31 Jul 2007
Horse's Big Arm 
Paul Ryder - thumping bass player in the original Happy Mondays - now has a band called Big Arm.

They have a single - Flashbacks, a video, an album on the way and a tour with Ian Brown to promote it.

The album - Radiator - was produced by ex-ACR studio engineer John Pennington and is slated for release on 24th September.

See the vid, get the single, read an interview, sample the album, get ringtones, tour dates - the lot - on the Matchbox Recordings site.

Be warned. Big Arm. It's large.

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30 Jul 2007
Putting the Inde in Indesit 
Lee Gale in Saturday's Grauniad Guide discusses New Order's considerable volte-face in allowing their music to be used in television advertising.

This'll be the same New Order who turned down $40,000 from Heinz in the early nineties for the use of their world cup theme tune 'Eating For England (En-ger-land!)' in a ketchup ad!

Presumably 'Blue Monday' (Mars and Sunkist) and 'Hey Now' (Indesit washing machines) will be more lucrative now than 'World In Motion' would have been fifteen years ago?

No wonder they're now arguing over who-left-whom and, therefore, who-owns-what!?!
Suggestions for future Indesit soundtracks include 'Round & Round', 'Vanish (ing Point)' and '(Whites) Ruined in a Day'.

Thanks Neil.


29 Jul 2007
Record Peddlar Redux 
As regulars to the shop will recall, one of the many services to the community provided by the mighty Record Peddlar - the eighties Manchester vinyl collector shop responsible for a large proportion of the Factory Records back-office items available today - was that of alternative music videotek.

The shop amassed a formidable archive of material on the (relatively) new VHS format which was regularly shown during opening hours.

On researching for an - as yet unwritten - Scream City piece I spent some time on a certain website seeing if any of my own personal RP favourite vid selections were available.

As a summer holiday/rainy day treat, cerysmaticFactory presents the Record Peddlar Redux top twenty video show. Enjoy!

ACR - And Then Again (Celebration)

The Birthday Party - Junkyard (German TV)

Bowie & Bolan - Granada TV

Can - Paperhouse (German TV)

The Cramps - Garbageman (Video)

DAF - Der Mussolini (Live)

The Damned - Curtain Call (Live)

Duran Duran - The Chauffer (Video)

The Fall - Totally Wired (Live In America Therein)

Fun Boy 3 - Our Lips Are Sealed (The Tube?)

Japan - Swing (OGWT)

Joy Division - Transmission/She's Lost Control (Something Else)

Magazine - Motorcade (So It Goes)

PIL - Poptones (OGWT)

The Residents - The Act Of Being Polite (Video)

Section 25 - New Horizon (Video)

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Metal Postcard (OGWT)

Talking Heads - Crosseyed & Painless (Italian TV)

Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Sesame Street)

Frank Zappa - Montana (US TV)

Dedicated to Dave Booth

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28 Jul 2007
The ego, I think, seems to belong to the guys 
Contrary to popular belief, The Hacienda and Factory were not bastions of male dominance and would not be where they aren't today without the Pennys, Ellies, Rebeccas, twins, Angs, Suzannes, Janes, Tinas, Fionas and Theresas that worked tirelessly (and anonymously) behind the scenes.

This is touched on by House doctor, receptionist, cloakroom attendant and butty maker for the Hacienda all-star humping crew - Hillegonda Rietveld - in an interview for the BBC last week during the pre-opening press conference for the Hacienda Urbis exhibition.


27 Jul 2007
Money vs History 
"I used to say some people make money and some make history - which is very funny until you find you can't afford to keep yourself alive." - Anthony H Wilson

[From http://popbitch.com]

25 Jul 2007
Bizarre Love Triangle 

Press Statement

Due to recent questions that have arisen over the future of New Order at both the Cannes Film Festival and the Mojo Awards, Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris have today decided to issue a press statement.Bernard and Stephen - After 30 years in a band together we are very disappointed that Hooky has decided to go to the press and announce unilaterally that New Order have split up. We would have hoped that he could have approached us personally first. He does not speak for all the band, therefore we can only assume he no longer wants to be a part of New Order.

