28 Nov 2008
The Energy Suite 
The Wirral Globe reports on new OMD art project 'The Energy Suite', a new audio-visual installation about power stations in England's North West which features new music by the band. OMD's Andy McCluskey developed the project with Peter Saville and video artist Hambi Haralambous.

McCluskey told the Globe, "When OMD started to be a functioning band again one of the first calls came from Peter, who reminded me that many years ago, we decided to do an audio/visual installation. We share this fascination with industrial sites, because they are very powerful, visual objects. Peter has for many years had this mantra 'It all looks like art to me now' and this is the philosophy behind the installation."

Back in 2006, in an interview for Scream City, McCluskey said "After years of losing the plot, and just trying to write songs like a craftsman, I'm actually indulging at the moment that one of the things that were hoping to do with the comeback of OMD is an installation piece with Peter Saville. The starting point was Stanlow, but were going to do several pieces and I'm scouting sites now and looking at the North Hoyle Bank Turbines off the Flint coast, and electric mountain in Snowdonia where they pump water through caverns to generate power and Stanlow Oil Refinery. It's been great, I feel like a kid again. I've been doing a piece of music for the North Hoyle Bank, and just sitting there doing these bits of music, looking at pictures like we did for Sealand and Stanlow. It's really been like going back full circle, twenty-five, twenty-six years ago."

The Energy Suite runs at FACT in Liverpool from 12 December 2008 until 22 February 2009.


The Energy Suite
88 Wood Street
L1 4DQ


26 Nov 2008
Kanye West: 808s and Heartbreak (and New Order) 
It's time to mix a sleeve cocktail: Take one part "Blue Monday", one part "Substance", and add a dash of "Confusion"; mix well; strain.

You should now have Kanye West's new '808s and Heartbreaks'. Enjoy!

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25 Nov 2008
Peter Saville™: I Love Design and Disillusion 
You might want to rethink that graphic design career, at least according to Peter Saville™. In a pair of sobering video interviews for Quark's ilovedesign.com, Saville discusses the pitfalls of 'Commercialism and Design', seeing a "wave of disillusion across the creative profession", and in 'Pop Culture and Design', the 'open opportunities' of working for Factory and New Order, and what is iconic packaging vs. iconic music.

His advice to anyone questioning a design career: "What is it that they actually care about? I think there's nothing worse than being faced with 20 or 30 or 40 years of your life caught up in something you don't care about."

Other ilovedesign.com interviewees include graphic designer David Carson and book cover designer Chip Kidd.

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Peter Saville™: Power, Corruption and Pornography 
"I can say categorically that porn depraves and corrupts. Absolutely." So goes one of the many quotable lines in Peter Saville™'s "A Few Things I Know About Pornography" think piece for SuperTouch. "Artists and image-makers have believed that [for years and years] that what they are tapping into was, not necessarily a secret, but a relatively unshared image bank. I quite frequently take stills from porn films, quite confident that most people wouldn’t have a clue where that came from." Hmm, that's going to cause some people to re-examine that past Saville work...
Ed Templeton: Map of the Inner War 
Skateboarding legend (and Factory Too designer) Ed Templeton's latest gallery showing has opened at Roberts & Tilton in Los Angeles. Titled 'Map of the Inner War', it features some 250 new works including painting, sculpture, photography, and works on paper. The show runs through 13 December 2008.

If you're not in L.A., SuperTouch has a new wide-ranging in-depth interview with Templeton with a large gallery of his artwork.

But if you are in Madrid, the travelling 'Beautiful Losers' exhibition (including pieces by Templeton and like-minded compatriots) has just touched down at La Casa Encendida and runs until 4 January 2009.
24 Nov 2008
A Mind Made Up 
The full tracklisting for the new ACR album A Mind Made Up is:

1. I feel light
2. Down, down, down
3. Everything is good
4 Way to escape
5. Rialto 2006
6. Mind made up
7. Teri
8. Bird to the ground
9. Starlight
10. Which is reality?
11. Skunk
12. Very busy man

It's on sale now but only in France on the French label Le Son du Maquis. Try online retailers fnac.com or Amazon.fr.

With thanks to Mr Moscrop.


