30 Jul 2005
The Occasional Keepers album on Classic FM 

You can hear The Occasional Keepers (featuring ex-members of The Wake and The Field Mice) on the 'Chiller Cabinet' show on Classic FM on weekend mornings from 2 - 4am ! They're playing some tracks from the album during August. Exact times and dates are unknown at present, but they put playlists on the website in advance as there are no presenters (great idea!).


Thanks to Caesar.

Posted via Blackberry from a field in England's green and pleasant land.


26 Jul 2005
Specialist subject: Manchester Music from 1976 to 1991 
John Humphrys poses the questions in the perennial quiz show Mastermind but tonight's show is of particular interest to Manchester music fans with one of the specialist subjects being Manchester Music from 1976 to 1991.

8.00pm BST
25 Jul 2005
Heart and Soul showcase at The Roadhouse 
Manchester's Roadhouse filled on Saturday for the first showcase of new label Heart & Soul, part of the Futuresonic festival. Many apologies to those who thought this was happening on 23 August following wrong information given on this site last week.

Label boss Martin Moscrop (ACR) was not in attendence due to holiday commitments, leaving A&R men Rob Bright (ex-Hacienda DJ) and Paul Dering (ex-Red Seal) to gladhand the numerous guests - including F4's Tom Clarke, ex-Hacienda / Dry manager Leroy Richardson, ex-Smith Andy Rourke, ex-Mondays Paul Davis, Everton and Gavan Whelan, Jason Boardman and others.

Solo artist 0898 Dave was highly entertaining, despite the obvious sound problems that were rectified (Andy Rourke still has his uses) in time for Kings Have Long Arms. Both acts present electronic cabaret with a humorous twist - 0898 Dave being of the cerebral kind - think electro Albertos - whilst Kings were reminiscent of Fat Truckers (with whom Adrian collaborates) - think funny Tack Head.

Gig over, all that was left was for Paul Dering to point out that some of the tables in The Roadhouse used to belong in Dry, along with some of the high-backed plywood chairs. Leroy confirmed this as the truth. It was that kind of night.


Thanks to OMMCR.

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24 Jul 2005
Bez on Pimp My Ride UK Sunday 31 July 
The long-awaiting pimping of Bez's ride (a black London taxi) takes place on MTV (UK) at 10pm BST next Sunday 31 July.

August dates for The Young Offenders Institute 
The Young Offenders Institute follow up their recent gig at Dry with several dates in August:

Thursday 4 - The Witchwood, Ashton-under-Lyne
Saturday 6 - D Percussion festival (Key 103 Arena), Manchester
Thursday 18 - Northern Riots @ Night & Day, Manchester
Friday 26 - Leeds Festival, Carling New Bands Tent, 1.30pm
Sunday 28 - Reading Festival, Carling New Bands Tent, 1.30pm

23 Jul 2005
Another gig and a website update for A Certain Ratio 
A Certain Ratio has announced a further gig to add to the three already booked in August.

1 October 2005
The Cluny
Doors: 8pm
Price: 10 GBP

The official website, acrmcr.com has also been updated and redesigned and at long last the tracks recorded live at Fac 511 And You Forgotten are available for download, albeit as 30 second clips.


Paul Morley and Anthony Wilson in conversation - full review 
Read OMMCR's review including choice quotes of Wednesday's 'In Conversation' at Urbis in Manchester.
21 Jul 2005
A Certain Ratio live @ Moorfest, Heaton Mersey, Manchester on Saturday 13 August 
A Certain Ratio headline Moorfest 2005 at The Bowl, Heaton Mersey on Saturday 13 August. Full details available at www.moorfest.co.uk but here's the full line-up:

Main Stage

A Certain Ratio
Tom Hingley
The Mighty Wah!
Screaming Mini
Dean Bailey

2nd Stage

Mr Scruff
Andy Votel (Twisted Nerve)
Christian Wood (Friends & Family)
Herbie Saccani
Vox Pop 45 DJs
Mark Rowlands

plus very special guest: Howard Marks


Martin Moscrop's new label Heart and Soul launches @ Futuresonic, Manchester, 23 August 
May 2004

The Ritz, Manchester. A Certain Ratio have just finished a showstopping set at an emotional tribute night for the late and legendary Joy Division / New Order manager, Rob Gretton. Martin Moscrop (ACR mainstay, producer of Manchester's first acid house record, amongst many other things), turns to two friends, Rob Bright and Paul Dering:

"I've had something in mind for years... I want to start a label. And I want you two twats to be my A&R men."

