticket office (the Underground) on 01604 604020. www.soundhaus.com


11 Sept 2006
News from the House of Tomorrow... Today 
From houseoftomorrow.com:

In addition to the upcoming Gothic Archies CD, end-of-summer means several appearances on some worthy compilation projects.

A new Stephin Merritt song, 'The Meaning of Lice', will be included on the upcoming 4AD / Beggar's Banquet recording of the Margate Exodus Project, a British government-funded contemporary retelling of the Book of Exodus.

The Future Bible Heroes have emerged from their temporary retirement to submit a faux-British vaudevillian dance hall tune, 'Mr. Punch', to the Neil Gaiman tribute CD, 'Where's Neil When You Need Him?', now available from Dancing Ferret Discs.

The 6ths's 'You You You You You', originally from 'Hyacinths and Thistles', is included on the companion CD for the annual Music issue of the Oxford American magazine.

Meanwhile, the Magnetic Fields are back in the studio, recording a new release for Nonesuch Records with a target release of next Spring. Wish them luck!

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9 Sept 2006
New album for The Gothic Archies 
From thehouseoftomorrow.com:

"The Tragic Treasury: Songs from A Series of Unfortunate Events," a musical companion to Lemony Snicket's book series, will be in stores 10 October. The CD features a song for each of the 13 books in the series plus 2 bonus tracks. The Gothic Archies (one of Stephin Merritt's many musical incarnations alongside The 6ths and The Magnetic Fields) will perform songs from the CD on solo ukulele at several of Lemony's bookstore appearances this October and November. Check the House of Tomorrow or Lemony's website for confirmed dates.

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PS v Banksy: additional 
Saville's scepticism as to the authenticity of the doctored Paris Hilton CDs would seem to be somewhat off the mark according to this video on YouTube.
8 Sept 2006
Peter Saville on the Banksy / Paris Hilton cd sabotage 
Cerysmatic never thought it would see the day when Paris Hilton and Peter Saville would be mentioned in the same news story but Saville was one of those asked to comment on Banksy's latest work (a satirical reworking of the cover of Hilton's new album) by The Sunday Times. Casting some doubts on the authenticity of and the reasoning behind the work Saville said "I haven't seen the actual doctored CD myself but someone I know has, and they said they thought it looks a bit too clever to be a genuine anarchic intervention."
7 Sept 2006
Arctic Metcalfe 
John Metcalfe, with band comprising Louise Fuller (violin, keyboards), Ali Friend (double bass) and Andy Gangadeen (drums), played a storming set last night at the ICA as part of Arctic Circle Electro. Opening with new track Daniel they continued for almost an hour and played a further four tracks off the forthcoming album 'A Darker Sunset'. Despite being billed as "ex-Durutti Column bassist" in at least two rags, Metcalfe elected to stay with what he knows best, the viola (with occasional keyboards).

The full setlist was:

A Darker Sunset
Unable To Comment
Something Lost
1st Major Upset
The Shock Of Recognition
Waiting For Clarence


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6 Sept 2006
"SXXV are delighted to announce that they shall be supporting New Order at their Blackpool Empress Ballroom concert on October 16th.

New Order last played Section 25's hometown 23 years ago at The Venue... with Section 25, who also arranged the gig."

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Durutti gigs cancelled 
Apparently both of The Durutti Column's scheduled upcoming gigs in the south-west of England and the one-off charity gig by Vini Reilly and Helen Farley-Jones in Sale have been cancelled.

The gigs concerned are:

Vini Reilly and Helen Farley-Jones live at Waterside Pub, Sale, 19 September 2006
Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, 16 September 2006
The Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombe, 15 September 2006

At present there is no explanation as to why the gigs have been cancelled.


New album by Kings Have Long Arms 
Kings Have Long Arms long-awaited debut Ross Orton (m.i.a. / Kelis / Fat Truckers / Bromhead Jacket) produced LP 'I Rock Eye Pop' out 18 September,on Martin Moscrop's (ACR) new Manchester label Heart and Soul.

Guests on this great LP are Philip Oakey of the Human League, Mungo Jerry, Denise Johnson, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce of The Smiths.

The first 1000 copies of this exciting CD comes with a free full-length (over 60 mins) KHLA DVD, with videos, interviews, live appearances and sillyness galore.

"The most refreshing album of the year so far" - 9 out of 10 -- FUTURE MUSIC.

"If there's a better Electro Pop LP out this year I will eat Morrissey."-- Martin Lilleker, Sheffield Sandman.

"A terrific selection of idiosyncratic electronic pop sounds, I Rock Eye Pop takes music and injects it with Adrian's Curious World view." Manchester Evening News.

"An aural Ghost train of spectactular proportions that gives you an electric shock and a fat lip when you're least expecting it. I promise you will not have heard anything quite like this and I mean that in a good way." Propertop.com

'the house band if Phoenix Nights had an electro night'. Martk Moore

Kings Have Long Arms headline The Leadmill, Sheffield this Saturday 9 September.


ARTIST: Kings Have Long Arms
TITLE: I Rock * Eye Pop
LABEL: Heart & Soul Recordings
RELEASE DATE: 18 September 06


5 Sept 2006
Arctic Circle Electro - Wed 6 Sep @ ICA 
Just a reminder that John Metcalfe plays the ICA tomorrow night as part of the Arctic Circle evening. John will be on at 8.15pm.