Whatever happens musically or otherwise, New Order have NOT split up, they continue to exist.

New Order will be making no further comment about this matter.



24 Jul 2007
Unity Gain 
Tickets are still available for Wednesday (July 25th) night's discussion of genius producer Martin Hannett and his association with Factory Records.

Hosted by "Hannett's friend and former Durutti Column singer" (and regular cerysmaticFactory contributor) Colin Sharp and featuring Martin Moscrop, MickMiddles and CP Lee, the event marks the launch of Colin's book "Who KilledMartin Hannett?".

Colin describes his book as "a faux-detective thing, a little bit tongue in cheek" in today's Metro freesheet (Five QuestionsFor...Colin Sharp).

The discussion will be held in the foyer of Urbis, after which singer-turned-author-turns-dj and spins some Hannett classics in the Urbis Social bar.

The great man's 'Fernando' at full blast please!

Ticket details on the Urbis website.

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Control UK Premiere 
Joy Division Central report that the Anton Corbijn's Ian Curtis flick Control is to be premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 17 August 2007, with the film going on general release in the UK on 5 October 2007.


Kevin Hewick new single 
Pinkbox Records are proud to present the long-awaited new single/E.P. from legendary, Leicester-based singer-songwriter Kevin Hewick

The new 7" single, which is launched at the Summer Sundae Weekender 2007, will be followed by a 4-track downloadable E.P., featuring two further brand new tracks, all produced by Gaz Birtles (The Beautiful South, The Swinging Laurels) and Kevin Hewick.

Something to Do On The Bus / That Side of Me (7" single) - pink009

That Side Of You (4-track digital download) - pink009D

More details at http://www.kevinhewick.co.uk


23 Jul 2007
Saturday 28 July is the second and final day that the Yamamoto/Adidas FAC51-Y3 trainers - Designed by Saville/Kelly/Hook and housed in a Hacienda dancefloor-shaped box - will be 'available' to the general public.

Of the 250 limited edition £345.00 trainers, 16 were snapped up at the new Aspecto store in the Manchester Triangle on 21 July - with several punters, apparently, queuing overnight for the privilege. Aspecto are expecting a further 16 pairs to be on sale on the 28th.

"These shoes are a realisation of a memory shared by many of their passage through a place in a moment in time" - Peter Saville.

"For more information you'd better get yourself down there sharpish" - Aspecto Website.

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22 Jul 2007
Deeply Vale Festivals - The DVD 
A new dvd out 28 July 2007 will chronicle the history of the Deeply Vale Festival. The running time is approximately 220 mins and the content is spread over three main parts. The dvd comes with an in-depth booklet on the festival as well as all the film footage listed below.

It will be available priced 17.99 GBP from:

Ozit Morpheus Records
PO Box 116
Cheshire CW9 5UG

Telephone orders (Switch, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa accepted) on 01565 734066 or 01565 734577

Email orders to ozitrecords@which.net

Full running order
Part One: Deeper Deeply Vale

Music, performances and rare video from:
Mick Middles' memories Part One
Misty In Roots - Six One Penny
Here and Now - What You see is What You are
Spizz Energi - Medley
Wilful Damage - Punk Space Rock
The Fall - intro by Marc Riley / Bingo Masters Break Out inc video comments from Mark E Smith
Tractor - Watching White Stars
Guitar George Borowski - This is not love
Ruts - Jah Wars
Nik Turner - Anubis plus Interview
Pete Farrow - Fixin to Die
Trevor Hyett - You just can't make it by yourself
Tony Crabtree - God Damn It We're All Gonna Die
Body - Brave New World
Danny and The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishop's Dead Body
Mick Middles' memories - Part Two
Steve Hillage - Searching for the Spark
David Bacha and DJ Foggy - Beautiful Friday Night
Accident on the East Lancs - We Want it Legalised
Fast Cars - Who loves Jimmy Anderton
The Trend - The Cookie Flow
Unknown artist 1
Dave Smith's on stage speech
Unknown artist 2
Unknown artist 3
Foreign Press - Downpour
Rivington Spyke - Poetry
Unknown artist 4
Elti Fits - Rebel Rebel