One of the highlights of the night had been ACR's cover of Joy Division's 'Heart & Soul', guest-starring Peter Hook.

"That's sorted then. Find me some brilliant music."

August 2005

At Futuresonic, Manchester on Saturday 23 August, Heart and Soul two true originals - 0898 DAVE and KINGS HAVE LONG ARMS. Both have pedigree - 0898 Dave created the seminal 'Rubbish Monkey' single for Manchester's Repap label, his 'Somebody Else's Wife' LP is genius, and the new stuff we've heard is on another level. He is in a field of his own. Adrian Flanegan, better known as Kings Have Long Arms, is known to the righteous few through a series of brilliant singles, such as 'Pigeons Carry My News' and 'Rock & Roll Is Dead', which featured The Human League's Phil Oakey. The KHLA live show is a whole other beast - an electro-pop carnival, which could well feature a Mexican wrestler in a gimp mask, Sherlock Holmes on the stylophone, a lion playing keyboards, and a massive all-in conga dance to the outrageous new single 'All Hail Satan'. Seeing is still not quite believing.

Both these artists combine electronic music, edgy humour and bags of good old-fashioned songwriting craft to fashion music that is quite unlike much else out there. 'Outsider Pop' is the best way we can describe it, vibrant music that owes nothing to style mags, focus groups or PR machinery. They write GREAT TUNES. With heart. And Soul.

Saturday 23 August
The Roadhouse
Newton Street
Doors: 10pm - 3am
FREE [Free Wrist Band available via www.futuresonic.com or in person from The Bridgewater Hall, Cord, Piccadilly Records, Fat City Records, Kro Bar and Kro2. Limited availability.]

'All Hail Satan' by Kings Have Long Arms and 'Somebody Else's Wife' by 0898 Dave will be available soon on Heart & Soul.

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In Conversation with Paul Morley and Anthony Wilson @ Urbis last night 
Around one hundred people attended the first Urbis 'Punk' exhibition event last night: 'In Conversation with Paul Morley and Anthony Wilson'. The relatively short (but expensive) evening was attended by 'Forward Music' associates Tosh Ryan and Bruce Mitchell, local radio hero Mike Shaft, authors Mick Middles and Lindsay Reade, photographer Aidan O'Rourke and OMMCR. Full review to follow but in the meantime check out a small photo gallery.

Future scheduled 'Punk' events include 'An Evening with Buzzcocks' Howard Devoto & Pete Shelley, featuring Richard Boon' on Friday 12 August, 'Fanzines R Us with Bob Dickinson and Liz Naylor' on Thursday 18 August and 'Hugh Cornwell 'A Multitude of Sins' acoustic performance and readings from his autobiography' on Friday 2 September.

'Punk: Sex, Seditionaries and the Sex Pistols' has been extended until 11 September at Urbis.
20 Jul 2005
Blurt live @ Floating Lotus Festival 
Full details:

Floating Lotus Festival
Woodend Farm
near Bromyard
Tel: 0781 6630590 / 0780 3000988

Thanks to Tino.


19 Jul 2005
The New Nightlife @ Design Museum 
Ongoing at The Design Museum in London is an exhibition called 'Designing Modern Life 1920s–2000s'. One element is 1980's: The New Nightlife and this features a small recreation of part of The Hacienda, as designed by Ben Kelly with graphics by Peter Saville posters and graphics.

The Ben Kelly Design website has more details and a photo gallery.

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18 Jul 2005
D Percussion details 
More details on the line-up for D Percussion on Saturday 6 August:

In the Key 103 Arena:

Bez and Domino Bones
The Durutti Column
RAW-T (also in showcase on the Urban stage)
The Young Offenders Institute

plus DJ Greg Wilson on the Canteena Stage and Graham Massey (Biting Tongues, 808 State) on the B Music Stage.

This is a FREE event.

It would seem that Badly Drawn Boy is not playing after all.