Force Fed Feat 
Two small feed-related changes to the right-hand column of the Cerysmatic front page:

i) The Links (driven by delicious.com) are now called News Links to reflect the fact they are topical and relate more often than not to recent news events.

ii) Below the News Links is a new feed providing info on the latest site updates. This is where we will post info on all the new pages uploaded to the site and any future changes to how we organise things.


Check out Adesh's Flickr photostream of the Part Time Punks festival featuring A Certain Ratio.


Christmas Works Do 
After their European success with Peter Hook, Section 25 have announced a special one-off SXXV Xmas Party at the Beat Club in Blackpool on Friday 19 December. The line-up will comprise Section 25 plus a special aftershow DJ set from Peter Hook plus support from Pink Hearse, Dave Mac and DJ Stu Diggle. Tickets are only 8 quid in advance or 10 on the door.

A source close to the band informs Cerysmatic that Peter Hook's involvement will in fact be a bit more than DJing and that he will be joining SXXV on stage for the first UK outing for Peter Hook Section 25. So this is indeed an event not be missed.


Friday 19 December 2008


Section 25
Peter Hook (DJ Aftershow Set)
Support: Pink Hearse & Dave Mac +1
DJ: Stu Diggle

The Beat Club
22 Corporation Street
Blackpool FY1 1EJ [map]

Doors 9 'til late.

Advance Tickets: 8.00 GBP
Pay on door: 10.00 GBP

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Shack Up (in LA) 
Videos from the recent Part Time Punks festival in Los Angeles, including one of A Certain Ratio doing Shack Up, can be found on the YouTube channel of the NME's LA correspondent Lyndsey Parker.

Read Lyndsey's full review on NME.com.

With thanks to Tim B.


23 Nov 2008
Factory Box Set: Use Sight Protection 
New & improved with added Praxis, here is the confirmed artwork for the upcoming 'Factory Records: Communications 1978-92' box. Word has it that the gray background is actually silver...


21 Nov 2008
Box Set A-Go-Go 
Sources tell Cerysmatic that the upcoming Rhino Factory Records box set is now titled: 'Factory Records: Communications 1978-92'.


Regret: The Sagacity of Peter Hook 
Peter Hook's forthright honesty comes through loud and clear in a set of 5 video interviews for MagicRPM.com. (Conducted during the recent Peter Hook & Section 25 tour.) Titled 'Saga New Order', and running about 25 minutes in total, Hook touches on subjects as varied as the woulda shoulda coulda parameters of the recent New Order Rhino remasters, truly knowing your bandmates of 30 years, the best (& worst) New Order videos, Happy Mondays thwarted thieving, his problems with 1 Top Class Manager, and, er, David Hasselhoff.

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20 Nov 2008
Peter Saville™: Winter Wireframes 2009 
So you've been rolling along (gently now, those old bones break so easily nowadays) for the past few summers on your Peter Saville™ skateboard decks from Supreme, kitted out with your Peter Saville™ Y-3 trainers (when they're not enshrined on your Peter Saville™ plinth), all the while balancing a Peter Saville™ Sony PSP guitar cut-out in one hand and a pile of Peter Saville™ books & magazines in the other.

At a loss for what to do this winter in a Peter Saville™-designed sporty style? No worries, Peter Saville™ has got you covered. Literally. Introducing Peter Saville™-designed snowboarding wear from DC Shoes. Peter Saville™ parkas and snowpants? You betcha. ('Anexus D' and 'Sunno D' for yer night-time commando mercenary types, and 'Tazer D' for yer regular day-time ninjas.) Mind those Peter Saville™ Y-3 trainers in the slush though...
19 Nov 2008
Re: ReRemastered 
While we here at Cerysmatic haven't jumped into the public fray about the assorted audio problems with the recent New Order Collectors Edition 2-disc re-issues, here is a statement from Rhino that may give us a bit of hope (although they do hedge a bit):

"Warner Bros. UK, Rhino and New Order regret that the initial pressings of the Collector Editions of "Movement", "Power, Corruption & Lies", "Low-Life", "Brotherhood" and "Technique" contain some minor audio problems on the bonus discs. We are now in the process of correcting the problems, but it should be noted that due to the age and condition of some of the original source tapes, the sound quality may vary. A further statement will be issued once the corrected product is available. At that time, the procedure for exchanging CD's will be announced. Thank you for your patience while we resolve this situation."