[wherever possible, audio soundtracks and film and stills from the actual festival have been used for each artist]

Part Two: Truly Madly Deeply Vale: 49 min documentary
Including original footage and interviews with:
Jimi Goodwin - Doves
Mark E Smith
Chris Hewitt - one of the festival organisers
Vini Reilly - The Durutti Column
Andy McCluskey - OMD
Jim Milne - Tractor
Steve Clayton - Tractor
Graham Massey - 808 State
Grant Showbiz
Steve Hillage
Alan Hempsall - Crispy Ambulance
Luke Bainbridge - Observer Music Monthly
Stuart and Steve Murray - Fast Cars

Part Three: Interview extras

Steve Cowen - Mock Turtles
Mark E Smith - around twenty minutes of classic Mark E Smith talking about Deeply Vale and The Fall
Jimi Goodwin - Doves
Vini Reilly - The Durutti Column
Andy McCluskey - OMD
Luke Bainbridge - Observer Music Monthly
Graham Massey (Biting Tongues, 808 State)

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19 Jul 2007
FAC 491 Urbis launch party people 
A diverse crowd of Hacienda regulars, Manchester musicians, Factory Records illuminati, friends and hangers on descended on Urbis last night to celebrate the launch of Hacienda 25: The Exhibition - FAC 491.

Rather appropriately as we waited outside some wag commented "it's just like the Hacienda itself - a large queue for no apparent reason".

Once inside and bolstered by a free drink courtesy of Stolichnaya (unfortunately it wasn't a typo on the invitation and it was only "a free drink" and not "free drinks") an energetic Peter Hook was DJing in the main space.

Gradually people filtered upstairs to the freshly-completed exhibition space itself. Spread out over several rooms and grouped both chronologically and thematically, it contained just about everything and anything from the history of the Hacienda.

Original artefacts began with the original '51' doors, Kevin Cummins's portrait of Tony Wilson, Hacienda 1 by Peter Saville and as such it evoked strong memories of stepping into the club itself.

A rather splendid Hacienda family tree by Elliott Eastwick charted the links between all the people who were ever linked to the club.

Films and videos of live performances, TV documentaries (including FAC 104) and original scratch videos by Claude Bessy and Swivel were available for your own viewing pleasure.

A whole section was devoted to the Visual Brand Signifiers of the Hacienda through the years. From original conceptual sketches for birthday posters to a brand new pair of FAC 51-Y3 trainers (via a bottle on Vin D'Usine) this was a particular highlight.

Downstairs the crowd spilled out to the popular smoking and drinking area to the sounds of Sasha and finally Graeme Park (who was introduced by Oliver Wilson who had just auctioned a pair of FAC 51-Y3s to a lucky lady for a cool grand).

[By the way, if you want to get your hands on a pair at the slightly-more-reasonable price of 345 quid then get yourself to the new flagship Y3 store in the Triangle, Manchester, on either Monday 23 or Monday 30 July. These are the only two days that the limited edition trainer is being sold.]

Proceedings came to end at a respectable midnight but continued into the wee small hours at One Central Street.

A non-exhaustive list of those in attendance: Ian Brown (sporting a pair of FAC51-Y3s), Pat Carroll, Pete Carroll, Andy Connell, Paul Cons, Terry Hall, Peter Hook, Karen Jackson, Trevor Johnson, Ben Kelly, Ang Matthews, Bruce Mitchell, moist, Damian Morgan, Martin Moscrop, Liz Page, Graeme Park, Suddi Raval, Lindsay Reade, Gonnie Rietveld, Matthew Robertson, Andy Robinson, Rowetta, Shaun Ryder (sporting a Y3 bomber jacket), Sasha, Peter Saville, Tim Sinclair, Ian Tilton, Oliver Wilson, Andrea Zapp.