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Shaun Ryder on new Gorillaz single out in August 
Oakey dokey, no doubt you'll all be 'Rushent' down the shops to pick up 'Dare', the new single by Gorillaz which features guest vocals by Shaun Ryder (who also features in the video).

17 Jul 2005
Peter Saville: perfectionist-iconoclast 
The Guardian
Saturday 16 July 2005
16 Jul 2005
Ike Yard in Q&A with Cerysmatic Factory 
"Early techno" / noise pioneers Ike Yard are back in the frame with a rumoured re-release on the not-too-far horizon and many extra-curricular activities in progress. Cerysmatic Factory caught up with Stuart Argabright to get the down low:

CF: There have been rumours that the Ike Yard album is going to be re-released. What's the latest?

IY: We are considering our options for a label on which to release it, just had a meeting on it yesterday actually. The description of Ike in Simon Reynolds new book Discog 2 seems to be bringing up new interest so we hope to help people discover / rediscover the music sooner as opposed to later. Still sounds pretty good for 20 years ago, and no-one in US was doing anything like it. Early techno? Could be. Electro? Other flavors in there too - Concret, funk .

IN the meantime, there should be 2 Ike cuts on a '1979-1984 NYC no wave proto-electro Collection' we have pulled together over the last 2 years. Currently the plan is for Soul Jazz to release this compilation as part of their "NY Noise Three" in early '06. NY Noise Two is coming in fall 05. We do hope the Comp. will create some more interest in Ike full on rerelease.

CF: By the way, I wonder if you can settle a personal thing for me on the original catalogue number for the album. This was FA 2 and was the second release on Factory America and of course the album's title is A Fact A Second. So, was this just coincidence or planned?

IY: Yea, Factory America stuck us with a cover design that cost them quite a bit of our overall budget. The A Fact A Second catalog number was made so prominent it led everybody to believe the Album is /was called A Fact A Second. The Album was titled simply Ike Yard'. As I recall Fact A 'One' was possibly the Ukrainian National Home show with Ike Yard opening for New Order. Tony Wilson came by the Studio when we were recording the Album and I guess we were 'on Factory America'. We were cut from the New Order At The Ukrainian National Home video (Fact 77 Taras Shevchenko), that night and Peter Hook helped a lot by jumping up to help do our sound that night. I also believe the connections we made / I made with Factory America's M Shamberg in '81/'82's Ike Yard did help (if even in a small way) for the future connection. When I did "Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" on Arthur Baker's Streetwise in 1983 released in '84 - New Order went on to do their famous tracks with Arthur. It's possible I have the sequence wrong on that, but the scene was so small then , what people saw and liked what one person did - well it wasn't long till they picked it up and did the same thing. I'm not sure exactly HOW those two parties actually hooked up, but I had worked with both.

CF: What else is going on in the World of Ike Yard?

IY: Well, we are all doing different things by now. I am doing lots of other musik going on including a new song for Pac Man's 25th Anniversary and new Dominatrix tracks (originally UPROAR/Streetwise 1984 /rerleeased by DJ Hell on Gigolo '03 with Black Strobe remix). And Death Comet Crew, aka DCC, another 1980's post Ike Yard group I did that included Michael Diekmann, guitarist of Ike Yard, got a sweet re-release last year on Troubleman Unlimited here that has led to a Japanese licensing and now , gigs over there (Tokyo, 30 July) with Toshi Nakanishi's 'Plastics Sex' group , Tosh from the original Plastics (seen in "Downtown '81"). Will be a blast, very hot and humid - but we'll survive. I am also finalizing prep for the Venice Bienalle with the old school MC The Rammellzee who I produced ("Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee" '04 Gomma). I will help him with his perf there in the Theatrical section of Bienalle, then we should be doing a 9 date Euro & UK tour after Venice (Sept.21), including swing through London.

:: Ike Yard has some stories ::

>> Stuart Argabright worked for a long time with artist Robert Longo who went on to direct the 'Bizarre Love Triangle' video for New Order. This was edited by Gretchen Bender (RIP) who pretty much pioneered the super fast-editing style that soon became called the 'MTV style'. As artist into science, tech and biology , she was interested in seeing just HOW fast she could cut and have the viewers still percieve it. She then pushed this to an edge in the next video Robert directed for Megadeth.