A Certain Ratio: Mind Made Up 
A Certain Ratio's forthcoming 'Mind Made Up' album is previewed with 3 excellent tracks currently streaming on the Le Maquis label site. Tracks are listed as 'Everything Is Good', 'I Feel Like' and 'Mind Made Up'.

No confirmed release date from the label (although we do get a peek at the cover art). (Note: Amazon.fr has the date as 20 November 2008. Hmmm.)

Listen here.


18 Nov 2008
Box Set Not-So-Go 
Latest word on the street has it that Rhino's 'A Factory Box Set' will be delayed until 12 January 2009.

See earlier Cerysmatic blog post for full details and tracklistings.
Quiffs, Riffs and Tiffs and... 
There is an opportunity to attend a free, exclusive screening of Joy Division: The Documentary at Salford Museum and Art Gallery as part of the "Quiffs, Riffs and Tiffs" exhibition, which explores music-making in Salford over the last 50 years.

The film will be preceded by a private view of the exhibition, and followed by a book signing of '1 Top Class Manager' by Lesley Gilbert of Anti-Archivists.

The event is FREE, but tickets are extremely limited. They can be obtained by phoning Quay tickets on 0870 428 0785. Tickets will be held on the door of the museum for all attendees.

This is a Salford Film Festival event, hosted in association with Manchester District Music Archive.

Thursday 20th November 2008

Salford Museum and Art Gallery
Peel Park
The Crescent
Salford, M5 4WU

5pm-6pm: Private viewing of 'Quiffs, Tiffs & Riffs'
6.15-7.45: Joy Division: The Documentary
7.45 onwards: Book signing of '1 Top Class Manager' and the chance to mingle.


Peter Saville will be the next cover artist and curator of Arkitip No. 0049, available 20 November.

From the press release: "Arkitip No. 0049 will be a virtual catalog of Peter’s work including essays from Saville’s colleagues throughout his career. It will also include two original prints from the designer. The prints will be 12 x 12" on 100 lb. archival stock and will sit on top of the magazine inside a custom designed box carefully encasing the magazine and prints. After another groundbreaking year in publishing for Arkitip, we aim to end the year in style by collaborating with one of the most influential designers of our generation."

Be sure to check out the Arkitip 'Peter Saville Chronicle' video interview. Stay with it until the end, his last lines are illuminating.

Expect wireframes, and an essay from FAC 461's Matthew Robertson.
PeterSectionKevinHook25Hewick: Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? 
Be sure to check out the big-hearted Kevin Hewick's blog entries covering the behind-the-scenes for the Peter Hook/Section 25 shows over at his website.

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15 Nov 2008
Edinburgh Division 
The 2nd installment of The Guardian's Label of Love series, focuses on Tony Wilson acolyte Alan Horne's Postcard Records.

Josef K's Paul Haig cites the Factory influence: "Glasgow bands were more jangly and influenced by West Coast Americana. In Edinburgh, it was definitely darker, and was hugely influenced by Joy Division." (An influence on Haig that continues to this day as seen by his semi-recent [& Hooky-approved] cover version of 'Atmosphere'.)

The full article is here.

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A Certain Part Time Ratio 
A reminder that A Certain Ratio are playing in Los Angeles tomorrow night, Sunday 16 November, headlining the Part Time Punks Festival, which also includes Pylon, Savage Republic, The Nightingales and Medium Medium.

The Echo & The Echoplex
1154 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Lineup and (tentative) schedule as follows:

Doors 2pm


2:30-3:00: Softboiled Eggies
3:20-4:00: Warpaint
4:30-5:10: Grimble Grumble
5:30-6:15: Magic Bullets
6:35-7:15: The Nightingales
7:35-8:15: Nervous Gender
8:30: Savage Republic
9:30: Ariel Pink
10:30: DJs


3:10-3:40: The Wild Stares
4:00-4:30: The Urinals
4:50-5:30: The Muslims
5:45-6:15: Vivian Girls
6:40-7:20: Medium Medium
7:45-8:40: Love Is All
9:00-10:00: Pylon
10:15: A Certain Ratio
11:30: DJs

Pylon will also be playing in San Francisco at The Independent on Tuesday 18 November.


