31 May 2009
Cranked up really (perhaps too) high 
Meanwhile, round the corner but worlds apart, Hooky has taken time out from his own Freebase project (16 tracks with vocals thus far, according to his blog) to appear on Divided By Night - the new album by The Crystal Method.
The other B word 
Bernard Sumner, late of Joy Division/New Order/Electronic, announces that his new band Bad Lieutenant have finished recording their debut album.

Slated for release in Autumn 2009 - details of singles, songs and gigs to follow.

A search on a well-known video website will eventually return a sample tune from the album, some golden oldies, and the rest of the Bernard Sumner Songbook programme, originally broadcast in March 2009.

Thanks Tim.

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30 May 2009
The B word 
John Kertland writes with news of another potential winner:

CTR in Barcelona

CTR (Caroline True Records) present a one-off event as part of the Primavera music festival fringe, downstairs at the legendary Manchester Bar in the Gotico Barcelona on Saturday May 30th 2009.

JK will be spinning Manchester Classics, Funk , Soul and the usual varied mix. Admission Free. All CTR releases for sale.
Don't forget the great beers and tapas, of course! So, if you're there for the festival feel free to come along and we'll talk music.
Hope to see you there....
Shooting Stars 
Martin Moscrop will be playing a DJ set next Friday, June 5th 2009, at One Step Beyond: a new monthly gig at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York.

The following night he will be DJing alongside ex-Monday Paul Ryder at the Tribeca Grand Hotel (details to follow).

Thanks Adesh.

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19 May 2009
We're Fac, we were hacked and we're back! 
A malicious hack today left the site compromised and being reported by Google and other sites as a site which could "harm your computer". The swift action of Google in identifying the problem and my host ISP, 34sp.com, in restoring the site and locking it down to prevent a repeat has hopefully limited the potential damage caused by the unauthorised upload of malware. It may take a while for the alert to be wiped clear from all scanning sites and suchlike. Thank you for your forebearance.


17 May 2009
Kooky XL 
Congratulations to Phil Kooky Cleaver (no, him neither) on the occasion of his 40th birthday.
14 May 2009
Nature + Degree 
The new Section 25 album Nature + Degree is out 1 June 2009 on LTM and is available now via LTM Mail Order.

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ACR @ El Diablo's Social Club 
El Diablo's Social Club
Deaf Institute

Sunday 24 May 2009

A Certain Ratio (Live)
Toby Tobias
DJ Spun
Marc Rowlands' Pop Safari
Detroit Public Radio


A Certain Ratio + Guests
£12 advance
£20 gig and club combined.


Toby Tobias {REKIDS}
DJ Spun {RONG}
Danny Webb
Neil Scott
Marc Rowlands' Pop Safari
Detroit Public Radio

11pm - 6am
£10 Advance
£20 gig and club combined.

More info / Buy Tickets


6 May 2009
Nature + Degree 
Check the YouTube teaser trailer for Section 25's new album Nature + Degree via section25.com.


Auteur Labels: Factory Records 1984 
On 1 June, LTM releases a new volume in the ongoing compilation series Auteur Labels, featuring releases on Factory Records in 1984.

"Founded in late 1978, early Factory releases were guided by the five original directors: Tony Wilson, Alan Erasmus, Peter Saville, Martin Hannett and Rob Gretton. By 1984 Hannett had departed, and many Factory singles were produced by all four members of New Order under the generic name Be Music. These reflected the influence of New York dance and electro music, though the label's Haçienda nightclub was not yet a conspicuous success. Meanwhile the artier side of Factory remained evident in records by The Durutti Column and Kalima, and pop/rock in The Wake, Stockholm Monsters - and New Order themselves."

The 77 minute remastered CD features several rare edits and tracks, detailed liner notes by James Nice, and archive images.


1. New Order Lonesome Tonight (7" Edit)
2. Stockholm Monsters Terror
3. The Wake Talk About The Past (7" Edit)
4. Section 25 Reflection
5. Marcel King Reach For Love (New York Remix)
6. 52nd Street Can't Afford (Unorganised Mix)
7. Quando Quango Atom Rock
8. Shark Vegas Pretenders Of Love
9. Abecedarians Smiling Monarchs
10. Red Turns To Deep Sleep
11. The Durutti Column Duet (Without Mercy)
12. Kalima The Smiling Hour
13. Simon Topping Chicas Del Mundo
14. Streetlife On Instinct
15. Lavolta Lakota Prayer


Title: Auteur Labels: Factory Records 1984
Label: LTM
Cat No: LTMCD 2534
Released: 1 June 2009

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1 May 2009
SXXV Blackburn 
Section 25 play live at The Hordens, Blackburn on Saturday 23 May 2009 by way of a warm up for their Leipzig gig on 30 May. Expect a few tunes off the new album Nature + Degree which will be out on LTM in June.

The Hordens
631 Livesey Branch Road

Tel: 01254 201 443


The North Will Rise Again: Manchester Music City 1978-2008 
John Robb Book Launch & In Conversation to celebrate the launch of John Robb's new book The North Will Rise Again: Manchester Music City 1978-2008.

Tuesday 5 May
7pm - Midnight

The Social will be open for drinks and a selection of John Robb's Manchester Tunes.

Tickets £2 Available from the Urbis Shop or call 0161 605 8220

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