>> Ike Yard were invited to share rehearsal space in the Music Building (kind of famous NYC music spot in early '80's) with Circus Mort - a band that had a singer named Mike Gira in it. Then when Gira was starting Swans he had our guitarist Michael Diekmann come in and lay it out for them, but didn't join.

>> Kenny Compton , bassist of Ike , became friends with the girl down the hall at the Music Building. She was this loud - then - most, somewhat irritating woman called... Madonna.

More info at: DeMeDo.blogspot.com

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15 Jul 2005
A Certain Ratio live @ The Big Chill 
A Certain Ratio play The Big Chill at Eastnor Castle just a few days before their date at Cargo in London. If you're going you'll have got your tickets already as this is completely sold out. Check out the ACR page on the www.bigchill.net and join in on the Forum.

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14 Jul 2005
In the time of the saundcheka 
From OrganicNickLoud's Livejournal site (in Russian) here translated by the remarkable Babelfish and unedited for your edification:

"Reilly's Vinni aka Durutti Column - living legend. It from that tusovki itself Factory Records, about which Maykl Uinterbottom removed its 'twenty-four hour party-goers'. Certainly, it is not so known as New Order or Happy Mondays, but its surrounding halo of 'that m3d- chesire cheese itself' attracts as strong magnet. For his fifty with the small, Reilly appears very well, especially in comparison with his drummer, to whom to the form all seventy. Grey-haired old man in the dark glasses and the white suit, however, to silushku has Herculean - in the time of saundcheka he without the shadow of stress dragged on the scene his installation, where one barrel was from it size. It drummed also, it is necessary to say that - a good school of expensive stands for ten young. However, Reilly played on his guitar some strange passages, as a result the music was more similar to progressiv the fate and of belonging with the 'new wave' reminded one only the history."

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Ghosts of the Hacienda mesmerise Blackburn 
The Hacienda returned to Blackburn last night (some fifteen years since) with the first showing of various FAC51-themed videos from the ikon& archive at Barzooka. Dry/Hacienda Manager Leroy Richardson, Moist, ex-Smiths Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke, Bunnyman Will Sergeant and a hundred or so paying red rose guests witnessed live footage from a variety of early years Hac gigs.

Accompanying excerpts from original Factory acts New Order, ACR, James, Marcel King and (opening night guests) ESG were clips that reflected the true diversity of those largely forgotten or ignored pre-acid house years : Gregory Isaacs, Virgin Prunes, Orange Juice, William Burroughs, Echo & the Bunnymen and The Smiths. Completing the picture were home videos of the Hacienda as construction site, an interview with VJ Claude Bessy and an unseen ikon video christmas card featuring that famous situationist puppeteer combo Harry Corbett and, er, Sooty.

Plans are afoot to take the show on the road to Manchester and Liverpool in the coming months (echoing the original ikon video 'tour' of the early eighties).

Full review to follow.


Thanks to OMMCR.

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13 Jul 2005
Paul Morley & Tony Wilson @ Urbis 
This evening offers a unique opportunity to hear celebrated writer, broadcaster and musician Paul Morley in a conversation with Tony Wilson, the legendary TV journalist and music entrepreneur.

Wilson and Morley will be focusing on the Manchester punk scene's DIY aesthetic, reminiscing about regular haunts, recalling unfortunate fashion statements and debating the impact the Sex Pistols' gigs had on a huge array of Manchester bands.

The discussion promises to offer a distinctly acerbic, first hand perspective on one of the most important periods in Manchester’s cultural history, and will conclude with an in-depth question and answer session.

Wednesday 20th July
6.30 - 8.30pm
10.00 / 8.00 GBP

To purchase your tickets please call the Urbis hotline on 0161 605 8264 or visit the punk exhibition ticket desk at Urbis.


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Young Offenders Institute live 
From the Young Offenders Institute newsletter:

"Yes, there's a gig, this Saturday July 16 at Dry Bar on Oldham St in Manchester.

There are five bands playing and it costs just 5.00 GBP to get in.

The Young Offenders Institute are on at 10pm.

