28 Jan 2013
Vini Reilly Close Up with Dave Haslam 
Vini will be interviewed on stage by Dave Haslam as part of the ongoing Close Up series.

Manchester Town Hall
Sunday 3 March

Tickets on sale Thursday 31 January. Details to follow.

Facebook event

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27 Jan 2013
The boys are back in Brighton 
Happy Mondays return to the Brighton Centre on Bank Holiday Sunday 26 May 2013 with special guests 808 State Soundsystem.

Featuring the classic line-up of X, Horse, Cow, P.D., Gaz, Bez and Rowetta that has been touring the World (and other places), the Mondays are guaranteed to twist your melon.

Tickets priced £32.50 are available now via theticketsellers.co.uk and other outlets.

Happy Mondays live at Brighton Centre 26 May 2013

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From Movement to Power, Corruption and Lies 
Review by moist of the recent Manchester Cathedral gig by Peter Hook and the Light:

Two church visits in one day! One a funeral, one a celebration - both chances to remember old friends.

Unlike The Light's earlier Joy Division Reduxes, this one was never going to be easy - charting the transition between the first two New Order albums: Movement to PC&L, Curtis to Sumner, live to 'sequence'.

But Hooky's band manage to pull it off again with a vocal strength that belies the obvious range difference twixt Sumner and Hook, a stunning guitar prowess that was never there in the original live event, a subtle interplay between the duelling basses (funny - I seem to remember nowt but complaints from Hooky the producer/engineer when faced with two bass players!) and the overall confidence of a well-toured, bedded-in backline.

Perhaps it was time, place and occasion (or old age) but I found myself revisiting not the studio recordings of these classic albums but all those live occasions related to them: gigs attended - Squat, Comanche, Ritz, Brum; tapes collected - Tiffany's, Utrecht (or was it Amsterdam); videos watched - Glastonbury 81, BBC 84; Sessions heard - Peel 81 & 2.

Then I realised what was missing then and is present in abundance now: Enthusiasm. From everyone. Finally.

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19 Jan 2013
Deciphered: Peter Saville upon paper 
There is an interview with Peter Saville by Paul Hetherington at uponpaper.com. This is an extensive discourse on the colour code design that Saville developed for Blue Monday, Power Corruption and Lies, Confusion and From The Hip.

The online publication accompanies the "colour" issue of UPON PAPER magazine; a collectable XXL-format visual arts magazine. Saville has created new works using the colour code in the magazine. Inside the magazine there is no text, which is keeping with the enigmatic style of th.

Watch out at the Upon Paper Facebook page for some giveaway signed copies nearer to the 30th anniversary of the release of Blue Monday.

More on Peter Saville's colour code at factoryrecords.org.

Peter Saville Colour Code

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Abecedarians, famous in Factory circles for their FAC 117 Smiling Monarch / Benway's Carnival 12" single have a major reissue/compilation out in a number of formats and special editions.

Over to Pylon Records for the full details:

On December 4th, 2012, Pylon Records will release, The Abecedarians Eureka album in its entirety for the first time on vinyl and CD. The band fronted by Chris Manecke, John Blake & Kevin Dolan, have roots in both post-punk and atmospheric 4AD pop, much like the Joy Division/New Order axis. They are also one of only two American bands to have a single on the legendary Factory Records.

This release collects all the songs from the Eureka era, including the demos, which were mixed down in the early 90s. Eureka will be a double vinyl, in a beautiful card stock gatefold jacket with a UV varnish of the memorable artwork, which has been restored, full lyric sheet and unseen photos of the band.

The first 300 copies of the Eureka album will be on blue colored vinyl, which will also come with a bonus CD, that will include rest of the Eureka era tracks. This will be only available from the Pylon website, the bonus cd will not be available with the commercial CD or the regular black vinyl version.

There will also be a very limited edition custom made Italian leather IPAD sleeves designed by our friends at Andrea Mercado and handmade in Los Angeles. Don't Sleep on this!!!

Lastly, no Abecedarian release can be complete without the legendary logo on beautiful dark blue and tan T-shirt, take your pick.



Beneath The City Of The Hedonistic Bohemians
I Glide
Mice & Coconut Tree
Misery Of Cities
Smiling Monarchs
Benway's Carnival
Other Side Of The Fence
They Said Tomorrow
John's Pop
Spaghetti Western

Eureka is available from the Pylon Store and other outlets.



Lost Sirens 
Following delays due to legal problems, New Order have finally released Lost Sirens, an album of tracks recorded during the Waiting For The Sirens Call sessions at Real World but which didn't make it onto that album.

All tracks are credited to Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Phil Cunningham. Production is shared by Stephen Street, Stuart Price, Mac Quayle, Jim Spencer and Tore Johansson. Art direction is by Studio Parris Wakefield.

The album is out now on CD, LP and Digital Download via Rhino.


1. I'll Stay with You
2. Sugarcane
3. Recoil
4. Californian Grass
5. Hellbent
6. Shake it Up
7. I've Got A Feeling
8. I Told You So (Crazy World Mix)

Lost Sirens


12 Jan 2013
Snakefarm feat. Anna Domino live in London 
Anna Domino and Snakefarm make a rare live appearance in London at the Green Note in Camden on Wednesday 6 March. There will be a set of Anna Domino solo material and a Snakefarm set with her partner Michel Delory.

Advance tickets are available priced 10.00 GBP advance from We Got Tickets.