14 Nov 2008
Full story and pics.

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Getting Interzone 
Cerysmatic catches up with Kevin Hewick for his thoughts on Peter Hook Section 25 Live:

"I was not only lucky enough to get to perform at four superb venues, I also got to witness all four SXXV/Hook soundchecks and sets and and watch them evolve and bond as a unit. By show three at Oss you were getting a version of 'Interzone' that made a lot of heavy metal seem wimpy.

"I was sorry to learn of Roger Wikeley leaving Section 25 as he is a wonderful man and ace musician but new Sectioner Steve Stringer is doing brilliantly both as a player and as a personality.

"Over 2 years on into their 'comeback' SXXV never fail to impress me live, it always feels like an event... but when Hooky strolled on it went mega - some of the greatest basslines ever done with attitude and panache.

"There were a few fluffed notes and cues but they didn't matter, I've heard less than perfect JD and NO live recordings. What matters is the true spirit of the music came alive.

"I've seen some lame comments on the net about people being old and fat and fossils - in fact Peter was match fit and had enough energy and charisma to light up any concert hall - and would then do a full-on DJing set straight after, rooms full of people going totally loco - job done and all the Hooky knockers looking pretty petty as far as I'm concerned.

"Paris and Brussels were more formal in concert venues with lovely appreciative audiences. Oss and Krefeld had a more rock 'n' roll club feeling, big places still though, and edgy and exciting.

"There was lots of fun on the tour bus and in the hotels, not the debauched rock band on tour myth kind, more that Stu Hill, Phil Murphy, Ian Butterworth and Steve Stringer just made everyone laugh a lot. I like my deep conversationals too and had lots of them with the Cassidys, Lesley Hunter and James Nice.

"We were a real community for those magical days of travel and music and it was honestly one of the best times I've ever had, I wish it had been a much longer tour, the vibe was there, 100%!"

Cheers Kevbo! And don't forget to check kevinhewick.co.uk in a few days for the full unexpurgated story.

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When The World Wide Web 
I am proud to announce the relaunch today of thedurutticolumn.com, the official site of The Durutti Column.

Many thanks to Amy, Andrea (Ciao!), Bruce, Frank, Iain (Technogeekery), Jim, Phil Kooky, Rob S (FAC 2.26) and Steven (FACT-checker extraordinaire and design guru). Without whom, etc.


13 Nov 2008
Hooktion 25 
Alex Staszko reports on all of the Peter Hook Section 25 Eurogigs from a fan's point of view:

"The 4 gigs got better after each one. The setlists were slightly different: Paris was much shorter, S25 only did 5, with a different encore. Hook didn't do Ultraviolence at the 1st 2 gigs. Poppyfields was played at 3 & at the last 3 afterparties (it went down really well in Brussels), Pottsy turned up in Paris.

"They played Looking From A Hilltop on the last nite. A lad from Brussels who was stood next to me & had been at 3 gigs said it was the best version he had ever heard!"

Check out Alex's Facebook photo galleries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Cheers Alex.

Meanwhile you can join in the discussion about the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board.

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12 Nov 2008
If it's Friday, it must be Belgium 
Cerysmatic caught up with Section 25 following the Peter Hook Section 25 Live European mini-tour with Peter Hook and Kevin Hewick:

Vin: "It was bloody great. The turnout varied, about 600 Os (NL), 800 Brussels (BE), about 400 in Paris (FR) and Krefeld was 350-400 (DE). Michel Duval (Factory Benelux / Crépuscule) and Mark Kamins turned out in Paris. Playing with Hooky is ace cos neither of us drink and it's good not to be the only non-drinker on the firm. Also he taught me some good stuff about tempo, pace and dynamics and I am grateful 'bout that.

"The highlight for me was Krefeld. It all came together and was powerful and at times quite menacing in its intensity. The MO for each show was Kevbo, then S25 for 9 songs then we were joined by Capt Hook. We then do 10 NO/JD then we fuck off. Encore next with just S25 doing 1 song and then the grand finale with Peter joining us for Doubts Even Here.