Also, if you never heard the triumphant Radio 1 documentary Pretty Vacant, you can hear edited highlights at www.myspace.com/youngoffendersinstitute - if you want to miss all the pretenders and just hear the bit about the real thing, skip forward 10 minutes."


New order - it's (semi-)officially an Item 
The forthcoming New Order compilation and documentary double dvd set is set to be called 'Item' according to New Order Online. As previously announced, one disc will feature pretty much all the promo videos plus some added unseen and live extras. The highlight of the second disc will be NewOrderStory, the 2 hours plus documentary on the band from 1993.

Meanwhile the band's summer tour has been continuing with appearances at T in the Park (at which Doves also played) and the Irish festival Oxegen. Strong rumours of the New York and Hyde Park shows being released on dvd also persist.


10 Jul 2005
Bez 'n' Slash 'n' Shaun 'n' Mark E in MOJO 
The August issue of MOJO magazine includes the MOJO Awards and guests none other than Shaun Ryder and Bez presenting Mark E Smith with an award for The Fall's Peel Sessions Box Set and a great photo of Bez with Slash out of Velvet Revolver.

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Mystical wank 
Check out a far from ordinary interview with Anthony Wilson from the Munn Family on their excellent Hey Asda site.

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9 Jul 2005
Hooky records new Man Utd anthem 
From Metro News (Manchester edition) "Music star Peter Hook has given his backing to Manchester United fans opposed to the club's takeover by American tycoon Malcolm Glazer. New Order bassist Hook – who also played on the band's legendary England World Cup song, World In Motion, in 1990 – was in Airtight recording studios in Chorlton this week putting his stamp on a new football anthem for Manchester United to lift fans whose spirits have been dampened by the takeover."

Read the full story here.

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8 Jul 2005
Art and Science meet in StoryRooms 
A cutting-edge and innovative art exhibition will complement The Museum of Science and Industry's new Communications Gallery when it opens in the autumn. Vini Reilly provides a specially written soundtrack to Andrea Zapp's installation.

StoryRooms will use modern technology including the Internet to create a unique and challenging art experience for visitors to the new gallery. Seven artists from around the world are contributing to the exhibition, each examining a different aspect of human exchange and social interaction. The large-scale, networked installations invite the audience to actively participate in the exhibition.

The exhibit will sit alongside the Museum's new gallery, which tells the story of human communication from signs and gestures right through to modern mass media applications.

StoryRooms Curator and Artist Andrea Zapp said of the new show: "StoryRooms brings to Manchester a group of international media artists that have produced groundbreaking work in this field. Over the last few years, the Internet has drastically changed the format of human communication and StoryRooms will use art to examine the ways in which we now interact with each other and with technology.

In the exhibition, the computer is mostly invisible to the audience, who are asked to play with various kinds of scenarios, objects and visual experiments. It's a vibrant, striking, even surreal installation environment and I'm sure that visitors to the new Communications Gallery will not only enjoy it, but find it thought-provoking."

The Museum's Head of Galleries and New Developments, Seán Gaffaney, added: "We're excited about the new gallery, which will look at developments in communication from early man right up to the present day. The significant contribution that the people of Manchester and the North West of England have made to the story will be celebrated as well.

"StoryRooms will provide an interesting add-on to the gallery which will offer our visitors something a little bit different."

Artists contributing to the StoryRooms exhibition are: Susan Collins (UK), Paul DeMarinis (USA), Ken Goldberg (USA), Paul Sermon (UK), Cornelia Sollfrank (Germany), Tan Teck Weng (Malaysia), and Andrea Zapp (Germany/UK).

The new gallery will be located in the Museum's grade one listed 1830 warehouse and is due to open in October.

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5 Jul 2005
The Durutti Column @ Ronnie Scott's 
The Durutti Column look set to finish a fine year in fabulous fettle with a date at Ronnie Scott's in that London's glamorous Soho.

Ronnie Scott's
47 Frith Street
London. W1
Tel: 020 7439 0747
7.30 - 11pm

Tickets 16.50 GBP in advance from Ray's Jazz at Foyles, 113-119 Charing Cross Road, WC2 (Mon - Sat 9.30am to 9pm, Sun Midday to 6pm), Sterns, 293 Euston Rd, W1 (next to Warren Street Tube) (Mon to Sat 10.30am to 6.30pm)

Or you can pay by credit card via Ticketweb (08700 600 100 - 24hrs)

Please note that advance tickets are not available from the club and seating is first come first seated.