Second album 'Royal Shit' from ex-Orch frontman 
Superqueens, ex-Orch frontman Michael Conroy-Harris's collaboration with Salford electronic composer and beat-meister Bruce Magill, has a second album out on supermarket records called 'Royal Shit'.

Check out www.myspace.com/superqueens for streaming tracks and some reviews / comments.

Also, The Orch reformed briefly for a gig at the Green Room on 4 August, for a benefit gig in aid of the Hovis Presley Memorial Trust.

Michael says "Hovis was a close mate of ours and it is likely that we shall be performing and maybe even recording at some point, with a similar motive."
4 Sept 2006
Manchester Special in Guardian Travel 
Saturday's Guardian carried an extensive special Manchester and the north west of England in its Saturday edition.

Among the extensive highlights ...

The Haçienda - Photographs of Manchester's Legendary Club
18 Oct - 4 Dec

"Urbis has really upped its game in the last 12 months. It is, increasingly, the dynamic space that a "museum of the city" should be. Photographer Ian Tilton's homage to the Hacienda should interest veteran ravers and students of pop culture alike, and whet the appetite for a much larger Hacienda retrospective next summer."


The Warehouse Projec
Boddington's Brewery
6 Oct - 31 Dec

"InBev should never have moved production of Boddington's bitter to Wales, but at least the old buildings are being put to good use. Over 12 weeks this autumn, they will play host to a series of 25 unique warehouse 'raves' the line-ups ranging from the jazzy beats of Gilles Peterson and Mr Scruff, through Justice and Soulwax's New Rave disco-punk to the non-deeper Detroit techno of Theo Parrish and Moodymann."

Saturday 7 October
GBP 12.00 Adv
Xfm / Mike Pickering Presents
'Welcome To The Warehouse'
Kasabian [DJ Set] / Mike Pickering / Doves [DJ Set] / Lorraine [Live] / The View [Live] / Ali Love [Live] / Kieth [Live] / The Box: Aim [Live] / Sugardaddy [Live]
Tom Findlay [Groove Armada] / Dexter [The Avalanches] / Krysko


Plus: In The City, One Love and, next year, The Manchester International Festival.


3 Sept 2006
The Durutti Column - Update September 2006 
A message from KOOKY Records:

Sub-Group Newsletter

The next Durutti Column Sub-Group Newsletter is on schedule for the end of the year but as we've some exciting news we thought you'd appreciate a quick update. Those who have not bought the second CD subscription, it is now available. More details are available by emailing kookydiscs@btinternet.com.

Vini Reilly solo show Friday 3rd November with FREE TEN TRACK CD!!

KOOKY Records is ten years old and to celebrate we're putting on a show at the Soundhaus* in Northampton on Friday 3 November 2006.

We're very proud to announce that VINI REILLY has agreed to headline with his first solo show for what is several years. It should be a special night. Support will come from GNAC and THE RETRO SPANKEES.

To celebrate, admission will also include a FREE TEN TRACK CD - not available in the shops. While the track-listing is still to be finalised VINI REILLY / THE DURUTTI COLUMN have given us two exclusive tracks just for this compilation which is likely to also feature exclusive tracks from GNAC, PRAM, THE RETRO SPANKEES amongst others.

Please come. We'll make you very welcome. Tickets will be on sale soon, priced at GBP 10.00, from the Soundhaus ticket office (the Underground) on 01604 604020. Entry to KOOKY10 will also admit you to the after gig club night** where the young people enjoy indie hits into the small hours. So you've got lots of options...

Vini Reilly and Durutti Column Memorabilia

We're also hoping to have a stall at the show with some of Vini's own Durutti Column collectibles at sensible prices. All will come with a letter of authenticity signed by Vini, so bring your pocket money. I do not have any details on specific items at this time but will do so nearer the show.

Sporadic Three - New Album out 2007 - pre-release at solo show only

Sporadic Three is due for release early in 2007. It's the usual eclectic collection of rarities, versions, exclusives, and absolute stunners - running in the same vein as the previous two. It will be released officially next year, however, it will be made available for one night only at the show! Sub-Group members will have the chance to purchase it before it goes on general release early next year.

Phew. That's it. Hope to see you all at KOOKY10 on 3rd November.

Phil and Alex KOOKY

* The Soundhaus has a capacity of 400 and is well positioned in Northampton with adjacent free parking. More details on getting there etc at www.thesoundhaus.com. Please book early to avoid disappointment. The Retro Spankees, who are from Northampton, routinely fill the venue to their shows, hence the need to give you advance notice. Vini will headline and will be on around 9.30pm.

** We're still investigating the venue for our after-show 'do' but it will be within walking distance of the venue.


1 Sept 2006
Legends of the Fall: New Order 

The Guardian dissects the "must-sees" of the coming autumn (or "fall", if you will) and in amongst them is New Order's enormo-gaff tour:

"it's 20 years since the Mancunian electronic godfathers last toured regional venues in places like Blackpool and Bournemouth. If they return to their 1980s policy of playing wildly different sets each night, audiences starting to tire of hearing Blue Monday for the 4,567th time are in for a real treat."


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