Quote of tour has to be Mark Kamins in Paris: "Glad to see you guys still got your motherfucking chops".

Ian: "Well for starters, I don't think that I have ever been as nervous as I was before the Paris gig! Had we rehearsed enough..? Will my amp blow up? I shouldn't have worried as by the time we had done our SSXV set we were ready... for anything!

"Hooky and his 'guitar-man', Phil Murphy were great, as their 'attitude' spread like wildfire, and we just 'went for it' on the subsequent nights. Just think 'Punk Rock' and you shall be alright! (as my Granny used to say).

"By the German gig we were chuffin' rocking, so it's a shame it was the last. We had definitely 'nailed it' by that time.

"I joined Tunnelvision in 1981, so I suppose the Joy Division / New Order songs are in my DNA, but it was still bizarre to be on stage playing those songs with Hooky! We also didn't want to do 'straight' versions of the JD/NO songs, so hopefully we put a little 'twist' on them, making them rawer and bringing the SXXV 'edge' to them. Everyone on 'the team', the people working at the venues, were fantastic and also the audiences too. Lets do it again!"


Section 25

New Horizon
Up To You
Friendly Fires
Charnel Ground
After Image
Can't Let Go
Looking From A Hilltop
Dirty Disco

Peter Hook + Section 25

No Love Lost
She's Lost Control
Dreams Never End
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Poppy Fields (SXXV)
Doubts Even Here (PH + SXXV)

Thanks to Vin and Ian. Stand by for more including Kevin Hewick and photo gallery. Meanwhile, check out Fred's (Fantastique Nights) Flickr photostream and another gallery on soundofviolence.net.

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The Wendys for The Prids 
Ian White out of The Wendys touches in with Cerysmatic for a bit of news: "We have just recorded a cover of a song by The Prids. It's for a benefit album for the band who were in an accident on tour recently. We have been in contact with them for some time and just thought it would be a good excuse to force ourselves out of inactivity. On the bright side it looks like we can work while geographically separated."

Thanks to Ian and best wishes to The Prids for a speedy recovery.

Spookily, following this news Cerysmatic unearthed this story about the Space Monkeys being involved in a similar accident about 10 years ago:

"Space Monkeys miraculously escaped with minor injuries after being in a horrific accident in which their van overturned and skidded along the motorway for over a quarter of a mile. The Manchester-based band were on their way back home after appearing at the Dour Festival in Belgium when a tyre blew out, and - in the words of bassist Dominic Morrison - 'the bus tipped over, the window smashed and I was dragged along the road. Sparks were flying through the bus and we seemed to slide along forever'.

"Morrison, guitarist Neil Walsh and sound engineer Trevor Brown were all taken to hospital and treated for cuts, bruises and shock, but all have now been discharged."

- From Melody Maker, 25 July 1998

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10 Nov 2008
Box Set Go-Going 
Latest news (from Amazon UK and Tower JP) sees the new 4-disc Rhino 'The Factory Box Set' released on 8 December. As noted before, it is compiled by Jon Savage, includes an essay by Paul Morley, and the artwork is by Peter Saville.

Tracklist is as follows:

1. Joy Division: Digital
2. A Certain Ratio: All Night Party
3. OMD: Electricity (Original version)
4. Joy Division: She's Lost Control
5. The Distractions: Time Goes By So Slow
6. Joy Division: Transmission
7. The Durutti Column: Sketch For Summer
8. X-O-Dus: English Black Boys
9. Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart
10. A Certain Ratio: Shack Up
11. Section 25: Girls Don't Count
12. Crawling Chaos: Sex Machine
13. A Certain Ratio: Flight
14. The Names: Night Shift
15. New Order: Ceremony (Original 7" version)
16. Minny Pops: Dolphin's Spurt
17. John Dowie: It's Hard To Be An Egg
18. Crispy Ambulance: Deaf
19. Section 25: Dirty Disco