Oakenfold / Happy Mondays Get Loaded 
Paul Oakenfold has just been added to the bill at Get Loaded in the Park. Having produced the Happy Mondays' third album 'Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches' (with studio partner Steve Osbourne), Oakenfold helped carve the band a distinctively dance friendly sound, making the Mondays one of the most important bands of the late 80's / early 90's. Oakenfold also worked on classic tracks like 'Step On', 'Kinky Afro' and 'Loose Fit', and rather fittingly, he'll now be sharing the same stage as old pals Shaun Ryder & Bez, who themselves will be showcasing brand new Happy Mondays material.


Fatboy Slim
Armand Van Helden
Snow Patrol
Clint Boon
Carl Barat

Live bands

Stereo MCs
The Farm
Flowered Up
The Infadels
New Rhodes
Amusement Parks on Fire

Advance tickets are now available priced 25.00 GBP from:

Ticketmaster [Tel: 08700 601801]
Keith Prowse [Tel: 08700 130 705]
See Tickets [Tel: 08712 200260]

Booking fees apply. Tickets are also available in person from selected Virgin Megastores and Tourist Information Centres nationwide.


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3 Jul 2005
Silent Partners 'We're Getting To Know You' Tour 
Silent Partners, featuring Dermo who was in Northside, have confirmed 4 dates for the new 'We're Getting To Know You' Tour.


Sunday 28 - Camel Rock Festival - Scilly Isles


Saturday 3 - Nine Standards Festival - East Cumbria
Saturday 10 - Liquid Lounge - Blackpool
Friday 16 - Middleton Civic Hall - Manchester



Ikon& presents 'The Ghosts of the Hacienda' 
A reminder of the forthcoming evening of rare and unseen visuals by New Order, ESG, ACR, James, and many more on Wednesday 13 July at Barzooka in Blackburn.

Ikon& presents
'The Ghosts of The Hacienda'
Part 1
Visions of Empty

Wednesday 13 July 8pm
5.00 GBP

70 Victoria Street
Blackburn BB1 6DN
Tel: 01254 55607

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New Order dvd tracklisting 
Here is the tracklisting for the recently announced New Order compilation dvd with directorial annotation where known:

Confusion (dir. Charles Sturridge)
The Perfect Kiss (dir. Jonathan Demme)
Shellshock [Version 2] (dir. Rick Elgood)
State of the Nation
Bizarre Love Triangle (dir. Robert Longo)
True Faith (dir. Phillippe DeCouffle)
Touched By The Hand Of God (dir. Kathryn Bigelow)
Blue Monday '88 (dir. Robert Breer and William Wegman)
Fine Time (dir. Richard Heslop)
Round & Round [Version 1] (dir. Paula Greif)
Run (dir. Robert Frank)
World In Motion (dir. Keith Allen)
Regret (dir. Peter Care)
Ruined In A Day (dir. Keith Allen)
World (dir. Baillie Walsh)
Spooky (dir. Richard Heslop)
1963 (dir. Gina Birch)
Crystal (dir. Johan Renck)
60 Miles An Hour (dir. Rob Leggatt & Leigh Marling)
Here To Stay (dir. Paul Gore)
Krafty (dir. Johan Renck)
Jetstream (dir. Dawn Shadforth)
Waiting For The Sirens' Call

Round & Round [Version 2: Patty] (dir. Paula Greif)
Regret (Baywatch)
Crystal (Gina Birch version)

Temptation (from 3.16)

Ceremony (dir. by Yu Likwai)
Temptation (dir. by Michael H. Shamberg)

Thanks to NOOL/OMNY


1 Jul 2005
Peter Saville's guitar giveaway 
The NME reports that around 500 guitar cut-outs designed by Peter Saville will be left across London to promote the launch of the new Sony PSP, and they can be taken home by those who find them. 50 of the cut-outs will be signed by Saville, while a further 20 have been customised by up and coming British artists.

Coming to a London street near you from 21 July to 1 August.


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