Green Note
116 Parkway
London NW1 7AN

Snakefarm featuring Anna Domino live at Green Note, Camden

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7 Jan 2013
Vini Reilly update 
Following an inaccurate story on the BBC website about the recent fundraising initiative, Matt Reilly has issued a statement which includes a direct quote from Vini Reilly on The Durutti Column's official website.

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4 Jan 2013
Helping Vini Reilly 
Fans of The Durutti Column have raised over £3,000 to help Vini Reilly pay off a backlog of rent thanks to a fundraising initiative orchestrated by Vini's nephew Matt Reilly. The campaign, which started on The Durutti Column's official Facebook group, was backed by thedurutticolumn.com and later picked up and publicised by BBC News and The Guardian as well as by people such as Steve Mason and Dan Le Sac on Twitter. Enough money has been raised so as to ensure that Vini will be able to pay off all his rent.

Matt Reilly posted the following message on Facebook yesterday, expressing Vini heartfelt thanks and explaining that donations are no longer required:

"Firstly, a huge thank you once again to all of those who sent kind messages, ideas, and donations for Vini.

"I've just spoken to Vini and told him how much has been donated by fans and music lovers worldwide – he's ecstatic. He's said that enough has now been donated to ensure that he can pay off all of the backlog of rent that he owed, and he's asked me to pass on his huge gratitude to you all and let you know that no further donations are needed.

"He's explained that going forward he should be able to afford to pay his rent, but the debt relates to the period after he had his three strokes but before he was assessed for disability allowance.

"It has been a stressful time for Vini, with the constant worry of knowing that he couldn't afford to pay his debts and that could mean being evicted from the place he rents. But he says he now feels like you've lifted the weight of the world off his shoulders.

"He has asked me to send his love to all of you... You've given him the best start to his new year that anyone could have asked for. And he's determined to fight his way back to fitness and rebuild the power in his hands so he can play guitar again.

"It's going to be a hard road ahead for him, but you've all made his life a lot brighter. Thank you all so much for helping my uncle. All the best to you all for 2013.

Matt Reilly"

We would like to add our own personal thanks to everyone who helped and wish Vini all the very best.

Vini Reilly

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Section 25 - My Outrage [7 FBN 62] 
Another Record Store Day release for Factory Benelux in the form of My Outrage b/w Hinterland [7 FBN 62], the brand new single by Section 25, issued in a limited edition of just 500 copies to mark RSD 2013 this April.

Taken from the new album Dark Light, My Outrage was produced by the band and remixed by collaborator Derek Miller of Outernationale.

"The song is a comment on the small pleasures of the everyday," says vocalist Beth Cassidy, "and when they run parallel to/mirror with the purely outrageous. One is just as important as the other. Outrage is the Yin to Sunday morning's Yang."

B-side Hinterland is an exclusive track and will not appear elsewhere.

The cover image by Peter Saville is an extension of the Dark Light cover and was designed by Matt Robertson at Peter Saville Studio.


Side A: My Outrage
Side B: Hinterland

Artist: Section 25
Title: My Outrage
Format: 7-inch single
Catalogue number: 7 FBN 62
Release date: 20 April 2013

Section 25 - My Outrage [7 FBN 62]

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The Wake - A Light Far Out [FBN 64] 
Factory Benelux presents a strictly limited vinyl edition of A Light Far Out, the fifth album by The Wake which was originally released on CD by LTM in May 2012.

This is a strict limited of 500 copies and is released to mark Record Store Day, the annual celebration of everything vinyl, which falls on Saturday 20 April 2013.


1. Stockport
2. If the Ravens Leave
3. Methodist
4. The Back of Beyond
5. Starry Day
6. Faintness
7. A Light Far Out
8. The Sands


Artist: The Wake
Title: A Light Far Out
Catalogue number: FBN 64 (Factory Benelux)
Format: Vinyl LP [500 copies only]
Release date: 20 April 2013

FBN 64 A Light Far Out

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Section 25 - Dark Light [FBN 145] 
Factory Benelux release Dark Light, the brand new album by Section 25 on 25 February 2013.

Recorded in 2012, the album is their first collection of new material since the tragic death of founder Larry Cassidy in 2010, and marks a return to the smooth electro and synth-pop textures first explored on their seminal 1984 album From the Hip (FACT 90). These echoes are amplified by the presence of co-vocalists Beth and Jo Cassidy, and a sublime cover image by artist/designer Peter Saville.

Much of Dark Light was produced in collaboration with remixer Derek Miller (aka Outernationale), and includes new versions of recent single tracks Colour Movement Sex & Violence and Inner Drive. It also includes My Outrage, which will also be made available as a limited edition 7" single (7 FBN 62) to mark World Record Store Day in April 2013.


1. World's End
2. My Outrage
3. Pitch Black Box
4. Love Cuts
5. Colour Movement Sex & Violence
6. Inner Drive
7. 78
8. Letter to America
9. Memento
10. Early Exit
11. CMSV Dub Mix
12. Program For Light (Outernationale)

FBN 145 Dark Light

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It's a big welcome back for the Cerysmatic Factory Forum (formerly the Message Board).

The Forum has been given a facelift so that it works within the structure of the new site launched last month. However, the underpinning technology remains resolutely manually moderated.

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3 Jan 2013
FBN 145 Dark Light artwork 
Factory Benelux has unveiled the Peter Saville artwork for the forthcoming new album by Section 25, FBN 145 Dark Light.

The album will be released on 25 February 2013.

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