Special Cerysmatic shout-outs to Andy Brydon, David Sultan, Iain Smedley (hope you caught your flight), Alex the Red and his mates, Rebecca, Damian Morgan, Suddi (I wanna see those pix!), the King's Arms, the Marble Arch and Tampopo, for pre-match entertainment, moist for beer, Jan Hargreaves, Liz Page & Andy Connell, Pete + Pat + Karen + Sam, Leroy Richardson and all at One Central Street for post-match entertainment, Colin (wish you coulda gone), Tim 'the greatest lover and photographer in the world' Sinclair & mates and Matt Robertson.

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18 Jul 2007
Confusion - the book launch 
To launch the new book BERNARD SUMNER – CONFUSION: Joy Division, Electronic and New Order Versus the World by David Nolan a book launch is being held on 1 September 2007 at the Bull's Head, Market Square, Stockport.

4.00 GBP entry on the door. Numbers strictly limited. Pre-booking advised.

Live music from TRANSMISSION (Warsaw set/Joy Division set) punk, post punk and dance DJ sets. Book readings by author David Nolan plus books for sale at cheaper than the shops prices! Get your copy signed.

If you send an email to davidnolanwriter@hotmail.com with your name and how many peoplke you want in – and you arrive before 20:30 – you'll get an confirmatory email and be guaranteed entry.

After 20:30 it's first come first served.

Running order

20:00 - Doors
20:30 - DJ (Curfew for 'guest list'. If you've registered your name you will get in if you are there before 8.30pm.)
21:30 - 1st reading plus short 'Warsaw' set
22:00 - DJ
23:00 - 2nd short reading plus 'Joy Division' set
Followed by DJ
Close – LATE

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14 Jul 2007
Haçienda 25: The Exhibition - FAC 491 
Here are the details of the special invitation-only event.

Haçienda 25

The Exhibition

FAC 491

Wednesday 18 July 2007

7pm til late

Urbis Cathedral Gardens Manchester

The evening includes a spectacular line up of entertainment including DJs Sasha, Peter Hook and Graeme Park.


13 Jul 2007


By David Nolan

Bernard Sumner has read the manuscript of David Nolan's new book 'Confusion' and decided to contribute to the biography.

He's added his thoughts and observations to David's text, put many previously private matters into context and had a right to reply on some of the more controversial aspects of the book.

David Nolan says: "Bernard Sumner has read this book; it was vital that he be allowed to respond to some of the issues raised, particularly the very personal ones.

"To his credit, Bernard took a great deal of time and care offering his thoughts on the manuscript. As a result, where I had initially made a mistake, I have corrected it. Where his version differed to someone else's, I've included both. Where Bernard offers insight into something I could only have guessed at, I have added it verbatim.

"Unofficial biographies often have the sense that the author has the freedom to write whatever he or she wants, but is hampered by a lack of insider knowledge. Official ones have the story straight from the horse's mouth, but sometimes with the suspicion that deals have been struck and harsher words censored. This is an odd mix of both and is all the better for it.

Good luck for the future Bernard. Your past has been a fascinating puzzle to piece together."

David Nolan


Summer 2007


ISBN:0-9552822-6-8 and 978-0-9552822-6-3 234mm x 156mm Paperback 240 pages

50 rare and unpublished photographs including 1 x 8 pp glossy b/w plates + 32 integrated pics 12.99 GBP

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12 Jul 2007
Silky 9th Birthday/Salford Star Benefit feat. Peter Hook 14 July 2007 

This year the dance music organisation Silky celebrates its' 9th birthday.

Silky Productions was born at The Beach nightclub in Cairns, Tropical North Australia at a tribute party for the much loved UK dj Tony de Vit (who was often known as "The Godfather Of Hard House") when he passed away in July 1998.

Once again, Silky celebrate the life and work of a legend, and 9 years of global friendship and partying with an event on Saturday 14th July 2007 at The Riverscape Club (located at The Crescent, by Salford University near Manchester).