1. New Order: Everything's Gone Green
2. ESG: Moody
3. Tunnelvision: Watching the Hydroplanes
4. The Durutti Column: Messidor
5. A Certain Ratio: Knife Slits Water (LP version)
6. Royal Family and the Poor: Art on 45
7. Swamp Children: Taste What's Rhythm
8. New Order: Temptation
9. 52nd Street: Cool As Ice
10. New Order: Blue Monday
11. Cabaret Voltaire: Yashar (John Robie Remix)
12. Quando Quango: Love Tempo
13. The Wake: Talk About The Past

1. New Order: Confusion
2. Marcel King: Reach For Love
3. Section 25: Looking from A Hilltop (12" Restructure)
4. Stockholm Monsters: All At Once
5. Life: Tell Me
6. The Durutti Column: A Little Mercy (Duet)
7. James: Hymn From A Village
8. Kalima: Trickery
9. A Certain Ratio: Sounds Like Something Dirty
10. Quando Quango: Genius
11. Happy Mondays: Freaky Dancin'
12. Miaow: When It All Comes Down
13. The Railway Children: Brighter
14. Biting Tongues: Compressor
15. New Order: True Faith
16. Happy Mondays: 24 Hour Party People

1. New Order: Fine Time
2. Happy Mondays: WFL (Think About the Future)
3. Revenge: Seven Reasons
4. Happy Mondays: Hallelujah (Club Mix)
5. Electronic: Getting Away With It
6. Happy Mondays: Step On
7. Northside: Shall We Take A Trip
8. England New Order: World In Motion
9. Happy Mondays: Kinky Afro
10. The Durutti Column: Home
11. Electronic: Get The Message (DNA remix)
12. Northside: Take 5
13. Cath Carroll: Moves Like You (Remix)
14. The Other Two: Tasty Fish (12" mix)
15. Happy Mondays: Sunshine and Love (Lionrock Remix)

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8 Nov 2008
Impending loudness 
The Durutti Column played the Barbican Hall on Thursday 6 November; it was correctly described as an extremely rare London appearance.

At the (somewhat delayed) soundcheck Keir sat in for Bruce on drums which were placed firmly in the middle of the large Barbican Hall stage. Vini ran through the main riff of Jumping Jack Flash.

Shortly after the scheduled 19:30 on-stage time, The Durutti Column were introduced individually by name although only Vini appeared on stage at this time. Dressed in orange t-shirt, jeans and Converse, he thanked everyone for coming and, as ever, apologised for the impending loudness.

After a solo (and particularly well sung) Gun, Vini welcomed "Miss Poppy Morgan" on stage for two piano duets which he "hijacked" with his guitar.

Poppy then left, to be replaced by Bruce (black shirt, black waistcoat and matching black beret with poppy) and Keir. An extra-extended version of Otis was familiar but the quite gorgeous piano outro made this one of the best renditions in recent memory.

It should be pointed out at this stage that the splendidly warm acoustics of the Barbican and a front-of-house sound engineer who clearly knew what he was doing combined with a band who were clearly relishing (and enjoying!) the experience to produce quite delightful sounds. The top two tiers were not sold for this event so everyone was sat in the Stalls (which were about 90% sold).

The only hiccup came during Jacqueline when Vini jumped the gun and the whole initial drum solo was skipped. Perhaps this was to meet running time restrictions. However, the same thing happened at the Ruby Lounge, so maybe not.

The second half of the set comprised Woman, The Missing Boy, The Beggar [a squall of feedback came from Keir's bass which at Vini's suggestion he then plugged into the piano amp. Vini quipped that Keir was doing exactly what he was going to do in the next song] and we closed with Requiem for my Mother with Vini mentioning that they had to get off stage.


Piano duet 1
Piano duet 2
The Missing Boy
The Beggar
Requiem for my Mother

Hi to Iain and Bunny, Simon, Keir, Bruce, Vini and Poppy. Thanks to the Barbican for the tea.

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Mark Reeder's been very busy of late, what with his remix with Micha Adam of the Blank & Jones track Miracle Cure (with Bernard Sumner on vocals) and much more besides.

Mark now brings Cerysmatic up to date with the very latest:

"A different mix [of Miracle Cure] will appear on a B&J remixes album we've made, for release in spring of 2009. Also I've just remixed the new Pet Shop Boys/Sam Taylor-Wood single on KOMPAKT records I'm In Love With a German Film Star - it's the Rundfunk Radio Mix which is only on the 7" single.

