18 Jul 2014
Wrangler & Minny Pops @ MUS_IIC Festival.01 
Wrangler & Minny Pops @ MUS_IIC Festival.01

Saturday 18 October 2014 at Red Gallery, London sees a special evening of electronic music curated and headlined by Wrangler (Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire, Benge and Phil Winter) plus electro pioneers Minny Pops.

Tickets are available to buy now priced 15.00 + booking fee.

More info at Red Gallery and the Facebook event

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Northside Live 
Northside Live at the Admiral, Glasgow, 28 November 2014

Northside continue their live return in 2014 with the Clarence Park free festival in Wakefield on 26 July followed in November with two dates in Liverpool and Glasgow.


26 - Clarence Park Free Music Festival, Wakefield


8 - Lomax, 34 Cumberland Street, Liverpool, L1 6BU [Buy Tickets]
28 - The Admiral, Glasgow [Buy Tickets]

Tickets for Liverpool and Glasgow are 10.00 GBP plus booking fee and are on sale now.

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17 Jul 2014
Minny Pops live @ The Forge, Camden 31 July 
From your Minny Pops leader (Wally van Middendorp) on Facebook/Twitter:

"London gig alert: Minny Pops' latest shape-shifting incarnation will play a last minute, under-the-radar gig with Solus3 and Shabsi Mann at The Forge in Camden, London on 31 July. This will be a test-lab gig for our next London date on 18 October 2014: expect new sounds, new hands, some surprises and possibly a new shirt.

Minny Pops will be on stage some time between 8.30 and 9.15pm. There are no pre-sales for the 31 July date; tickets are available only on the door. And especially for all of our loyal followers, entry is free before 8pm / £6 after 8pm. Please note that The Forge (3-57 Delancey Street, Camden NW1 7NL) accepts only cash payments."

In a further transmission, Wally says:

"31/7 will be a test-lab gig for our next London date on 18 October 2014: expect new sounds, new hands and possibly a new shirt."

Minny Pops on Twitter
Minny Pops on Facebook

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10 Jul 2014
So This is Permanence - Lyrics and Notebooks 
So This is Permanence - Lyrics and Notebooks

Edited by Jon Savage and with a foreword by Deborah Curtis, this book is scheduled for publication by Faber on 2 October.

The book will feature Ian Curtis's lyrics of Joy Division's songs interspersed with previously unpublished facsimile pages of Ian's notebooks.

So This is Permanence is available to pre-order now via Amazon.co.uk.

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7 Jul 2014
Ed Templeton's Wayward Cognitions 
Ed Templeton's Wayward Cognitions

We are pleased no end to see a photographic monograph of the work of skateboarder / artist / photographer / social documentarian Ed Templeton who's noted in Factory Records circles for his work with Factory Too and Hopper in the Nineties.

Wayward Cognitions is published on 31 October 2014 by Um Yeah Press and is highlighted today by Jamie Bradley Sims in the New York Times.

Wayward Cognitions is available to pre-order now via Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Meanwhile, you are hereby ordered to follow Ed Templeton on Twitter and Facebook.

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6 Jul 2014
Cabaret Voltaire live at Berlin Atonal 2014 
Cabaret Voltaire live at Berlin Atonal 2014

Cabaret Voltaire, featuring a line-up consisting solely of Richard H. Kirk, screens, machines and projections, play Berlin Atonal which runs from 20-24 August 2014 in a splendid abandoned power plant.

The exact date of the CV performance has not yet been confirmed but tickets for the whole event are available now via berlin-atonal.com.

The notes state that the performance (the first as Cabaret Voltaire in 20 years) will feature "exclusively new material and no nostalgia".

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5 Jul 2014
Independent Label Market 2014 
Independent Label Market 2014

This coming Saturday 12 July 2014 sees the return of the Independent Label Market to Spitalfields in London and, as with last year, Factory Benelux / Les Disques du Crépuscule will be flying the flag for the Factoryesque fraternity.

As an added bonus, this year's event runs in parallel with a London brewery beer market.

More info at Independent Label Market on Facebook.

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Annik Honoré 
We were shocked to hear the very sad news that Annik Honoré, a co-founder of Les Disques du Crépuscule and Factory Benelux has passed away aged 56 following a serious illness.

In a fitting tribute, FBN/Crépuscule's James Nice said she was "was one the warmest, kindest, most generous and honourable people it's been my privilege to know".

Read the full tribute at lesdisquesducrepuscule.com.

See also Didier Zacharie's French language piece at lesoir.be

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The Wake - Testament (Best Of) [FBN 95] 
The Wake - Testament (Best Of) [FBN 95]

Factory Benelux has announced a compilation of material by The Wake for 8 September 2014 release with the FBN 95 catalogue number.

Testament (Best Of) looks set to revive the never-used Wake brown boxed cassette style (for more info on box colours etc see our sister site factoryrecords.org).

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