A world class Dj lineup includes Peter Hook (of Hacienda & New Order fame), Ric P & Rennie (doing a TdV Classics set), Silky sisters Sinead & Millie, and original Silky Dj's Shaun de Bauch & Jamie.

Entry is £5, pay on the door, and all profits are being donated equally to charities chosen

by Ray de Vit (edwardstrust.co.uk) and Peter Hook (salfordstar.com).

The fun kicks off at 7pm, so get in early...


- Peter Hook "bag of goodies"

- framed Tony de Vit picture signed by Ray de Vit

- framed party flyer signed by the Dj's

- 2 x Silky baseball cap

- 2 x Silky "Peoples Republic of Dancechester" T-shirts

- Global Underground DVD

- Ninja Tune DVD

- Salford Star t-shirts !!!

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Happy Mondays support for Tony Wilson's cancer treatment 
Helen Carter reports in yesterday's Guardian that Happy Mondays and other Manchester bands are helping to buy a cancer drug for Tony Wilson.

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11 Jul 2007
Outstanding contribution 
New Order won the Mojo Outstanding Contribution to Music award at the recent Mojo Awards. Accepting the award alongside Stephen Morris at the central London gala do, Hooky said "After Ian died, and we were all in the pub, as you do, Rob Gretton said to us 'Don't worry lads, you're gonna be fucking big in 10 years time.' It wasn't much solace at the time. But now, 20, 30 years on, it's fucking great! But I do wish he was here to see it."


Mojo's 80 From the Eighties 
The August 2007 issue of Mojo magazine contains an '80 From The Eighties' supplement detailing the decade's 80 best albums. Factory Records inclusions are Closer by Joy Division, Low-Life by New Order and Bummed by Happy Mondays.

There are also new interviews with Shaun Ryder and Johnny Marr. Oh, and a screen capture of Bernard Sumner dancing to Fine Time on Top of the Pops.

Finally, no Eighties nostalgia trip would be complete without some button badges. There are five, including one of Ian Curtis.

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10 Jul 2007
Wim Crouwel interview on the CR Blog 
There is an excellent interview with highly influential graphic designer and (even though he doesn't think of himself as one) typographer on the Creative Review blog. 8vo and Peter Saville are both mentioned.


9 Jul 2007
Happy Mondays live at The Ritz, Manchester 
The Manchester Evening News reviews Happy Mondays' Manchester International Festival gig last night at a packed-out Ritz in Manchester.


8 Jul 2007
The Crawling Chaos 
Check out the official Crawling Chaos website at www.crawlingchaos.co.uk. It contains an extensive discography, biography, photo galleries plus lots more.


5 Jul 2007
Les Paul FAC 473 by Peter Saville 
The Guitar Player Gear Guide reports on Gibson Guitar Town London 2007, an exhibition of giant guitars which features 'Les Paul FAC 473' by Peter Saville and signed by New Order. Saville's colour wheel code runs along the guitar's neck and the body is completely black.



Scream City 3 now on sale 
Scream City 3 is out on eBay now priced GBP 2.00 + p&p.
3 Jul 2007
A Factory Night (once again) 
Details are emerging of a special mini-tour by Section 25, Crispy Ambulance, Kevin Hewick and other ex-Factory artists.

The tour will go under the banner of 'A Factory Night (once again)' and will take place in selected continental European cities in December 2007.


venue tbc, Cologne, Germany - Friday 14 December
Plan K, Brussels, Belgium, - Saturday 15 December
Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Sunday 16 December

What's happening

Live: Section 25, The Names, Crispy Ambulance, Kevin Hewick (final line-up to be confirmed)
DJ sets: Martin Moscrop + local DJ's
Exhibitions: Philippe Carly (www.newwavephotos.com), Katja Ruge (www.myspace.com/fotoreportage23

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1 Jul 2007
Come to Manchester 
The LA Times, of all newspapers, has a great article by Scott Timberg on Manchester the cultural and tourist destination.

Closer to home, Miranda Sawyer for today's Observer puts forward the case for Manchester being the beating cultural heart of Britain.

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