"I also have made the Stuck in the 80s Remix on the 12-inch and CD single and a Rias Radio Mix version, which is not on any record and is only for radio play.

"Also coming soon are two tracks that I've remixed for Anne Clark (Full Moon and If...) off her new album."

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Now the party's over 
Cerysmatic reader Fausto reports on Tuesday night's launch of 1 Top Class Manager at One Central Street in Manchester:

"We traversed the Pennines and missed Jon Savage due to the arrival of the fog. Pressed on anyway to keep up with the button badge collection, in keeping with those times. Vinyl Exchange appeared to be doing brisk business with the excellent book and various Manchester luminaries, including various members of New Order, A Certain Ratio, The Durutti Column, Crispy Ambulance were in attendance to partake of cake and listen to Rob's favourite records and witness the home videos."

It was indeed a very good turnout with all the following in attendance: Crompton, Jon Dasilva, Tracey Donnelly, Alan Erasmus, Gillian Gilbert, Trevor Johnson, Bruce Mitchell, Stephen Morris, Martin Moscrop, Mike Pickering, Andy Robinson, Andy Signwriter, Mark Williams (Haçienda poster collector extraordinaire), Mick Middles etc.

Many thanks to Fausto.

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3 Nov 2008
Human Noise 
Out now on Caroline True Records:

Human Noise 7" single
Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly) Impotent Fury Remixes

Manicured Noise
The Human League

Very Limited, White Vinyl Numbered 7" (500 copies) with unique artwork by Fred Deakin (Airside/Lemon Jelly).

A - Manicured Noise - Moscow 1980 (Impotent Fury Remix)
B - The Human League - The Dignity Of Labour Part 3 (Impotent Fury Remix)

In 2007 Fred Deakin, acclaimed electronic musician (Lemon Jelly), designer and DJ, selected Moscow 1980 from the Northern Stories 1978/80 album for his Triptyche mix set. A mutual affection between CTR and Fred for the Post-punk era was apparent. Very shortly afterwards came the lucky and unexpected unearthing of the long lost master tapes for the first Manicured Noise single, originally released in '80. Moscow was a double A side with Metronome.

Fred has reworked the track into a Nu-Balearic storm, infused with the spirit of the Thrashing Doves. The track recently gained much attention after BBCR1 play on a Rob-Da-Bank Nu-Balearic special.

On the B side is Fred's fluid interpretation of an early Human League cut, plucked from obscurity and crafted for the tail end of another turbulent decade.

The release comes in a special sleeve featuring original artwork by Fred.

Very Limited and Very Lovely.


Only 150 copies available by Mail Order:

Orders placed now will be despatched as soon as possible before the official release date Monday 17 November 2008. This single is not available on ebay or Amazon.

5.99 GBP inc UK P+P
6.25 GBP Europe-Airmail
6.75 GBP USA/Asia-Airmail

Please pay paypal:


Or: UK Cheque/PO

J Kertland
31 Albert St


Manicured Noise MySpace
Caroline True MySpace
Caroline True Records
1 Nov 2008
History lesson 
Tractor were fortunate enough to have John Peel indulge them to write and record a suite of songs about Manchester's Peterloo Massacre.

Peel helped pay recording studio bills and even bought them equipment to launch several locations of recording studios around Rochdale where they continued to record themselves and other bands which has played a major part in Manchester's musical history.

They recorded a 21-minute suite of songs about Peterloo in 1973 and then, because of the campaign for a decent memorial to the victims of Peterloo, Tractor wrote new songs in the last few years to add to the suite of music which now runs as a whole album at around 41 minutes. The album will be released a few weeks before the 190th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre which is on the 16 August 2009.

This Sunday on the NW regional segment of the Politics Show on BBC 1, Tractor play an extract from one of the songs and members of the band and their producer Chris Hewitt talk about the politics of Peterloo and the parallels with Thatcherism and today and their idea of a Peterloo concert in the open air in Manchester somewhere near St Peter's Fields.

BBC One NW is available on satellite TV.


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